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  1. Steps to reproduce: Start Publisher Create any new document In Pages panel click on Page 1 Close document (not the app) Result: Duplicate Selected Pages and Delete Selected Pages buttons are active. When pressed Publisher freezes. Reproducible with Publisher, Windows x64 Edit: The same happens when in point 3 a Master page is selected - then Clone and Delete master pages buttons are active instead.
  2. EDIT: Just found an other thread with similar issue; the advise to break links seems to work. ------- Hi, I created a new project using Publisher 1.8, so the document is not some conversion from beta or some older version. It contains some linked Designer objects and uses document color pallettes. I saved the .afpub file successfuly, but I am unable to open it again -- the publisher closes right after the file is opened. It's not a crash, but rather a graceful shutdown of the app. I just cleaned cache and all preferences, but the issue persists. Affinity team - please provide a way to share the faulty files privately for further inspection.
  3. On my machine the issue is persistent. May you please check the document I created in What I also found is that the shift is getting bigger as the left column width is increased. test.afpub
  4. Steps to reproduce: Create a new document Create text frame Increase number of columns to 2 Expected result: User should be able to adjust columns' width proportion by dragging the gap between columns Current result: User is able to adjust the proportion, but has to drag and drop some invisible handler which is placed to the left of the gap The drag&drop zone is indicated by the left-right arrow cursor - please check the image:
  5. That's a good point and needs to be unified. Even if it's counterintuitive, the OpenType specification does not restrict enabling super- and subscript at the same time. Each OpenType font has a list of features which order is determined by its author. The specification states that features should be applied one by one according to the order. An OpenType feature can be applied to a whole paragraph, so if some font provides superior variant only for digits and inferior variant only for letters you may want to turn both features on (for some unknown reason ). Also, for those specific features, OpenType specification says clearly: To sum up: using both features is counterintuitive, but not forbidden. According to the specification superior variants main purpose are footnote markers (besides digits also: * † ‡ § ‖) and abbreviations, i.e. latin Mˢˢʳ or french ones:
  6. Fully agree - I apparently did not get the point of your previous post. My apologizes. To compare the terminology used elsewhere: Application Position superscript Position subscript OpenType superscript OpenType subscript InDesign Superscript Subscript Superscript/Superior Subscript/Inferior QuarkXPress Superscript Subscript OpenType > Position > Superscript OpenType > Position > Subscript Scribus Superscript Subscript Superscript (sups) Subscript (subs) So maybe the typography features can be renamed to Superior variants and Inferior variants?
  7. So as for now Published does not support allonges (various size pages) in facing pages mode. The rootcause of your problem is more or less the same as that one:
  8. Can you prepare a new document with some dummy content that reflects your problem? I am not sure if I understand it correctly - such document would definitely help.
  9. Edit: I complelety edited my reply as it sounded rude and that definitely wasn't my intention. I feel the sections clearly distinguish those two features - Positioning and Typography. Publisher's help tries to distinguish between those two, but I must admit - the explanation isn't informative.
  10. The Super- and Subscript buttons turn on typography features that are provided by the font you are using. For what I found if proper OpenType features (namely subs and sups) are not supported then Unicode defined super/subscript glyphs are used. In case of Arial there's only one superscript letter defined - n (Unicode glyph U+207F; for other glyph code points checkout out this post). Hence it's the only modified character. The same applies to subscript. What you want to do is to use superscript positioning instead: Note: if your font supports ordinal suffix (ordn OpenType feature), you may enable it with the button:
  11. Hey, Serif team! Do you have plan to get such improvement implemented or you find the current approach sufficient and don't see a point in reworking Text Styles in the (near) future?
  12. Guys, any chance to get this improved in the near future? It's so small thing but annoys so much...
  13. As far as I know not yet. The release does not mean the product has all requested features -- it only means the currently supported features are stable. And that they would like to finally make money out of this 2 years development (if not longer).
  14. Hi guys. Recently I bought a layered font and start playing with it. I have to say I see an oportunity for an improvement. Right now I have to create multiple overlapping text frames with the same text and different style Please note that there are plenty of layered fonts, so there may be more users eager to use it in their projects: There are plenty of layered fonts: https://www.myfonts.com/search/tag:layered/fonts/ It could works like this: User have an option to create a Layered Style: Then user can combine existing character styles in any order. Layered style would behave as character style and could be selected for Drop Caps or simply used in running text.
  15. Hello guys! I got problem with setting different margins for odd and even pages in a two-page master. I am creating a document which has numbered paragraphs. I made a base style which has increased left margin and negative first line indent. To keep the text centered I have to decrease outter margin on left page and inner margin on a right one. I theoretically could make a text frame that extends the margin, but then I would have to take care of its correct placement and size. Is it possible in Publisher to set margins per master's page? Hope my question is clear.
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