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  1. This sounds silly but makes a very big difference to the feel of the app. When dragging & dropping I frequently don’t know if I’m actually doing it. Issue 1: I don’t know how long to hold the layer for. I need to know when I can start dragging a layer - however, Affinity offers almost no visual feedback Everywhere else in iOS, the item you’re holding ‘pops’ off the screen so you know the item can now be dragged, rather than scrolling your list. See the GIFs attached and let me know if you can spot the moment the layer goes from held to draggable. It’s possible in affinity, but so much more obvious in Procreate. Proposed solution: Have the layer ‘pop’ off the screen the moment it is dragable. Issue 2: I have a long list of layers, and I’m on a multi-touch device, I would normally hold the layer with one finger, and use my other fingers to scroll through the list to find the new spot for my held layers - but that doesn’t work here. (Try it in the files app, or procreate for comparison.) Proposed solution: make the layers palette respond to multi-touch.
  2. For both Photo & Designer... can we have the Keyboard Shortcut overlay appear when you hold CMD on iPad? Every other app does this. Though I love the new ability to customise the keyboard shortcuts, I’ll never use them if I don’t know about them! Sure, I could close my document, find the settings, find the keyboard shortcuts and then scroll through them... But when every other app offers the overlay window anytime with a simple key press, can we have it too? I consider this an expectation of an iPad app when using a keyboard. It helps make an iPad app feel like an iPad app, as well as making it so much more useful and accessible. I’d rather be able to see what my shortcuts are than customise them. Pro apps that already do this: Procreate (From a friendly, easy-to-use perspective, this my gold standard pro UI) Photoshop Lightroom Concepts Mindnode Microsoft Office apps.
  3. Can we be able to access the help menu and settings menu from inside a document? I find it very frustrating to leave a document (which often starts a loooong save process when working with large documents) just to find out how a tool works. The same for the settings menu. I’d love to be able to quickly add a font (though please add support for typekit fonts!) customise the interface, or otherwise adjust settings without having to close the document I’m working on and lose flow.
  4. Agreed! I added FX to an object 3 or 4 times because I kept automatically tapping empty space to ‘finish’ which actually cancelled the changes I’d made. Very frustrating. The menu makes it feel like the edits are saved as you are making them, rather than requiring a commit through choosing the move tool.
  5. Just adding my request here too. Can Affinity please add support for fonts installed by other apps (as apple added in iOS 13.) Pages Numbers and Keynote all see the new font's I've installed from Creative Cloud - but Affinity (and Procreate admittedly) don't. This would be a huge benefit to my workflow to have access to these fonts.
  6. Sure! The problem might not have been this file, as upon trying now, a few days later, it seems to export fine. The only change is I’ve deleted and reinstalled Affinity Photo (to try and clear the space it was wasting which I highlighted in a different post) since then. See what happens for you though! pier_fog.afphoto
  7. That is super helpful, thank you! Ive already deleted and reinstalled the app, but if I notice it wasting space again I’ll try that first. I’ll be sure to let you know here what happens.
  8. This file crashes when I export using the share button (but not if you press okay and save to files) If the file wasn’t saved, data gets lost. 10.5” iPad Pro with Apple Pencil, iOS 12.1 with latest version of affinity photo. pier fog.afphoto pier_fog.afphoto
  9. Has anyone else found affinity photo on iPad wasting disk space? I had a small number of files open but iPad says affinity was taking up 8gb of documents and data. after closing them all it now says 5.6gb! Even though I have no files open, and all my files are saved to iCloud Drive. I cna five this by deleting affinity and re-downloading, but it seems like a colossal waste of space, especially on a 64gb iPad. Anyone else found this, or have a solution? kind regards, jethro
  10. I much prefer the old icon for the dock - it's more distinctive. The exciting thing about the Mac dock is that things don't have to be square (unlike iOS where uniformity makes everything look great - love your iOS icons btw). so opting for a square on the Mac feels boring (I'm looking at you Adobe CC). However, the square icons within the App (ie. in the top left of the window) works alright. I feel your triangle app icons look more professional.
  11. Can we have shortcuts integration? Could be a really powerful way to batch process files. From renaming and resizing, to automatically starting a macro, or series of them! (also can we have macro recording?) Imaginary scenario: imaging using a shortcut from the shortcuts widget to open a file picker, pick some photos and then have Affinity Photo auto crop, resize them all and export them for web! i think shortcuts cuts could be really powerful and a great integration for Affinity apps. For an example of what I’ve been doing, see this one which takes a panoramic and auto splits it into squares, ready for your Instagram carousel!
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