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  1. Hi Len B Is there anything on your system that could perhaps block the uninstall? any type of utility app? You should just be able to manually uninstall Photo using add/remove programs in control panel or settings (is on Windows 10) and the install the latest version using your same email address and product key you used before which you can get from your Affinity account. There shouldn't be any need to do a system restore Cheers
  2. Hi Focus9 I have heard of something similar from a user but have not been able to replicate anything. thus far I'm afraid
  3. hi velarde Thanks for the information that is useful to know and I;m glad it seems to have sorted itself for you Cheers
  4. It seems that most of you missed my previous post above so I shall reiterate This feature is only enabled for Intel HD and Intel Iris integrated GPUs found in the more recent Macs. Looking at the specs most of you have posted you do not have these (other than your system 2 gkoeder) So regardless of what graphics card you have if you don't have one of those it will remain greyed out thanks
  5. Thanks for letting us know Mike, I've updated the report with the tiff origin so the team can look into it Cheers
  6. Hi Anneke The language option on the install is for the actual installer only. If you go into the app and go to Edit > Preferences > General you can select a different language for the app whiich will be applied the next time you run the app. Usually that app prompts you for a restart when doing this Cheers
  7. H Sima I suppose this should be a bit more consistent. I shall make sure the team are aware Cheers
  8. Hi shanidan Can you try clearing all the shortcuts and then re-loading the shortcuts file and seeing if that works? If not are you able to provide the shortcuts file you are trying to use? Cheers
  9. Hmm do you get it with scaling just simple objects or is it only with the more complex files that you are sending from Designer?
  10. Hi Hangman Which render are you using in Preferences > performance? Is it metal, OpenGL or OpenGL(basic)? Can you try openGL basic and see if this is any better for you? Cheers
  11. Hi Imphotoz Thanks for raising this. We are already aware of some issues with the imagenomic plug ins. Updates and improvements to our plug in code seems to have stopped some of the crashes but has not made the plug ins fully compatible, this may require some work imagenomic's end but Im sure we will continue to improve our compatibility when we can Cheers
  12. Hi Tex4aviation Were any of the original images rotated at all slightly? Are you able to attach the original images for us to look into this? Cheers
  13. Hi JimInFlorida In windows explorer can you go to %appdata%/affinity/photo and right click the 1.0 folder zip it up then attach it here? This will help us diagnose the cause of your issue Once you have done that can your run the app with ctrl held down and clear the options on the dialog that appears. This should reset the app and allow you to continue Cheers
  14. Hi komtur I've been following your description but I'm not getting any lines. Can you provide an example of what you are seeing and perhaps a afphoto file that demonstrates the issue Cheers
  15. Hi PaulAffinity This is because your overlays panel is floating and not docked. You can tell this as it has a small x on the right hand side to close it. cheers