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  1. Hallo Walt! I think that the collection folder is "special" because it's related to the AP file with a relative path, and this makes possible to move folder and AP file together (or zip them together for sending etc.) avoiding to break links.
  2. In resource manager I can't easily distinguish between linked, integrated and collected resources. I think that it can be really useful to highlight what resources are neither integrated nor collected, in order to avoid accidental deletion of linked files.
  3. macOS Mojave v 10.14.1, Affinity Photo 1.6.7. Batch processing does not starts. No errors, no warnings, no messages. Batch panel does not shows anything. When I try to close the application, it warns me that at least one batch process is still running, and that the application cannot be closed until these processes will end. Restarted my iMac. Reset AP to factory settings (ctrl while launching the app). Now the batch windows shows some activities, but they don't proceed. Tried again disabling "Parallel processing". Now it works.
  4. Hi The Assurer. Today I opened that file again, in order to provide you a screenshot of the messagebox showing the error.... but everything was fine. PDF/x-4 was correctly exported! Thank you for your reply and sorry for waisting your time. Congratulations to all the Affinity Team for your work. Cheers
  5. Dear Sirs, I'm really in love with your amazing software. Please help me to solve this issue and to understand if I'm doing something wrong or if it's something else that causes this issue. If I clip an image (Level type: image) using vector shapes an error while exporting in PDF/X format occurs, even if I select PDF/X-4 format preset. If I rasterize the image and then apply a clipping using a vector, that error does not rise (clipping path and contained image are automatically and well rasterized). Is that behiavour correct? Thanks in advance.
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