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  1. Do you plan to implement spellchecking and hyphenation GREP styles in the initial release (or later in an update)?
  2. SirPL

    Affinity Publisher

    I wish to see what's the progress, even if it means static presentation of what features they done and what are working on right now.
  3. SirPL

    Bad stroke rendering

    Glad to help. BTW, I found out that the issue is present even in the latest stable release (
  4. Hi, I found that newset release of Designer Beta ( draws stroke differently on various zoom levels. Please check the file I attached and zoom in and out the graphic at one of the innter corners (i.e. the one marked with red circle): The black stroke is "jumping". Cross.afdesign
  5. Hello, I'd like to know if there is any way to add and/or remove page size presets from the list New Document window? I don't use formats such as A0/A1 etc, but very often use B4 and B5 - I'd like to have them on the list so I won't have to enter each time the size manually. \ If currently there's no way to do so, I would recommend to do it in a Scribus way: