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Found 215 results

  1. On High Sierra AD crashes at every attempt to edit or create any text style. I'm using 1.6.1, and have reverted the OS to the original fonts that came with it. Reinstalled AD to no avail. Styles.txt
  2. Hi, Every time i change font Affinity freezes forcing me to force quit. Both from the top or from the "character" panel. Doing something wrong?
  3. I am new to affinity and am struggling. How do i view font information in PSDs. A graphic designer is sending me PSDS via my client, i think he creates them in photoshop, the client has assured me font information is contained in the PSDS. Font size, font family, h1, h2 info, stuff like that. I cannot see how to view this information and am becoming really frustrated at how difficult it is to access this basic information. Yes, i googled it, and i found this:(it embeded, it is above this message) It said to "With the file closed in Affinity, can you check under Preferences>General and make sure you have 'Import PSD as Text rather than bitmap' ticked and then reopen the file. You should then be able to select the text and edit it." so i have done that and someone else says " If you use the move tool (arrowhead symbol) and click on the text itself you'll see the font and text size displayed." but still for the life of me cannot see the font family, size and h1 h2 etc. I have attached a screenshot, this is me having clicked the text and in the right handside panel it just says "no style" Please someone help me, it is driving me crazy right now. Thanks a lot in advance!
  4. There's a basic feature in Office series or Adobe series programms. When choose font from control bar, it'll display the options according to the current system language. For example, when system language is Chinese, it'll display like this. But in both affinity designer and photo, all fonts display together and I can only tell them by their english names from a very long list, that's very unfriendly.
  5. Hi All, is there a way to view only certain text styles when choosing a font? Eg: I'm looking for a sans-serif font and would rather not have to go through every font to find what I want. I can see 'All, Recent, Used & Favorites' selections up the top but not an option for style type? Am I missing it? Thanks for the help.
  6. I have issues including freezing/crashing while trying to select font for any text box. The only reason I can suggest except the software bug is that this might happen due to Korean fonts installed in my computer... Are there anybody experiencing the same issue with me?
  7. I just discovered, to my chagrin, that PagePlus X9 doesn't support ligatures, those special characters which, in Open Type fonts, "stand in" for certain letter combinations, usually those involving 'f'. See the png below for an example. Now, I know that only old-school has-beens like me care about such things, and I also know that there's nothing to be done about (legacy) PagePlus. But InDesign does it with elan, and it would behoove the Affinity team to at least consider doing it in Publisher. It's a nice touch that veritably screams professionalism.
  8. I'm running into this issue as well. I've not installed any other fonts. I'm running 10.13.3 and as soon as I click the drop down, the program freezes and shows an not responsive. I saw there were fonts not downloaded in the font book, so I downloaded all of the fonts to check to make sure that wasn't an issue, did not fix it. Any chance this is getting worked on? Without being able to change fonts, this program is dead in the water for me.
  9. I have an AD file that has some text from a font (Lavenderia) that has overlapping glyphs. They are displayed and rendered correctly in AD, but upon export (with or without rasterization enabled), the stroke around both the behind and in front character is visible (i.e. the rear glyph's stroke is not obscured by the front glyph's stroke). in AD: Resulting PDF:
  10. I export a psd file in Affinity Designer but the fonts change to pixel layer and didn't edit.
  11. There is a bug that is displayed in the font category of the affinity designer, which is quite different from the one in the font book. I've attached some screen shots that can identify the error, so I'd like to see if it could be resolved in the next version.
  12. Hi guys, I have been exporting as svg with Affinity without a problem until today. I installed some new fonts today, and after exporting the svg and viwing it into the Firefox/Chrome, the fonts look different from the ones I used, even though if I inspect the text it's actually the correct font. This problem is only in browsers, if I open the svg with Affinity the font displays correctly. Is this a browser problem, a font problem, or an Affinity problem? Thank you, Chris
  13. The desktop versions of Affinity Photo have an option under ‘Preferences’ for clearing the font cache, but the iPad version doesn’t seem to have this. Will it be added later, or isn’t it needed on iOS?
  14. When using Affinity Designer (latest macOS - Affinity Designer v1.6.1) As soon as I go to pick fonts to change fonts or add fonts the program freezes (edit: not crash, freeze). So I can't change any fonts. The font selection works fine in Sketch, AdobeCS6 Photoshop etc.
