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  1. One of my few pet peeves with Designer on iPad is putting layers into groups. For example, if I'm working on a section of my illustration that is already in a group and I create a new layer, most of the time it will create that layer outside of the group. Sometimes it will put the layer into the same group, but it appears to do so based on which layer you were working on when you clicked the plus symbol to create a new layer. I really wish it would create the new layer in the group I'm currently in by default. Along with that, when a new layer gets created and is outside the group, attemp
  2. I'm having an issue going back and forth between my iPad and my iMac with files saved on iCloud. I have a file that I created on Designer on the iPad. I saved it to my iCloud Drive and opened it with Designer on my iMac. I made my changes and saved the file (still on iCloud Drive) and tried to open it on the iPad by clicking on the file in the Files folder (the iOS file directory) but it will only open it in Affinity Photo. It will not open it in Designer unless I use "open from cloud" in the Designer new document interface. I realize that all Affinity apps use the .afdesign file type, but I'm
  3. It would be awesome-possum if locking a folder automatically locked all layers within the folder. So if the folder, is locked, you couldn’t move layers within that folder around until the folder was unlocked.
  4. I would really love to have guide option tools added to the main toolbar on the left side of the screen. Maybe right above the deselect, snapping, and delete icons. It would great to have a separate guide show/hide button, and then one to bring up the complete list of guide options.
  5. I would love to see the option to automatically "zoom to selection" like Illustrator does. I know there are keyboard shortcuts, etc. but I'd rather it was an option to turn on or off in the application preferences. Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 10.44.16 AM.pdf
  6. Thank you for the heads up on the user name. I hadn't thought about that when I set up the account. Thank you also for your reply. Strangely enough, I tried it again after posting this question and it seemed to have worked this time. Go figure. Thanks again for your help.
  7. Is there something special you have to do to save your toolbar customization? I went through the process of setting up all the tools and toolbars the way I wanted, but the next time I opened Designer they were all back to the defaults. I didn't see any way to save my customized setup. Am I missing something?
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