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  1. Hi Old Bruce With a text frame from he master you can change the typography properties but things such as fill colour are not changeable int he default mode. This is the same with things link tables and shape fills. Only certain elements are detached in the default edit frame content mode, the edit detached mode is there to allow you to edit all the properties of an object without it sync-ing back to a master page. In short form this is intended
  2. HI Old Bruce Unless you have text on the master page itself, the new page should insert with the text frame blank and the flow should just skip over it and carry on like it does when added at the end of the document.This seems t be fine for non facing document but an issue for facing. We are already aware of some issues with flow when using master frames but I shall make sure this is logged also. If i have missed the exact issue you are raising would you be able to provide more detail about your actual document setup and the steps you are performing
  3. HI Petar Thanks for raising this it is a known issue so hopefully the team will be able to look at sorting this Thanks
  4. Hi SirPL This is a known issue so hopefully the will be able to sort this soon Cheers
  5. Hi mykee It does seem to be behaving slightly funky here. I have passed it over to the development team
  6. Chris_K

    Printing with info issue

    For me here I'm getting a red line telling me the print content is larger than the print area. If you look at your screenshot you can actually see this red line in your preview but it is over the thick black line making it a bit more difficult to see
  7. Chris_K

    New Assets

    Hi Roland Dicke You can only add native affinity objects eg text frames, shapes, curves pixel layers etc. This has been restricted for whole document as Publisher now has a link or embed policy. Designer 1.7 also has this new document placement policy and has the same behaviour for adding assets as Publisher does
  8. I shall take it you also have no luck directly installing build 211 and not installing 206 first then updating?
  9. Chris_K

    Printing with info issue

    Hi Typo998 You are printing to Adobe PDF not a physical printer. The output won't overflow it will just increase the document size to include the other elements. If you set it to be an actual printer it will show the red 'overflow' border
  10. Chris_K

    Master Mayhem

    Hi fde101 This is an issue we are aware of. Thanks for raising this
  11. I've been running Mojave since its release and publisher has been fine on it
  12. Hi Michail I have logged the crash in point 1. Point 2 is a fair suggestion, this and point three require the edit detached mode to be enabled to actually function. Looks like you are getting to grips already with point 4 Thanks
  13. Chris_K

    Script Error viewing Help

    thanks walt I have passed this on to the documentation team
  14. Chris_K

    Help Error in Beta 221

    Thanks ToOldForThis I have let our documentation team know
  15. Chris_K

    Shortcut for place?

    This shortcut hasn't changed unless you may have altered it manually along the way Cheers