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  1. Hi everybody, I have an issue with synchronizing defaults from the selection for the Pen Tool. It works for Shapes, Pencil Tool, and even for the Vector Brush, but it fails every time I try to set defaults for the Pen Tool. Has anyone an idea, how can I avoid or fix this issue? Many thanks in advance. I use Affinity Designer 1.8.2 on Mac (High Sierra 10.13.6)
  2. Hi, I'm quite new in AF. I found a problem while painting straight lines (also small, precise points) with the brush tool. I have attached screen recordings. painting with shift 2.mov painting with shift.mov
  3. Hi, I’m a AD newbie and using AD on a 12” 1st gen iPad pro. I have a few questions regarding a pen tool. While drawing a line or a polygon, the pen tool behaves as a has a large radius instead of a pen nib. I’ve tried to change the resolution of the document but it doesn’t bring anything. Only zooming in lets you to draw or select lines with higher precision - but then I lose a Preview of the element I draw. Is there any tip to change this awkward behavior of a pen tool? The second question regards the possibility of deselecting using a finger while drawing a line with a pen tool. There is such an ability when using, for instance, a pencil tool. Inability to deselect by a finger while using a pen tool is a bug or is there a secret tip to activate this one? Maybe can I use a pencil to draw a straight-line-polygon (without a bezier-nodes)? Thanks for any tips and advice.
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