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  1. Hi Ton We do read other encodings such as UTF-16 and ISO 8859-1. ASCII does not seems like a super common encoding type for SVGs. can you provide an example SVG for us to look into? Cheers
  2. Hi shushutorm What colour bit depth are you using? These look like renders so I'm guessing it may be 32bit. As jpeg is only 8 bit what you could be seeing is the reduction in bit depth. Difficult to tell without an example file to look into Cheers
  3. Hi Shushustorm This just seems to be a simple re-draw error when undoing rasterise to mask. A quick zoom out and back in should fix it, but I willl pass it over to the development team Cheers
  4. Hi specworkfan the iPad version is built on the 1.6 code base, It requires the 1.6 versions of the app to open the files as the code is newer. You can download the beta of 1.6 for Designer and Photo and it should open fine Cheers
  5. Hi shushustorm This is a known issue with brush tips that have transparency in their textures. Thanks for raising this Cheers
  6. Hi specworkfan I shall take it you are referring to when you change the brush tip style? Each brush tip is saved with it's own default size so selecting a new tip uses that size. This sounds like what you might be experiencing. The radial sliders should behave quite linearly, drag right to increase and drag left to decrease Cheers
  7. Hi ToyotaDesigner The DPI not changing is a known issue with a clash between the new DPI and the DPI in the metadata. The current workaround for this is to untick embed metadata. Currently all tiff export is with LZW compression, there has been talk of adding fully uncompressed TIFF export at some point but I cannot say when Are you able to expand of what you mean or are seeing with this? cheers
  8. Hi toyotadesigner. Thanks for the steps. I have recreated this and passed it on to the development team. This seems to be worsened by the crop and resize steps, but still occurs with just the filter on it's own Cheers
  9. Hi pruus Are you able to provide any steps you performed so we can look at reproducing this? Thanks
  10. Hi owenr Thanks for reporting this. I have managed to recreate this so I have passed it on to the development team to fix Cheers
  11. Hi davidhq I've passed this over to the development team Cheers
  12. Hi Maricate what is it that you are trying to copy from Affinity Designer? It could be vector or app specific features that PS does not understand hence the message. But in general im not getting an issue pasting from Designer here cheers
  13. Thanks for raising this issue - we have closed it as "by design".
  14. Hi Patchworks Are you able to provide a file that demonstrates your issue and what you are trying to achieve? Thanks
  15. Hi Nehiah474 Only certain layer types can be merged. Make sure your layers are pixel layers before attempting to merge them. It is a known issue that the merge options are available for invalid layers Cheers