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  1. Wanted to add that it has to come from the source, I can't style the parts "manually" in AP as based on the source row table positions change, hope that makes sense (on phone I'm not able to update, sorry)
  2. Hello 🙋🏻‍♂️ Is there a way of using a field from my data merge source as a way of changing for example text or table cell color? I would provide the color as e.g. #hex (or another format) and use this as the text or cell color. Also fantastic would be if I could somehow tell some text to be bold via my data source 🥰🚀
  3. Update I'm actually not sure if this idea actually works, just now trying it out but the problem I'm facing is exiting (clearing) the projection, tried on all layers though the merged layer doesn't seem to know about this so it stays in the projection 🤔 I can't even duplicate, then merge then exit the projection 😭 I feel like the projection should be on the document and not on a layer, please correct me if I'm missing anything, but right now I can't think of a useful reason to have it bound to a layer as I can't imagine needing multiple equirectangular projections in one document¿? So I think it would be really fantastic if at least equirectangular projections could be on the whole document so you don't have to remember which layer to select to clear it and also support non-destructivenes by remembering the correct position of all layers etc so no merging would be necessary 😍🥳 By the way I'm currently talking about all this stuff on iPad, haven't tested the desktop (Mac) version yet 🙃 So my current workflow is: select all layers merge selected clear projection export undo clear projection and merge selected to be ready for any possible changes Which does ONLY work if you DON'T move within the projection as anything else wouldn't move with it, so making it actually half useless So I highly agree with @adubio that non-destructive layering is actually really important, otherwise it get's really complicated and frustrating 😔 Sorry for all the text 😵 too overwhelmed right now to try to strip it down 😵‍💫
  4. True, yet I'd prefer to be able to work in a horizontal way where needed, for example could be interesting for Instagram carousels 😁 Or as others have stated flyers etc
  5. I know quite old, sadly looks like it's still not implemented, I just wanted to add that if you @Wosven are talking about the screenshots in this post, this is actually the pages studio expanded to fill most of the screen
  6. Hi, I just realized that the Export Persona on Desktop is way more advanced and convenient than the one on iPad where I sadly can only esport one format per slice and also the "path" per slice & format is amazing. One convenience would be to have a predefined Variable for the export format, this way I could have one set to apply to all selected slices which then automatically exports to folders per format 🤩 Also probably other variables could be interesting and/or actually regex support then I might be able to pull the file format from the filename 🤯🤔 Cheers, also just released a free pride-flag collection, which was much easier on desktop then on iPad where I initially created and tried to export all the different flags and formats etc using multiple artboards for each format etc 😳 if you're curious https://gum.co/pride-flags Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈
  7. Just wanted to mention 2 free alternatives to AnyFont for future people Fontinator which is by the creators of Vectornator Fontcase Both work for me on my iPad, at least with Affinity Designer, which should tell that they work anywhere else, too 😉
  8. For anyone interested in changing this on iPad, you'll find it in the Document Menu > Resize, made a quick, 29 second, video tutorial showing how to do it. It’s also on TikTok https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMeFVVfqt/ 😉
  9. That did the trick 🥳 Thanks a lot 🙏 Interestingly deleting the just created category hides the synced assets again.. just a fyi
  10. Yea that’s what I meant by “it took ages” 😅 anyways, just synced them in Photo as well, yet the assets are not showing ups as expected, assets studio is completely empty 😳🤔 I for example synced the “Sunlight Effect Overlays by Paper Farms” which came for free with 1.9, which is showing as expected in Designer, but not in Photo 🥺 what am I doing wrong? Maybe I should open another topic for this, right?
  11. As stated in my reply I can export the brushes/assets and then import, that’sa workaround to fix double downloads, still they’ll take up double the disc space even though they’re the same, which I believe could be solved if both apps could access storage of each other or have a separate assets app where all brushes, fonts, assets etc are stored and the main apps access them from 🥳
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