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  1. Hi @GabrielM, I checked all tree options. Nothing changed.
  2. Hi, i'am working with a Intuos 3 and a Huion Q11K. OS = Windows 8.1 and MAC 10.13.6 (All Drivers are uptodate) AP version. 1.65.123 On Windows: GTX 1080Ti with 2 XEON MacBook Pro 2017 I want to deactivate my Abo with Adobe Products and change to Affinity (love all your Products and the Publisher ist fantastic), but I can't because no Tablet is working with the Windows Version of Affinity Photo. All other Products have no Problem with Wacom and Huion but Affinity Photo. Here are two Videos with Affinity Photo and Photoshop. Forgotten: The Problem is with Windows... photoshop-a.mp4 affinity-photo-a.mp4
  3. Selectedsome Points, scale it with the sliders of tranformation Tool 3 Times. Now, cant back. Designer History is now Full with over 120 entries and all at the same time ...
  4. Ironice

    Crash when copying a grouped object

    Same on PC Version. CTRL+C a Group, AP crashed. But can't reproduce. The Copy Option with right Mouse Button in the Layer Panel is grey. So i can't copy. Copy and Paste Groups between Documents do not working. Document size: 512 x 387 px. 4,5 Mb. Version Back to PS. :(((