  15. When setting a joining script font or other fonts with overlaps in Designer, each glyph overlaps as if it were a separate layer. The text should appear as a unified layer.
  16. I just updated Affinity Designer to v1.6.1 in the 'App Store'. I'm using macOS 10.13.3. Once I attempt to change/choose fonts by clicking the drop down list, Affinity Designer locks up. I've even disabled all User fonts (just in case). I've even uninstalled/reinstalled the app.
  17. hi there as i open the type face on new doc it started with icecandy font that is hidus sorry to say as well as its eating my system resources too much as i got 16gb ram with ssd and after working on it the systtem start lagging !!
  18. Sorry guys here I am again with the same story. I'm just looking at my Affinity Designer (not responding) window for about 5 minutes already and it is still freezed by (pre)rendering fonts while I'm writing this. I have no time for this BS. It's a BAD solution and it should never been implemented this way. Now after it prerendered all fonts user will expect everything with the font search window to be fast and snappy but it IS NOT. It works so sloooow, it hangs while typing the font name and it shows those typed letters after 3 - 5 or even 10 seconds. Extremely frustrating. Give me opt in for prerendering. If I don't want that "feature" I can skip it and use the fonts the old way or in some hybrid solution like written below: Render on the fly by rendering and showing only the visible fonts as even those are prerendered the fonts windos is slow like it renders it again... Please FIX THIS ASAP. I cannot believe there is no proper reaction for this problem and that is not been solved already. AllAdobe products I used never had this problem on much slower machines and I have fonts rendered and shown within the font window without delay no matter how many fonts I have installed (or simulated as installed). thank you.
  19. Hi everybody, can anybody help me out with this one? the font is cutted in half only in 4th line... Greetz The CookieMonster
  20. Hello, everyone - Is there any way to access all of the contextual alternates and/or glyphs to a given font on the iPad? I know the glyph browser was just added to the desktop versions, but I wanted to make sure I hadn’t missed it on the iPad. Looking to get some snazzier Zs from Zapfino like I can on the desktop... Thanks!
  21. Hi! Firstly, I want to thank you for your products. You do amazing work guys and I really enjoy using them! I believe there are more important features to be implemented, but I couldn't find this one here, so let's list it: There is a "new" font format called OpenType-SVG that stores vector or bitmap informations to create colored fonts. Would be great to push the limit :) PS: Links explaining OpenType-SVG/Color Fonts:
  22. How do you change the User Interface font size in Affinity Photo ( on Windows? According to the help file, the option should be in Edit > Preferences > User Interface > Font UI Size, but it appears to be missing?
  23. i've recently had a problem with exporting file to pdf (in both photo & designer) - even after creating an empty blank document with nothing it in, the pdf exports was failing, saying the file cannot be written... i went through this forum and others but couldnt find any solution... weird thing was it was happening on both my desktop and laptop. it worked fine on my friends computer though. reinstalling windows helped so then i was installing every piece of software i use and was checking pdf export after every few apps. finally the problem came back... turned out it was a problem with a font.. after installing all my extra fonts i couldnt export again... so then finally i did pinpoint it to SI_Font - it seams that pdf brakes after installing this font, and goes away after you uninstall it (you cannot uninstall it when affinity app is open though, even if you're not using it in the document). took me while to figure it out and hopefully it might help someone, as i've found it seems to be a popular (and quite annoying) issue... might be not always connected to this (or maybe some other font), but it's probablt no harm trying it out. hope that might help people
  24. Running Affinity Photo on an i7-2600 at 3.4GHz and 32Gb RAM under Win10. Font list slow to open (about 10 seconds) and subsequently hesitates on hover select when scrolling outside of the loaded page. To save your time and mine it is not: Number of fonts. - i've stripped out all but about 20 common basic fonts using registry editor. Font list drops open properly on all other font-using apps e.g. WORD, OpenOffice etc. A machine limitation. A corrupted installation. I've uninstalled/reinstalled. Windows update problem It's up to date. The programme is virtually unusable in text mode. Would appreciate any guidance. fixes etc. Thanks in advance Ambrose
  25. Hi - I have been trying to change the font (Raleway) on a file repeatedly and as soon as I hover the font I need (Reem Kufi) AP crashes. RK is used everywhere else in the file, but as soon as I try to change the paragraphs in Raleway to RK AP crashes. I can change Raleway to all other fonts however that doesn't solve the problem as I need all fonts to be consistent.