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  1. Quickly double tapping with the pencil makes this happen almost every time. Also if I try and do it when all the toolbars are cleared from the screen it randomly changes into a paintbrush at the same time as making the tool bars reappear. As well as always using the Apple Pencil I have a glass screen protector attached. I wonder if the pencil is slipping and making millisecond double taps?
  2. Update: having exactly the same problem on my new iPad (256gb 10.5 iPad Pro). No fingers on the screen - I'm using an Apple Pencil anyway - and working fairly fast.
  3. me too ......I'm not having problems with my Fuji raw files - apart from incredibly slow loading and rendering times!
  4. DWright, I can't test it at the moment as I'm waiting for my new iPad, but both my hands would be pressing the 2 buttons to take the screenshot, so I don't think my fingers were on the display. I'll check again later. I usually work very fast when spot retouching like this, not sure if that would make a difference.
  5. Callum, Thanks for the reply. I've just tried that and, if anything it's made things worse. It seems to divide the image in 9 distinct squares and you can see each changing when you change any settings - white balance, exposure etc., in develop mode on a Canon Raw file. You might just be able to pick out those squares as I changed the white balance in the attached screenshot. The other worrying thing was how laggy the brush behaviour was - look at the state of the lines I drew to try and show those nine segments! After all the initial promise Affinity photo is turning into a bit of a nightmare on PC.
  6. Although not the same problem with crashing, I'm finding the inpainting brush randomly changes into a red paintbrush when using it for close up skin retouching, leaving a red mark the same size and shape as the brush on the image.
  7. I'm having a few issues with pixelation when working at high magnification and moving across the image, spot retouching. iPad Pro 9.7, 32gb
  8. I have a similar problem working on iPad Pro 9.7 32gb when zooming in at high magnification.
  9. Any advice on the best settings for performance in preferences on Photo - memory usage etc? I've had a quick search but can't find anything on here. I have 64bit Windows system with 16gb ram, Intel i5-2500K 3.30ghz, with Nvidia GTX GeForce 1050 ti. Current settings are attached. My problem has been generally sluggish performance, waiting for effects to play catch-up with Retina Rendering at Highest Quality and a far too pixelated image when it's set to low quality.
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