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  1. I have a Surface Book with performance base. This means that the detachable tablet portion of the laptop has an Intel graphics card in it, and the base with the keyboard has an NVIDIA GTX card in it. I set Affinity to use the NVidia card but I think it gets confused when trying to launch it sometimes. It will crash with the error: An Unhandled Exception has occurred and the application cannot continue. The Crash Reporter will be displayed after the application exits. Code: 0x80004003 However, if I open an afdesign file instead of opening Affinity Designer directly it will work.
  2. Pretty much the title says it all, but it would be nice to be able to drag and drop assets between sub categories. I don't always organize things great on the first try, so easily reorganizing assets would be great. Thanks!
  3. Hey MEB, thanks! Actually I was hoping it would hide the selection while nudging. It does hide it when I move the object with my mouse, which is great. But I wish it also hid it while moving an object with the keyboard keys.
  4. When an object is selected it has the blue transformation handles. When moving an object with the keyboard arrows, or nudging it, is there a way to have those handles disappear so that I can see finer details about where I'm placing the object? I feel like this functionality was working when I first installed Affinity, but now it seems to have disappeared. Thanks!
  5. Hi Guys, Does Affinity do any kind of exports to .ico files? What's the best way to export icon designs? Thanks!
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