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  1. I have some shortcut ideas. I’m not sure if they are possible to accomplish with the current iPad technology but they are unique and would be convenient if implemented in Affinity Photo. Method #1 Swipe with 4 fingers from left to right or vice versa in order to flip the canvas horizontally. Swipe with 4 fingers from top to bottom or vice versa to flip it vertically. Method #2 Press and hold with 4 fingers and use the Apple pencil (or 1 of the fingers from the other hand) to swipe to the left/right or top/bottom depending on which direction you want to flip the canvas. Method #3 To flip horizontally, press and hold with the thumb and swipe from left to right or vice versa with 2 of the other fingers (index & middle finger) from that same hand. To flip vertically, repeat the same process except swipe from top to bottom or vice versa. Method #4 Slide 3 fingers diagonally on the top left to flip horizontally and 3 fingers diagonally on the bottom left to flip vertically. Make it possible to change the side depending on whether the user is left-handed or right-handed. Method #5 Slide 2 or 3 fingers in an arch motion. An arch formed from left to right or vice versa flips the canvas horizontally. An arch formed from top to bottom or vice versa flips the canvas vertically. Method #6 Press and hold with 3 or 4 fingers from 1 hand and draw an arch with the Apple pencil or a finger from the other hand. An arch from left to right or vice versa flips the canvas horizontally. An arch from top to bottom or vice versa flips the canvas vertically. Method #7 Tilt the iPad left or right to flip the canvas horizontally and up or down to flip it vertically.
  2. Do you have any ideas for gestures that might work well to flip the canvas horizontally & vertically? These gestures should not conflict with other gestures, such as the 'Rotate View' gesture and the Undo/Redo 2 & 3 finger tap gestures. Also, these gestures need to be easy enough to carry out but not so easy that they are activated by accident. I'm thinking it would be helpful to the developers if we come up with some ideas regarding gestures that can be used to flip the canvas horizontally/vertically. This suggestion may be easier to implement if we make it more specific.
  3. Both would be useful but the gestures available might be limited. I have looked at the forums of other apps as well and developers tend to be very reluctant to implement many of the popular gesture shortcuts that are suggested by users. They say it's because the gestures available are being used for other shortcuts. But if the developers of Affinity Photo can find a way to implement both of these gestures, then I'm all for it! For me, the 'Flip Canvas Horizontally' is the most important shortcut to have in gesture form but I would also use the "Flip Canvas Vertically' gesture if it was available.
  4. That would also be nice but the 'flip canvas horizontally' is much more essential in my opinion. I can get the same effect as 'flip canvas vertically' by using the 'Rotate View' gesture shortcut. But there is no other way to quickly 'flip the canvas horizontally' if we don't have a gesture shortcut to perform this action.
  5. One of the features that would make the iPad version of Affinity Photo much nicer to work on is the ability to quickly flip the canvas horizontally using a gesture. I feel that this is a very important feature and I use it a lot in other apps. I use the horizontal flip when I'm drawing because it helps me see mistakes and makes inking/painting much easier since it gives me different angles to work on. I can imagine that this feature would also be helpful for photo editing because it makes it easier to check the work for any mistakes or areas needing improvement. So, please give us a gesture to flip the canvas horizontally. It would make a big difference! Thank you Affinity Photo team!
  6. It would really help speed up my workflow if it was possible to record macros on the iPad version of Affinity Photo. I'm really hoping to see this feature in the next updates.
  7. Those are some excellent suggestions Hus Sketch! I would be very happy if they get implemented in Affinity Photo!
  8. I really hope the developers will consider it because a feature like this would make Affinity Photo much more popular. One of the main reasons why people choose to use a program is that they like the way the workspace feels. They love how quick and easy it is to access the tools and to perform various actions with a minimum number of steps. However, not everyone works the same, so it would be hard to please everyone unless you offer good customization options. This would help all users, whether they're interested in photo manipulation or digital painting. Maybe not all of the customization options I suggested will be important to everyone but I think at least some of them would make a big difference for most people.
  9. I would like to make my own fonts. I saw a video about an add-on for Photoshop and Illustrator, which I think offers some great features. This add-on is called Fontself. It would be amazing to have something like this in Affinity Photo!
  10. I like the workspace customization options in Paintstorm Studio (desktop version, unsure of iPad version as I haven't tried it). I'd definitely love to see something like that in Affinity Photo (iPad version). I think this feature alone would make Affinity Photo much more appealing and draw in more users.
  11. Although the obvious way to customize the panels is by deciding what will be in them, it would also help to have some options for adjusting their size, shape, translucency, placement & behavior. When you’re working on creative projects, it’s not only the tools that matter but also how easily you can access those tools and whether the workspace fosters or hinders your workflow. Even the same types of projects may require different tools depending on the artist & themes involved. For example, with a project like a poster, the workflow can be different depending on the elements of that poster. A poster that focuses on portraits will require a different process than one with more fantasy elements. If workspace customization was possible, it would also invite people who are interested in digital painting/drawing to use this program. I know that Affinity Photo avoids advertising to digital artists, as it's meant for photo editing, but it is a very capable program for that purpose as well. Its main function may be photo editing but it will certainly invite more artists if you make it possible to customize the workspace. This is the type of program that would be great to use in tandem with apps like Procreate. I hope the Affinity Photo team will take this suggestion into consideration.
  12. I want to suggest a feature for the iPad version of Affinity Photo. I would like some options to customize the workspace to my liking and be able to save it for later use. I wish I could customize the panels by dragging into them the tools & shortcuts that I use most and removing the ones I rarely use. This would allow me to create a workspace that suits my workflow, which is very important for working quickly and having an enjoyable experience when using the program. A custom workspace can be useful to anyone and it may be different according to the type of project that someone is working on.
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