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  1. Hi Yoganshi This is slightly odd, If i click on the size I want then it applies to the selected text fine. Are you changing the size from the context toolbar or the character panel? Are you running on a particular OS? Cheers
  2. Hi TooOldForThis Auto correct needs the entries defining for each language so if you manually add another dictionary language then you would also need to manually add your own auto correct entries but this can be done in the auto correct section of the preferences. I;m not getting any crashes for (TM) in UK English though it auo corrects for me without issue. was the crash just the once or does it crash every time you try do do this? Thanks
  3. Hi Yoganshi Can you provide more detail about exactly parts or the spelling options are not working, what their current behaviour is and what is is you are expecting? Also which spelling language you are using? Cheers
  4. Thanks for the file Asuka Looking at the crash report this is an issue with text flow that we are still trying to get sorted but we are aware of this crash. I'll pass your file on to the development team to look into
  5. Hi Wosven These probably should have different names so i shall pass it on to the development team Although looking at this it seems the issue is more with different images being grouped when the PDF is opened so it already thinks its the same image, rather than the process of saving out the embedded files itself Cheers
  6. HI dominik, I've manage to get the swatch to change back to the gradient on an undo in Designer, but it's doing in Publisher for me as well so I;m still not able to reproduce the issue I'm afraid
  7. Thanks pdussart we are aware it is still an issue yet to be resolved and is still open in our logs Thanks
  8. Hi dominik I've tried this in Publisher, Designer beta and Designer 1.6 and none of them change the swatch back to being a gradient after making it solid when using undo so I'm not really sure what it is you are seeing or if i'm missing something. Can you provide some screenshots just to help clarify Cheers
  9. Hi huubjonkers This seems to be working fine for me can you describe exactly what it is you are seeing? Also not that creating the swatch just creates the swatch it does not auto apply it to the object as well Cheers
  10. Hi Wosven I have a feeling this may be due to the fonts that the PDF used but I have passed it on to the development team to take a look into and see if there is something we can improve here
  11. Thanks for reporting this postmadesign. I;n not getting it quite as bad but it most likely appears differently on different systems Cheers
  12. Hi qwz is it just that PDF that does this for you? Would you be able to provide the PDF as well as a short description on how the PDF was originally made Cheers
  13. HI Mark Oehlschlager This seems to mainly be one the second page and beyond and it is being offset by the previous spreads. I shall get this logged for the development team
  14. Hi GrahamMYC Can you give some description of what this 'something horrid' is? Cheers