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  1. I believe it looks so bad due to lack of anti-aliasing. Please note the sharp edges - in most graphic editors they are faded-out and blended with a background.
  2. Hi guys. If any of the below statement is wrong please correct me. -------------- I work a lot with InDesign and there's one thing in Publisher that vexes me: so little controll over Text Styles list. I mean the lack of ability to create directories and to sort elements as I wish to. I am used to having styles in a order I use them in a document (first headers, than paragraph variants) To do that in Publisher I would need to prefix them with a number. But it makes later reordering quite hard. I tried that once and I ended with style called "8.25 Chapter number". That's very stup... ekhm... inconvinient. -------------- When it comes to directories: I'm aware of concept of Group Styles which was indended (?) to substitute directories. But the behavior is different. I work a lot with bi-lingual publications and in InDesign I very often make two directories with the very same styles (the only difference is language used for hyphenation). i.e. when I work with English I collapse French directory. In Publisher I can't have two styles with the same name: -------------- I would really appreciate the ability to organize styles in directories and to sort styles and directories according to my needs.
  3. Hi, I made a custom abbreviarions dictionary for my language (Preferences > Abbreviarions) and I'd like to copy it to my other machine. Does anybody know where are the files located? I checked the directory where my Hunspell dictionaries are placed but it's not the right place.
  4. @mykee – I think it's not a bug but misconception of what hyphen is for. Let me explain on that: In polish books there's a similar concept of indicating dialogs and narration, but we do it with dashes: en – or em —. Hyphen however is used only for... hyphenation. So why Publisher changes hyphens to soft ones? Because it expects them to be placed only at the end of a line and inside a word. Thanks to the change if you resize a text frame, you don't get a hyphen in the middle of the running text. What you can do about it? Use find and replace (soft hyphen => en dash) Import better typesetted documents
  5. Edit: I found the below example in .133. I need to check it with the newest build. Edit 2: Seems the problem described below is fixed in .137. Well done, Affinity Team! The same with polish (dictionary downloaded from Thunderbird webpage). Word "święty" is hyphenated as "świ-ęty'; should be "świę-ty". Looks like (some?) letters with diacritics are problematic for the hyphenation engine.
  6. I think the title is self-explainatory. I wish publisher skip soft hyphens and other zero-width character in spellchecking.
  7. Hi Dominik, First of all -- this forum is for general discussions and improvement ideas. Bug reports should be created in proper forums: have a look here. Anyway, could you please share some details about the project? Which version do you use (Mac or Windows)? Which build are you running (can be found in Help > About...) I'm not a Serif employee, but I can imagine what help would they appreciate - narrowing the problem down. Could you please: Create a copy of the file to not loose you work Remove one page and try to export - if still crashes - remove pages until you can export. If you are able to export sucessfuly - create another copy of the original file and delete all pages except the last one you removed previously. Check if Publisher can export that page. If not and you are allowed to share the page - do it here. Quality Assurance Team will (hopefuly) investigate that further.
  8. Hi guys I'm looking for option to embed PDF cropped to its content. In InDesign it happens automatically and I wonder if that's possible to achieve in Publisher. I created an examplary PDF with one text frame and some text inside. When I drag & drop the file into InDesign, the PDF is cropped to its content: But in Publisher I get whole PDF which I need to crop on my own...
  9. SirPL

    Persona bug?

    A thread regarding this issue is pinned at the top of the forum.
  10. I started this topic a couple days ago but seems that no moderator read it, so I decided to create this one to make sure QA guys are aware of the problem. The problem is you can't remove Space Before/Space After by typing '0' because the change is not registered. How to check that. Create a new document and edit 'Body' paragraph style. It is based on 'Base' which has Space After of 12 pt, so 0 pt should cover an inherited value. But it doesn't happen since '0' and '0 pt' are converted to '[No change]' and not registered. Try to reproduce those steps (recorded on Mac) on Windows: Click in input box (it cause change from [No Change] to 0 pt) and press Enter to apply the value: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/uploads/monthly_2018_09/Even-Simpler.mov.f15e0c7250d0e17d3720125e4053c86d.mov Explicitly type '0' and press Enter: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/uploads/monthly_2018_09/Enter-Values.mov.068a40b0e690a7175c7e2ac52f882028.mov
  11. Please find a gif where I show my initial complaint, i.e.: Base has Space After of 12 pt (which actually is not a complaint) I'm unable to change Space After of Body (which inherit from Base) to 0 pt with entering [0] and pressing [Enter] I can't get it working with simply pressing [Enter] when 0 pt is visible I can get it working when I enter 1 and lower the value
  12. Doesn't work on Windows. Pressing enter with or without entering 0 does not cause the change being registered. So that's a clear bug of Windows UI. Dear moderators, please move this thread to Affinity Publisher Beta / Bugs on Windows forum.
  13. Hi, I'm not sure if it's a bug or intended, but I find very annoying the fact I can't change inherited [No Change] value to 0. By default the Base paragraph style has Space After of 12pt. Let's say I created a new paragraph style that bases on the Base. In order to change Space After of the new style to 0 I can't simply enter 0 because it is automatically changed to [No Change] value. In order to get 0pt I have to enter 1pt and lower it using small arrows in the input box which is a bit annoying. For me 0 should be treated as a meaningful value and an empty value should be changed to [No Change].
  14. Hi, I created a project which cannot be exported to PDF. It seems that the problem is caused by embedded Vector image created in Designer which has PANTEONE color appplied - when removed, the file is generated correctly. Please find the file attached below. One more interesting thing. The error message doesn't show up if the directory name ends with _1 (i.e. C:\test_1\project.afpub; I haven't check if the problem exists with other digits). On the recording below: First I try to export to test_1 directory - file is not exported; error message is not shown. Then I change directory to Documents - export fails but error is visible. file.afpub
  15. First of all - thank you @αℓƒяє∂ for your tip - that's actually it! I opened the font in FontForge to learn which of the OpenType features are available. It turns out it has small caps table with the following entries (sorry for polish UI): The only small case variant available in this font is a comma accent! (i.e. used in Romanian Ș). So I decided to completely remove smcp table and guess what: I only wonder why it works in InDesign. Maybe they exclude accents/combining accents while checking if they should fallback small caps...? Serif - maybe that's a good improvement to implement in the future?