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  1. When you touch on the square button on the upper right corner to hide the UI, it randomly shows up again depending on where place your hand on the screen. I’m right handed and therefore place my palm on the right lower corner sometimes, and that brings back up the UI. It also even activates other tools sometimes. I’m thinking the fix is really simple. Just make that show/hide UI button actually LOCK the UI in the visible/hidden mode respectively. No gestural shenanigans. Just... predictable functionality, PLEASE!!!!! I know this might seem like a non-issue to some but it really breaks you out of your focus to have to fight with the program rather than use it.
  2. So I’m drawing and I like to put my palm on the screen for that. It’s all good until my lines don’t appear anymore... it turns out it was because my pinky activates the long-press gesture to call the eyedropper and it selects the background color unbeknownst to me. It makes me think that the app is unresponsive, when in reality I’m just painting white lines in a white background. So annoying!!!! Please do as other apps and put an option to deactivate that gesture, i don’t even find it necessary since there’s ALWAYS a color picker on screen, either to the side or at the bottom bar when using pixel brushes. On that note, palm rejection is a bit wonky, but that fix will probably be a lot harder than just adding the aforementioned toggle. Thanks for your attention.
  3. I use tons of guide lines when making symmetrical logos and it is a real pain to have to go back to Document>Guides every time I want to do the tiniest change to my guides. Can you please give the user the option to customize the sidebar? I NEED that guides icon more easily accessible. [iPad]
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