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  1. when are we getting a linux version i will compile/edit the code/ pay more if that is whats needed i dont care i just am done with the windows/mac and WE WANT LINUX
  2. i fixed it already it seems to have happened when you use the "century" font and this happened on a different computer with adobe illustrator and Microsoft office so i don't think its a problem with affinity i think its a bug with the print drivers or windows.... when is the linux version coming
  3. ** UPDATE: it appears to be a bug with snapshots ** text i see on screen dose not match what is printed. so this is just a odd bug when printing it prints out a Chinese or Japanese symbol for some reason even when printing to PDF or a xerox or IBM printers they all have the same symbol at the end of the text but it is selective on which one it prints the symbol on as you can see on the print as seen in the png files below (yes i know the design is ugly at the moment there is a bit of malicious compliance here)
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