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  1. What R C-R said basically I can't divulge any release schedules I'm afraid but I'm sure we shall make a lot of noise about it around the time we are releasing it Cheers
  2. Hi JDBarr You're looking for the tiled print model which can be selected in the layout section of the Pint dialog. Cheers
  3. Hi Karl Wilcox If you go to File > Spread Setup you can select which spread you wish to change or all of them and change the size to what you need. The bleed values will remain unchanged, just the spread sizes will change. You can navigate between pages in the document using ctrl+page up/down Cheers
  4. Hi GrahamMYC Can you give some description of what this 'something horrid' is? Cheers
  5. I believe linking is something to be worked on in the future Cheers
  6. HI Martin N We updated the styles to include noes, this may have caused your styles to reset. If you did not have any custom style you can go to preferences and select reset styles and this will bring back the new default style set. We are also aware on the new styles that the names are incorrect
  7. HI narrationsd As I'm sure you are aware we do have the font manager which will tell you if a font is missing and allow you to locate all instances of that font. But a more comprehensive preflight is something that would be a good addition in the future
  8. Hi Jeremy Welcome to the forums I'm moving this to our suggestions forum to be considered by the development team Thanks
  9. Unfortunately there is not a replace all option for images. but is shall move this thread into the suggestions forum for the developers to consider this Thanks
  10. Hi mykee if you have more than one objects selected with the move tool we do have a group button on the context toolbar.
  11. Annother Publisher is a desktop publisher not a website creator. As Mike W says we do not have plans to make another web creation app
  12. HI Marj As MickRose says you need to make sure that clip to canvas is not enabled to see items placed outside the page bounds
  13. Hi grapher We do not have the function to flow tables I am afraid, you would need to set up 2 tables Cheers
  14. Hi Paul Martin There is not fit the text to the frame, but you can fit the frame to the text by double clicking on one of the control handles for the bounding box Cheers
  15. Hi Walt, the shortcut s focused on the actual characters used. This has been intended since the start of the Affinity Apps
  16. Hi Jameshilldesign Go to Document > Resource Manager Cheers
  17. HI JerryLin First defence's description is quite comprehensive of how these features work, and with your document I'm able to add page numbers and TOC I;m afraid Cheers
  18. Hi all As walt.farrell suggests replace image is what is needed to keep the current orientation. Drag and dropping is currently the equivalent of adding a brand new image to the picture frame as is there was not one there before. Saying that I don't think it is a bad idea at all to keep thing like the orientation by dragging a new image in so I shall move this to the suggestions part of the forum to be considered by the development team Thanks
  19. you can also just create your custom shape using the various shapes or pen tool and use the convert to picture frame option
  20. I think ignore and learn would not be bad options on the context menu so I shall pass this on Thanks
  21. Hi Interior Book Design Find and Replace panel allows you to find text that has a certain paragraph style applied. However, it does not allow you to search for no style at the moment but I don't think this would be a bad improvement at all
  22. At the moment the only way to detect if a frame is overflowing is it it has a small eye symbol next to the flow handle when the frame is selected. A locate options is a good idea though
  23. Currently we only have non-breaking spaces and zero width space. I;m moving this to our feature request section for narrow spaces
  24. This is not something we can currently do. I shall move it to our feature requests section
  25. Hi Bernd Woick You can more the ruler's origin by enabling the option in the attached image on the toolbar. You will see a small movable cross hair in the top left corner of your document.
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