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  1. Full Ack. There should be an option to type in the path for multiple images selected. Often only the images folder is renamed or moved up/down in hierarchy. It would be so much faster to just type in the correction of path rather then clicking through endless folders down to your destination. I really miss the days when every program offered to just type in the directory as default.
  2. Just opened every single font of the used font family one by one (how annoying) in Windows Font Viewer and installed them again. Did a reboot and it seems to work. Nevertheless I uploaded the font family.
  3. I have the strange issue that AD "forgets" some of the installed fonts (.ttf) every time I restart my system. I have to reinstall them or at least to make them "available" via dp4FontViewer ord FontXplorer. But this only lasts until next reboot.
  4. There seems to be no way to edit the colors of a saved gradient fill (swatches). When using RMB on the swatch an clicking "edit fill", only one Color can be edited, the gradients then becomes a solid color.
  5. Now I got It! You have to first tick the fill tool and THEN switch to Stroke, because AD automatically sets the mode to fill (because using the FILL tool...) Thanks!
  6. Well, I'm missing the gradient tool in my toolbar. I remember there is a way to costumize the toolbar - just can't recall it.
  7. How do you get these handles inside the stroke? Thought the gradient would start in the shapes center always.
  8. Seems to be impossible to set an radial gradient to an outside aligned shapes stroke. The gradient stops at the shapes boundary, so the middle aligned stroke also only get one half as a gradient.
  9. Some font families seem to be shown not correct. I encountered this problem with Microsofts "Bahnschrift". In AD is "regular listed 15x, instead there should be 12 different weights of the font as shown in MS tools.
  10. I'm still missing the text rulers in Designer. The help says there should be an icon for activating them, but that simply doesn't show up. There also no entry in the view menu.
  11. Strange, I don't get the warning here. But I jaust remembered asking this same question almost two years ago and got the same answer. Sorry for that... Nevertheless there are some strange behaviours when trying to export a mix of masked pixel layers and vector layers to pdf. For now I export the large 40.000px version without transparency und reduced the transparent version to 32.000px. Our customer says it's OK so we got away with it.
  12. Well, that at least is doubled by Affnity.
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