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  1. If I first remove the hyperlink from the outter textbox, then I can remove the "whitespace" hyperlink without crash.
  2. Welcome aboard! First load your data with Window > Data Merge Manager. Then use Window > Reference > Fields panel to insert placeholders in your document. Once you're good with the placeholders use the Manager to generate final document.
  3. How to reproduce crash: Create a textbox with some text. Open Hyperlinks panel from the Window menu. Each text line in APub ends with an white character (possibly a new line character). Highlight it: Having the white character selected create a new hyperlink (i.e. to a webpage) Select the textbox containing the text (and the hyperlink) and create another hyperlink I done steps 1-5 in the attached afpub file. In the Hyperlinks panel select the inner (white character) hyperlink and delete it. Reproducible with Public Release 2.0.0 hyperlink_delete_crash.afpub
  4. The fact there's one convention doesn't mean there's no room for other. And - as I wrote - I'm not expecting to have this implemented with the very next release of Publisher. I'm only providing a context which proves that more flexible approach to Footnotes may be beneficial for some users.
  5. If I still can have two wishes regarding foot/side/end-notes, let me express them: Right now I'm working on a document which has following numbering of footnotes: ... 15, 16, 17, 17bis, 18, 19... (that's because in 2nd edition a new footnote was added and it must not break old references), so I wish Publisher supports that in some way. Also, I wish there were an option to define margins of a footnote and to make them dependent on previous character (i.e. make smaller left margin if the footnote occurs after a punctuation mark): I know, those are very specific cases and I am aware they're very unlikely to be supported right away. But maybe some day...?
  6. I'm facing the same problem, but I'm working with a document which contains hundreds of embedded PDF graphics and it annoys me so much. Hopefully one day somebody adds proper option in properties
  7. Hey, Serif team! Do you have plan to get such improvement implemented or you find the current approach sufficient and don't see a point in reworking Text Styles in the (near) future?
  8. Guys, any chance to get this improved in the near future? It's so small thing but annoys so much...
  9. As far as I know not yet. The release does not mean the product has all requested features -- it only means the currently supported features are stable. And that they would like to finally make money out of this 2 years development (if not longer).
  10. Hi guys. Recently I bought a layered font and start playing with it. I have to say I see an oportunity for an improvement. Right now I have to create multiple overlapping text frames with the same text and different style Please note that there are plenty of layered fonts, so there may be more users eager to use it in their projects: There are plenty of layered fonts: https://www.myfonts.com/search/tag:layered/fonts/ It could works like this: User have an option to create a Layered Style: Then user can combine existing character styles in any order. Layered style would behave as character style and could be selected for Drop Caps or simply used in running text.
  11. Hello guys! I got problem with setting different margins for odd and even pages in a two-page master. I am creating a document which has numbered paragraphs. I made a base style which has increased left margin and negative first line indent. To keep the text centered I have to decrease outter margin on left page and inner margin on a right one. I theoretically could make a text frame that extends the margin, but then I would have to take care of its correct placement and size. Is it possible in Publisher to set margins per master's page? Hope my question is clear.
  12. Hi guys. If any of the below statement is wrong please correct me. -------------- I work a lot with InDesign and there's one thing in Publisher that vexes me: so little controll over Text Styles list. I mean the lack of ability to create directories and to sort elements as I wish to. I am used to having styles in a order I use them in a document (first headers, than paragraph variants) To do that in Publisher I would need to prefix them with a number. But it makes later reordering quite hard. I tried that once and I ended with style called "8.25 Chapter number". That's very stup... ekhm... inconvinient. -------------- When it comes to directories: I'm aware of concept of Group Styles which was indended (?) to substitute directories. But the behavior is different. I work a lot with bi-lingual publications and in InDesign I very often make two directories with the very same styles (the only difference is language used for hyphenation). i.e. when I work with English I collapse French directory. In Publisher I can't have two styles with the same name: -------------- I would really appreciate the ability to organize styles in directories and to sort styles and directories according to my needs.
  13. Hi, I made a custom abbreviarions dictionary for my language (Preferences > Abbreviarions) and I'd like to copy it to my other machine. Does anybody know where are the files located? I checked the directory where my Hunspell dictionaries are placed but it's not the right place.
  14. Hi Dominik, First of all -- this forum is for general discussions and improvement ideas. Bug reports should be created in proper forums: have a look here. Anyway, could you please share some details about the project? Which version do you use (Mac or Windows)? Which build are you running (can be found in Help > About...) I'm not a Serif employee, but I can imagine what help would they appreciate - narrowing the problem down. Could you please: Create a copy of the file to not loose you work Remove one page and try to export - if still crashes - remove pages until you can export. If you are able to export sucessfuly - create another copy of the original file and delete all pages except the last one you removed previously. Check if Publisher can export that page. If not and you are allowed to share the page - do it here. Quality Assurance Team will (hopefuly) investigate that further.
  15. Hi guys I'm looking for option to embed PDF cropped to its content. In InDesign it happens automatically and I wonder if that's possible to achieve in Publisher. I created an examplary PDF with one text frame and some text inside. When I drag & drop the file into InDesign, the PDF is cropped to its content: But in Publisher I get whole PDF which I need to crop on my own...
  16. Please find a gif where I show my initial complaint, i.e.: Base has Space After of 12 pt (which actually is not a complaint) I'm unable to change Space After of Body (which inherit from Base) to 0 pt with entering [0] and pressing [Enter] I can't get it working with simply pressing [Enter] when 0 pt is visible I can get it working when I enter 1 and lower the value
  17. Doesn't work on Windows. Pressing enter with or without entering 0 does not cause the change being registered. So that's a clear bug of Windows UI. Dear moderators, please move this thread to Affinity Publisher Beta / Bugs on Windows forum.
  18. Hi, I'm not sure if it's a bug or intended, but I find very annoying the fact I can't change inherited [No Change] value to 0. By default the Base paragraph style has Space After of 12pt. Let's say I created a new paragraph style that bases on the Base. In order to change Space After of the new style to 0 I can't simply enter 0 because it is automatically changed to [No Change] value. In order to get 0pt I have to enter 1pt and lower it using small arrows in the input box which is a bit annoying. For me 0 should be treated as a meaningful value and an empty value should be changed to [No Change].
  19. I think it's a bug so I created separate thread. This one can be closed.
  20. Well... It seems not working in case of my font which doesn't support OpenType Small Caps. It's non-free font so I can't share it here but I if any Serif employee wants to check it on his/her own - please contact me. Edit: I found that my font is the only for which Publisher is unable to create fake small-caps. But still -- InDesign create them correctly... @Dave Harris, @JFisher or @Chris B - I would be glad if you could check if that's issue with font or with Publisher. Please PM me.
  21. Hi Affinity team! Do you have fake small-caps feature in your backlog? By the feature I mean support for small-caps in font that doesn't have small-caps.
  22. Hi, I found it very annoying that each time I export my document to PDF I need to change the area option - it is always reverted to the default value. Could you please make Publisher to remember and keep the last chosen option?
  23. Hello Affinity Team! I went through the forum and I found a couple of requests for UI translation to various languages. I personaly support request for polish translation. The list of languages that Adobe supports is quite long. I know it's not possible to provide support for all of them in Affinity (at least not in a reasonable time). Have you ever heard of Crowdin? It's a translation tool which allows community to translate anything. I participated in a couple of projects (many of them with success). Maybe this it the right way to introduce new languages?
  24. I got a request regarding drop caps. Please allow to set different distance (between drop-cap and text) to first line and to rest of them in order to achive the following result:
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