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  1. Hi R34V3r the PDF for Print option has the allow advanced feature option enabled by default whilst others don't. Can you try disabling this and seeing if the image gets exported? Alternatively are you able to attach the file for us to look into? Thanks
  2. Hi Companion Looking at the screenshot the slice is slightly bigger than the contents, so the export has removed the excess transparent space to just have the the content. However are you able to attach a quick example where it is happening for you just so we can look into a bit further? Cheers
  3. Hi erickb I shall take it these image appear normal in the iOS Photos app? What camera/raw format are the images in and are they on the iPad locally or sync'd from Photos Cheers
  4. Hi TEcHNOpls I believe we already have this but reported using a slightly different method. It's basically to do with switching between overlays/master. If you until the shadows and highlight then retick it, it should appear fine for you Cheers
  5. Hi sirpsychosexy This is a known issue with applying the plug ins whilst in separated mode. I shall bump this report. To work round this you can go back into regular windowed mode before applying the plug in and then back into separated after and it should appear fine Cheers
  6. greyscale blending

    Hi Simon R This seems to be working fine for me here. After selecting a channel to use can you ensure that all channels are visible again, this can be done by clicking the reset button on the channels panel. If all the channels are not displayed you may not be getting the visial result you expect Cheers
  7. Hi lingwood I've looked at our document and have found the culprit! You have a random curve in the middle of your layers under the 'Or' text layer which is of zero size that it preventing the export. If you delete this you should then be able to export. It would be interesting to find out how this curve was created Cheers
  8. Snapseed uses a different RAW engine. Currently we rely on the RAW capabilities of iOS itself
  9. Hi LKain What format and bit depth are you exporting to? It looks like you are going from a 32bit image to an 8bit image, so it is narrowing the range between black and white, gving you less depth. Do you get this you you export to EXR or if you convert the document to 8Bit in the app first.? Are you able to attach the file or afphoto file for us to look into Cheers
  10. Hi Jam Thanks for this. It seems to occur if you start in portrait mode. If you start in landscape then rotate the ipad it seems to work fine. I shall get thislogged Cheers
  11. It seems like these crashes may be memory related. The saltest beta has a few memory handling fixes that should reduce the crashes if not prevent most of them. This will hopefully be pushed into the next full release Cheers
  12. Hi jimmini Would you be able to quickly try this for me. Can your go to preference > performance and change renderer to WARP, This may be slightly slower overall, but it would like to see if it is more consitent and perhaps easier on the CPU Cheers
  13. Hi Five The options in the export dialog are only for physical export from the app so do ot affect the share options which are taken directly from iOS rather than something we have custom implemented. There fore it uses the apple standard of taking the existing file name The Photos app on iOS is not 1:1 the same as the one on the Mac and does not have the ability to revert to an original in the same way so this is something out or our control Cheers
  14. Hi moonbeetle. This is actually sort of by design. The guides are placed at a fixed value relative to the 0 position of the artboard. So if a guide it placed at say 25mm, then the artboard is resized, the guide adapts to still be the set 25mm away from the edge of the artboard Cheers
  15. Hi Rob123456789 The fix for this caused a lot of other issue that were more serious so it was reverted to it's broke state for now as it only affects paint until a time a safer fix can be implemented Cheers