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  1. So you activate Ink globally in Windows and deactivate it inside Affinity and Wacom preferences?
  2. I'm still missing the text rulers in Designer. The help says there should be an icon for activating them, but that simply doesn't show up. There also no entry in the view menu.
  3. I think what's happening is: If you have a vector mask, the image gets rastered before export. There is no option to set the quality for that and oviously the default value is set very low. If you raster the masked image to create an apha channel, the same probem occurs as with the png - you need 32bit/px instead of 24. So during export AD creates an alpha channel of 32767px width and that gets stretched to the full 40.000px in the pdf. Don't know if that's makes any sense, but it's the only explanation I could find, because all these funny things stop as soon as you go below that magic mark of 32767px.
  4. I assume, you don't actually get the quality I need. This is how it should look like: As soon as I activate the mask and try to export with transparency the quality drops. The filze then is about 6MB, without transparency and quality as seen above about 35MB. Here the export of the identic file with masked image and background transparency.
  5. Could you zoom to the back of one of the men? The word "DORNIER" should be clearly readable.
  6. I think, your Acrobat reader is just not set to display transparancy. I realised the vector layer wasn't activated in the file. Have you checked the Image quality in the result? It should look this way: If your PDF file is the size of about 6MB it's likely that all the details are gone.
  7. Thanks for your support. I uploaded the file to your Dropbox. The JPG-Compression option takes only effect if there is an JPG in the file, am I right? If there is only an imported PNG in the file, there will be no compression regarding this setting?
  8. Strange, I don't get the warning here. But I jaust remembered asking this same question almost two years ago and got the same answer. Sorry for that... Nevertheless there are some strange behaviours when trying to export a mix of masked pixel layers and vector layers to pdf. For now I export the large 40.000px version without transparency und reduced the transparent version to 32.000px. Our customer says it's OK so we got away with it.
  9. Well, that at least is doubled by Affnity.
  10. I tried to export a very large Image (40.000px x 12.000px) als .png and Photo reduced the size to 32767px x 10609px (without warning). Is there a limit to a maximum pixel count in any way? Maybe this is related to the issue I'm having exporting these images as .pdf with transparency. See also: These strange alpha channel issues don't occur in images the width below 32.000px.
  11. Well it's getting more and more funny: I just tried to resize the document to eliminate some areas containing only white at top and bottom and set the size in hight from 16.000px to 14.000px, but the only thing that happend was: the layers just moved upwards, the document itself stayed at 16.000px hight. I even set the value to 10.000px and the document stayed at 16.000px. The guidelines end at 10.000px though. the exported image was also (correct) cut at 10.000px. edit: I now managed to get Designer 1.8.2 installed. Downloaded again and tried, eventually it did install. Document resizing now works correct but the transparency issue persists. So the thread could be moved to Designer Bug Forum.
  12. Meanwhile I discovered the following: 1. The quality settings are respected as soon as I rastered the image to get rid of the mask layer. But then the Image gets distorted in the same way the alpha channel (resp the mask layer) did. A check of the file in Photo showed the alpha channel is correct in size and position. 2. The image doesn't distort as long as there is no transparency. I grouped the image with a white background layer, rastered them and exported with the same settings as before an the exported image is OK in terms of quality as well as size/position. Even with the lines vector layers erverything is fine except I can't esport with transparent background (what I need to). I'd really like to check the problem in AD 1.8.2. but I simply dont't get the installer working. System: Win10pro | i9-9900X | 64Gb RAM | 3 x RTX2080
  13. I have a serious issue with the pdf-export from AD (as well as from AP). When I export my (rather large) image, the result seems to be heavy compressed though AD is set to not do so (see Screenshots). Do export the same file from AP, the image ist nice crisp and sharp, but the curves (Outlines) get rastered too an there is the bug of the not matching alpha channel which experienced already two years ago too... Designer Version / Photo Version This is the image in AD (left) and the exported PDF (right) Here the same file exported from AP, note the by far higher image quality (this is how it should look like) using the same export settings: That's the not matching alpha channel in the exported pdf from AP:
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