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  1. Ahh - MeshWarp Filter! Very cool. This one slipped by... It's the standard mesh warp tool which cuts off the images.
  2. As somebody already mentioned: the text ist the problem. Booleans work flawless (at least on my end), but V2 messes up the text curves. It worked in V1, so they changed something to the worse. You can even create fine working booleans with text in V1, open the file in V2 and it gets messed up.
  3. Well, CLOSE curve means, you change an OPEN shape to a closed one (hence the name). JOINING curves means you MERGE multiple curves together. If you BREAK a closed curve, it will be opened indispensable. The terms are as logic as the could possibly be.
  4. Applying the mesh warp to an object that is larger than the workspace crops the object to its visible part. By the way - I thought warp was nondestructive by now...
  5. I think it's not a problem of the compounds rather of the text conversion. The curves seem to be not closed, although they pretend to be. Trying to fix them does not work because, well, they THINK they are alright already. Maybe it can be broken down to some specific fonts; I didn't test this.
  6. Compounds seem completely broken when using text. Even when text is converted to curves, letters like B or S break the compound completely. Moving the text results in different weird results.
  7. People asking for this (elemetary) feature for 8 Years now... sad to see nothing happens. And probably never will.
  8. I'm really wondering that they irgnore this request for so long. Should be easy to implement a function which simply creates symbols of a given object and order them in a linear, radial or spline driven pattern... Actually, this missing pattern function is the biggest drawback of this otherwise very nice tool.
  9. Oh, got it. It's under "TEXT" - at least, "Tools" and "Text" both start with "T"... Thanks for the hint, btw.
  10. Where do I find this? Help says: "from the tool menu..." - but where is the tool menu?
  11. Well, I installed the substitution font (it's identical to the origninal, it's just a different name) and switched the substitution font from arial (automatic set bey AP) to the one I wanted to use instead. I expect AP to replace the missing font when I am able to select a substitution font, what I did. At least it should change the substition font to the new one. But the fonts in the document don't change. I really had to select every single textbox and change their font manually. I expected the font manager to work the same way as the ressource manager does.
  12. Replacing missing fonts with the font manager does'nt work here. It simply doe'nt apply the changes and keeps saying it's missing the previously used font. Win10
  13. Is there an option to automatically crop a straightened image to its borders?
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