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  1. Now I got It! You have to first tick the fill tool and THEN switch to Stroke, because AD automatically sets the mode to fill (because using the FILL tool...) Thanks!
  2. Well, I'm missing the gradient tool in my toolbar. I remember there is a way to costumize the toolbar - just can't recall it.
  3. How do you get these handles inside the stroke? Thought the gradient would start in the shapes center always.
  4. Seems to be impossible to set an radial gradient to an outside aligned shapes stroke. The gradient stops at the shapes boundary, so the middle aligned stroke also only get one half as a gradient.
  5. Some font families seem to be shown not correct. I encountered this problem with Microsofts "Bahnschrift". In AD is "regular listed 15x, instead there should be 12 different weights of the font as shown in MS tools.
  6. I'd rather like to see the rulers implemented into Designer...
  7. I'm still missing the text rulers in Designer. The help says there should be an icon for activating them, but that simply doesn't show up. There also no entry in the view menu.
  8. Strange, I don't get the warning here. But I jaust remembered asking this same question almost two years ago and got the same answer. Sorry for that... Nevertheless there are some strange behaviours when trying to export a mix of masked pixel layers and vector layers to pdf. For now I export the large 40.000px version without transparency und reduced the transparent version to 32.000px. Our customer says it's OK so we got away with it.
  9. Well, that at least is doubled by Affnity.
  10. I tried to export a very large Image (40.000px x 12.000px) als .png and Photo reduced the size to 32767px x 10609px (without warning). Is there a limit to a maximum pixel count in any way? Maybe this is related to the issue I'm having exporting these images as .pdf with transparency. See also: These strange alpha channel issues don't occur in images the width below 32.000px.
  11. Also can't get Photo and Designer installed. Publisher did, mysteriously. Tried as Administrator - no succes, no error warnings, just a stuck Affinitiy installer process to be found in task manager background processes. Had the same issues with the last betas. Setup.log SetupUI.exe.config
  12. I knew I had seen that somewhere before... thanks al lot! Would be nice, to see this part in the context toolbar.
  13. When I create a text layer, I can appy a stroke color, but the usual stroke interface for adjusting the stroke style is missing. I have to pack the layer inside a group to access the stroke menu. Is that intentional?
  14. That's great! No more endless combining of geometry layers! I'm literally dancing on the table!
  15. Is that one new? I never noticed it before. THATS a thing i've been waiting for since my first use of AP. Thanks for implementing this!
  16. AP just asked me if I would like to link my images instead of embedding - that' a nice suprise! But I could not find a way to actively force AP to link (or unlink) a file in a Dokument. There seems to be no entry in the help...
  17. It would be nice to be able to change the line properties of more then one objekt(/layer) at the time. Say you have twenty different geometry objects (causing twenty layers) and want to set the line width to the same value or change the line style of all to the same, you normally would select all layers and adjust the settings. Currently it's not possible in AP; I have to select and ajdust every layer one after another. One solution is to grup the layers, but in some cases this won't work; e.g. when they are already grouped with ather layers which have their own styles (e.g. rectangle with outline/no fill and text layer with fill but no outline). Changing color instead works for all in one go.
  18. Things can be so simple... Must have pressed some sort of shortcut. I didn't recognise the opacity setting, only wondered why the color puck stays white, no matter what color I choose. Thanks! But nevertheless: There a two opacitiy settings: color opacity and brush opacity. Shouldn't these two be linked instead adding on another?
  19. I wouldn't calli t a bug because I hadn't this issue before: The brush suddenly stopped working. It doesn't react to color change or anything else and don't paint anymore. Something inside the file seems to be broken. I was able to copy all layers into a new file and everything worked well again. So I deleted all the layers and post the file here. Maybe you can find something that wil help you improve affinity. brush color bug.afphoto
  20. The bug still exists in current beta. It's not a big thing, but still annoying...
  21. There is also a limitation to PDF-export. The image export seems to be scaled down. When importing to Affninty again, I get the full size of 40.000 pixels, but Details are missing. So I assume the image ist put to certain maximum pixel dimension and the missing pixels are interpolated when re-importing the PDF. But there is no warning about that. I only recognized it because some text elements (no text-objects but already rendered as pixels) of the image were not distinguishable after exporting to PDF.
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