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  1. Adjustments studio changes only was applied within your documents size area and not in the bleed area - that was before. Now even outside area is affected like it should! PDF Bleed export issue persists, canvas strange behavior still there..
  2. I second that request.. it’s very annoying as right now when you deselect spell check some canvas bugs appear.. so I have to live with the red ugliness. A permanent off option or why not have it disabled from start - does anyone really use it?
  3. Oh.. hopefully all of the issues I showed. Such a great software when it works..
  4. Rytterfalk

    Text wrap function..

    But as you see, i’m already in designer for iPad. So the feature is there - what’s missing is a checkbox to turn it on and off.
  5. I’m currently traveling and need to send final beer label for printing.. trying hard to send a bleeding pdf without luck. Done this so many times in the past but seams impossible now. Also showing a very frustrating canvas bug that has made me redo things only to discover that things get back to normal if I reopen my file.. bug returns quickly though.. And please let me disable spelling, very frustrating to have to uncheck every time I open a document. At least remember my last setting! 4C5C6A7C-96DF-41E9-8CEF-F1F7A3A6331C.MP4
  6. Rytterfalk

    Text wrap function..

    Text Following a line is fine and well understood. What I’m talking about is a text “avoiding” an object.. perhaps text wrap is the wrong wording. See my video as explanation. The invisible circle has been made in Affinity documents on Mac / opened on affinity designer on Mac / resaved and then opened on my iPad where I can’t find any way to replicate this effect that I use quite often. AEC94BE6-FEC8-4C4F-88F2-E664B5A388EF.MP4
  7. How do I apply “text wrap” (around) between a certain object and a text .. I opened a Affinity Documents document saved as a designers file and oala my text wrapping is still active - even using the ipad version but I have no idea how to apply it myself..
  8. Hi! Saw the cool commercial for Affinity designer 1.5 and saw this cool shoe box demo / and I immediately bought designer although I never saw myself use it before. Now, it's not as easy to use as I initially thought. I was hoping for the tool to be useful for all kind of live placement - I've lately painted lots of beer bottle art and this is what I was hoping to use this function for. Possible? Any tutorials on live projections available?