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  1. This app is a waste of money with no brush cursor, now that Procreate has layer masks I will probably rarely use Affinity Photo. I actually haven’t for over 2 weeks.
  2. I think there is a way to do clipping masks...I'd have to find the tutorial again because I forget how to do it. Also, that annoying circle is the brush size, which I wish would show at all times like Photoshop and Procreate. That is why I rarely use Affinity Photo, it makes it pretty much useless on doing fine brush work or masking.
  3. This feature alone would make this a Photoshop substitute, currently I still need to export to PSD for masking and refined brush work.
  4. Great update! But we still need the brush cursor option, please!!!!!
  5. Yes! Like how Astropad Studio handles the pencil/finger detection.
  6. There needs to be an option to show the brush cursor (like when resizing the brush). It gets pretty tricky when doing fine brush work or detailed masking...it turns into a guessing game and an undo party. Lol
  7. There definitely needs to be an option to show the brush cursor. Right now it's like a guessing game for doing detailed brush work, like masking fine areas with hair...etc. I guess I'll still be using PS CS6 for the majority of my work for now. GREAT APP SO FAR!!!!
  8. Yes, they definitely need to add an option to show the brush cursor.
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