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  1. Yep, you're right! I knew there must be a little trick to it. Works fine. Thanks!
  2. I just updated to the latest 1.7.3 on Win 10 with latest updates. When I drag an image from any of the offered stock agencies, nothing happens. I see the small image dragging to the workspace, but when I drop, nothing happens. The image is not brought over. I remember the previous version worked fine. I don't get the "Connection failed" error, as I can scroll through the images. I just can't drag any in. I must actually go to the web site, and copy the image, or download from Pixabay directly.
  3. @Yankeese I found that if you move between tabs on the same area where the Pages tab is located causes a long delay before the page miniatures are shown again. The workaround for the long delay is to place the Pages tab in a separate area on the workspace, and never moving off it. For whatever reason, it almost looks like APub is rebuilding the pages display every time you re-open it. APub is no speed demon, but for me, at a max of 500 pages, it's tolerable. The master page issue is not. You might want to give Serif's legacy product, PagePlus, a look-see. I think they're still selling it cheap. It's what I've been using for years, and works great, with a few little quirks. I just did the layout for my last novel, adding plenty of single pages, with perfect performance from the master pages. Creating the PDF for upload to a POD was a breeze. Still can't figure why they would have so radically changed APub from the great PagePlus, which they own, that has so many great features.
  4. I reported this issue a long time ago in Beta testing, but it was never addressed further than it was a design decision. In other words, that's how developers meant it to work! It was never considered a bug. This seems strange since the abandoned PagePlus master pages work perfectly. This was a deal breaker for me as well, since I write novels, and must be able to add single pages without loosing the master page items like different headers for left and right, as well as page number location, etc. Sadly, Publisher is only good for small publications or publications that don't use specific master pages with facing pages. I had high hopes, but maybe in a year or so, they'll see the light. I tried the latest version: no change!
  5. Just printed part of a large project as book and booklet with an HP Envy 5549, double-sided on Letter size paper. Because regular paper won't print borderless, I had to scale down to 95% so nothing got cut off. In both cases, the result appears correct. I had to be sure to set the flip to short side, otherwise the second side was upside down. No problems with sheets not going in far enough to do the second side.
  6. I agree with JPSports that, at this point (Beta 238), APub has the makings of a great program. Neither InDesign, nor PP, started out feature rich, but they were pretty much on par with the other DTP's of the day. The APub team has a huge job ahead of them trying to get APub where it needs to be. To use a car analogy, it's hard to convince someone to buy a VW Beetle, or Toyota Carolla, when they are already driving Lamborginis and Ferraris! Granted, I've been working with PP for years, and I used InDesign as well--still prefer PP over InDesign--and find it difficult to do things in APub. As was mentioned, workflow is quite different, but this is to be expected of any new product. To be successful, APub will need to offer most of the now-essential features found in the other products. I have to credit Serif with creating an excellent APhoto, certainly good enough to move me away from Photoshop, but it took a couple of years and release 1.6 to get there. It's a catch-22 for Apub--the longer you wait to release, the more features the competition adds to their products to pull even farther ahead. That said, APub needs some very important features that have already been mentioned and voted on in droves before it releases, if it wants us to move from PP or InDesign. I love PP, and I would like to love its replacement--APub.
  7. I also agree. Because [No Style] is actually a complex style, basing anything on it can result in some frustration when creating a new style--a bunch of "gotchas" since the new style's behaviour is not what is expected. [No Style] cannot be changed or deleted, and all base styles begin with [No Style]. Either we need to have an editable [No Style], or a [None] as suggested by Wosven.
  8. I'm a bit disappointed that the Affinity team is creating an InDesign import, but has effectively left the PagePlus population out in the cold.
  9. I definitely have to agree Ken Cope. In PP I have all my masters setup with text boxes where they should be. Promote From Master is absolutely essential when you're writing novels, like I do. I can't imagine having to create every text box for 300+ pages and having to go to Text Styles to set the correct style for each box, then having to type in the common text yet again--like chapter headings. Easy peasy! Besides being time consuming, It would drive me batty! With PP, I simply promote the text box, change the chapter number, and replace "Title" with the actual chapter title. Please add Promote From Master.
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