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  1. Okay, Thank you. I really hope it gets added. It's kinda hard to liquefy if you can't see the edge of the brush. :)
  2. Hello Affinity Team, Is there a way to preview the cursor/brush size while painting or brushing? I understand the iPad doesn't have hover support but at least while brushing, I hope to see the boundaries of the brush. Thank you so much!
  3. Thanks Adirusf!! I thought the Snapping Icon (the magnet) was global and turns off all the snapping. I didn't know there were other snapping options :) Thank you so much!
  4. Hello Affinity, I have a question with snapping, even when it's off, it's still snapping. I can't find any option to turn it off. I've attached a picture to show what it looks like and you'd notice on the upper left that the snapping is off. (Photo taken on using my phone since I can't use any modifier key to screenshot). I'm using AD 1.5.4 on a macbook pro, El Capitan.
  5. Thanks Andy, it works! :) How about the one for TIFF layers?
  6. I would like to ask for TIFF format with layers support. All my images are saved in TIFF mainly because it can be viewed almost anywhere (example - phone). Currently, TIFF files are always flat whenever I open them if Affinity Photo. Also, whenever I open an EPS or SVG, it opens it in its original resolution. Photoshop gives an option to resize it and scale it without loss. I've tried "placing" an EPS/SVG file, and it does scale properly, but since it's embedded, there's no way for me to edit it unless I rasterize it.
  7. Thank you so much! This helped me :D
  8. Hi everyone, I'm just new to Affinity Designer so forgive me if my question is stupid. There is a feature in Adobe Photoshop wherein when you make a guide line, it automatically snaps, either to the edges of the canvas, or the selected layer. Now I can't seem to make that work in Affinity Designer. I might have turned it off accidentally. Can someone please let me know what should I do to turn it on? Thank you in advance! P.S. Please don't be harsh on me :(