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  1. Hi Old Bruce With a text frame from he master you can change the typography properties but things such as fill colour are not changeable int he default mode. This is the same with things link tables and shape fills. Only certain elements are detached in the default edit frame content mode, the edit detached mode is there to allow you to edit all the properties of an object without it sync-ing back to a master page. In short form this is intended
  2. HI Old Bruce Unless you have text on the master page itself, the new page should insert with the text frame blank and the flow should just skip over it and carry on like it does when added at the end of the document.This seems t be fine for non facing document but an issue for facing. We are already aware of some issues with flow when using master frames but I shall make sure this is logged also. If i have missed the exact issue you are raising would you be able to provide more detail about your actual document setup and the steps you are performing
  3. Hi fde101 This is an issue we are aware of. Thanks for raising this
  4. I've been running Mojave since its release and publisher has been fine on it
  5. Hi SteveP110 You're going to need to provide some actual description of what it is you are doing here. From the looks of the screenshot you are using displaying the measurements from other objects. Without know what you are doing or trying to do it's difficult to say what is right or wrong here thanks
  6. Hi somnolentsurfer It looks like on Mac the baseline grid only conforms to whole points where as the grid will do decimals. If you set both to 12 they will line up. also there is an issue where at certain zooms the grid is not starting correctly from the 0,0 point of the document. This does work fine one Windows so I shall get it reported if not already Cheers
  7. Thanks Seneca These are a bit more specific than what you've put here but I can get both points 2 and 3 so I shall get them logged. Cheers
  8. Hi Todd Hagler Where on the frame are you double clicking? If it is somewhere n the text then it should just insert the carat at that location. Double clicking on a control node for the text frame will cause it to fit to text from that node. If you are slightly zoomed out in the document then it could be that the control node click is being picked up instead of the click on the text Cheers
  9. The devs are working on some more fixes for K only PDF exports so hopefully this will be resolved within the next couple of builds Cheers
  10. Hi ISHA Without a file or knowing the exact steps you are performing with the exact setting it is quite difficult to say what is happening here Thanks
  11. Hi simple Publisher does not support any plug ins at this point. You can achieve something similar especially when the next build becomes available. Objects places on the page itself will keep its position on the page as is when moved. If you use objects that are place d on a master page moving the page will re flow text but keep it's position. That is about as close as we do to auto reflection Thanks
  12. Hi Roger terry can you provide more detail please? This information here demonstrates the sort of information we require to be able to look into this. Thanks
  13. HI musi003 As vonBusing suggests can you provide more detail into exactly what is buggy? The embedded document in both those files seems the same but those two documents have been treated in different ways.
  14. Hi JC_ngandI You are right it is not easy to reproduce as I have not been able to get it yet but looking at the layers this will most likely have something to do with the 2 symbols within the group. I shall keep trying to replicate this though
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