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  1. What R C-R said basically I can't divulge any release schedules I'm afraid but I'm sure we shall make a lot of noise about it around the time we are releasing it Cheers
  2. Hi Ron Potter The crop will default to the size of the image you have open, but if you have a commonly used crop size or ration this can be saved as a preset for you to recall quickly Thanks
  3. When you start a new document you get the option in the new document dialog to set the Image Placement Policy to linked or Embedded. This can also be changed after the fact through the Document setup dialog which will affect resources added after the change. You can also use the resource manager to convert image between linked and embedded Cheers
  4. Hi hy13 We are aware of these issues with rotation in the EXIF data no being correctly read. Hopefully we can get this sorted soon Cheers
  5. Hi JDBarr You're looking for the tiled print model which can be selected in the layout section of the Pint dialog. Cheers
  6. Hi corinth Thanks for reporting this. It is an issue we are aware of so hopefully it will be sorted in the future Cheers
  7. This is a feature, gradient now take into account things like rotation and shear and these handles are to manipulate that. But should only appear when you rotate of shear an object so that part is a bug
  8. HI 8uurg Thanks for this, this ss being re-worked a bit more by the development team so they are looking to try and improve the performance Cheers
  9. Hi Karl Wilcox If you go to File > Spread Setup you can select which spread you wish to change or all of them and change the size to what you need. The bleed values will remain unchanged, just the spread sizes will change. You can navigate between pages in the document using ctrl+page up/down Cheers
  10. hi rolfbe As haakoo points to newer versions contain newer features so the file cannot be opened by an older version. Cheers
  11. HI StickMeInTheEye Usually when the thumbnail is blank in instances like this is has not yet finished creating the thumbnail preview. If you leave it for a couple of seconds does the thumbnail eventually appear. If not does switching to another panel such as effects and then back make it appear
  12. Hi jc4d Thanks for the information, I have been able to replicate this so will make sure it get logged in our system
  13. Hi GrahamMYC Can you give some description of what this 'something horrid' is? Cheers
  14. Hi Kevin Martin This seems to be working fine for me can you be more specific about what it is you are experiencing Thanks
  15. I believe linking is something to be worked on in the future Cheers
  16. HI Martin N We updated the styles to include noes, this may have caused your styles to reset. If you did not have any custom style you can go to preferences and select reset styles and this will bring back the new default style set. We are also aware on the new styles that the names are incorrect
  17. My apologies I forgot that it hadn't actually fully been implemented in Windows yet, but it is a known issue. Once implemented it should work as I described
  18. The new shadows and highlights filter has been improved so now you can both brighten and darken them. The strength 0 position is now in the middle of the slider instead of at one end, move it right to brighten, move it left to darken. It's more like an advanced version of our shadows and highlights adjustment layer now. Although I do agree with the extra control the radius gave
  19. Hi Ron P. There is currently an issue with raw files, so this is most likely a extension of that. We are aware and will hopefully be resolving them soon Cheers
  20. This is a known issue that seems to happen as soon as you change zoom after a develop. You can work around this temporarily by opening a second image, when you switch back it should show the correct colours again Thanks
  21. HI narrationsd As I'm sure you are aware we do have the font manager which will tell you if a font is missing and allow you to locate all instances of that font. But a more comprehensive preflight is something that would be a good addition in the future
  22. Thanks Mithferion I shall pass it on to the development team
  23. Thanks Wafer This is a known issue when filters are initially applied or are part of a group. You can temporarily work round this by moving the filter position on the layers panel and moving it back and it should appear fine there after Cheers
  24. Thanks haakoo this is already logged with the development team to sort, cheers.
  25. Hi All This is an issue with many live filters either applied as a child or as part of a group. This is an issue that has crept over form the mac side but I shall let the dev team know Thanks
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