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  1. Bristol Beaufort N-AW, of 42 Squadron RAF.
  2. Not been drawing for a while so thought I'd update the Thunderbolt II to celebrate 100 Years of Indiana ANG. The Mig 29 was inspired by the stories of the Ghost of Kiev. Seemingly now debunked by the Ukrainian AF, but still a good story.
  3. Probably around about 50ish. I don't really keep a diary, but thanks, much appreciated.
  4. Thanks Slammer! I can see it now, and will sort it out ASAP! Merry Christmas!!
  5. Fairchild Thunderbolt II of the 122nd Fighter Wing, 'The Black Snakes' of the Indiana Air National Guard. This is an update to my previous raster version and I'm pleased with the improvement.
  6. I think it's you. The Lancaster, the aircraft in the centre, is 69 feet long. The Hurricane, the closest aircraft is only 32 feet in length. Have seen these three aircraft flying in formation many times, I think it's about right for perspective, the close formation is quite usual.
  7. Combining three of my aircraft, bit of an experiment.
  8. Thanks Slammer, and thanks for your help and pointers! Much appreciated.
  9. Here's a couple more that I've just about finished. Still learning the lessons; don't know if I'll ever finish learning!!! Lancaster of 207 Squadron and Hurricane of 85 Squadron.
  10. Absolutely Alfred. Will do the same to that! Cheers Slammer, will let you know how it goes. I have a Lancaster of 619 Squadron on the board at the moment so all useful stuff!
  11. Thanks for the input Slammer. Seemed to be able to match the colours up by eye from photos on my old system. This platform is a little less forgiving! Think I've nailed this issue now, but open to any more pointers that you can put my way! You never stop learning, thanks again!!
  12. Thanks for the input. Is it the shades of grey/green that I have used? Tried to match them exactly. The dark grey/green upper surface and light grey under surface pattern was introduced into general RAF Fighter Command use in mid-May 1942 replacing the old dark earth/green upper surfaces and light blue/white undersurfaces from the 1940 scheme. The Spitfire in question was delivered to 332 Squadron on 8th April from 603 Squadron and will almost certainly have been resprayed in the new camouflage scheea by the time it was shot down in August 1942. Thanks.
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