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  1. Oh, got it. It's under "TEXT" - at least, "Tools" and "Text" both start with "T"... Thanks for the hint, btw.
  2. Where do I find this? Help says: "from the tool menu..." - but where is the tool menu?
  3. Well, I installed the substitution font (it's identical to the origninal, it's just a different name) and switched the substitution font from arial (automatic set bey AP) to the one I wanted to use instead. I expect AP to replace the missing font when I am able to select a substitution font, what I did. At least it should change the substition font to the new one. But the fonts in the document don't change. I really had to select every single textbox and change their font manually. I expected the font manager to work the same way as the ressource manager does.
  4. Replacing missing fonts with the font manager does'nt work here. It simply doe'nt apply the changes and keeps saying it's missing the previously used font. Win10
  5. Is there an option to automatically crop a straightened image to its borders?
  6. Thanks! Would be nice, to get a more clear error message. If it said "no .RGBA-Layer found" I would have known what to look out for.
  7. Is this intended??? And are there other extensions I should know?
  8. Can't export any multi channel EXR file. Get the error: "An error occurred while exporting to: ..."
  9. Hey, We're running three AP-licenses on three different machines in the office. Now we have to replace one machine and therefore to license AP to the new machine. But which one of our three licenses is the one used on the replaced system? Seems to be no way to find that out, isn't it?
  10. If I modify a layer with the PerspectiveTool, the previously assigned layer color gets reset to "none" as soon as I apply the changes. Maybe the reason for this behaviour is the rasterizing of the layer prior the usage of the perspective tool.
  11. Aligning the stroke to inside causes the objects fill color to shine through at the outer border. This becomes obvious and clearly visible when exportet as png or jpg.
  12. Full Ack. There should be an option to type in the path for multiple images selected. Often only the images folder is renamed or moved up/down in hierarchy. It would be so much faster to just type in the correction of path rather then clicking through endless folders down to your destination. I really miss the days when every program offered to just type in the directory as default.
  13. Just opened every single font of the used font family one by one (how annoying) in Windows Font Viewer and installed them again. Did a reboot and it seems to work. Nevertheless I uploaded the font family.
  14. I have the strange issue that AD "forgets" some of the installed fonts (.ttf) every time I restart my system. I have to reinstall them or at least to make them "available" via dp4FontViewer ord FontXplorer. But this only lasts until next reboot.
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