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  1. Personally I think it is not yet time to even look at V2 All effort should be on making 1.9 the product it could be if all bugs are fixed. I don't think this was done for 1.7 or 1.8. As a result there is still not an excellent product to use as a base line
  2. You are correct, they also went when i did a full reset of custom settings
  3. Attached file Running Big Sur on a MacBook Pro 2016Contour Play.afdesign
  4. Simple square with stroke, top right corner show weird shapes when click dragging
  5. Reseting Tools in the View-Customised Tools fixed my Colour Picker Icon size but not the Transparency icon. Will do a full reset when i can remember how. I discovered this when trying to find the Contour Tool Icon that was missing from my Tool List
  6. No normal download from apps store. Latest iPad iOS version and latest Designer version Tried again still not working
  7. Deselect using the keyboard does not work. Other keyboard shortcuts work and so does deselect using the little x on the bottom left side. I have checked the shortcut in preferences and Deselect is defined as CMD +D. This is on an iPad Pro with magic keyboard.
  8. I am currently working on a simple tracing (getting back unto speed with designer) I wanted to save pen settings so i can quickly change to sizes with without arrows, tapered etc. I cannot see a way to save the settings so I thought i would use styles. I have found that by right clicking on a curve or using the hamburger in the styles menu I can only save one style in a catagory. I have done this before with 1.7 and my categories with multiple styles exist in 1.8.1. i have tried different ways but each time i create a category i can save a style but only one. MacBook Pro all latest versions and updates
  9. This works fine when creating a new document. But if you create a document then try to retrieve marging from printer using spread setup Document or master, it changes the values in the dialog box but not the spread. next time you go to margin setup they revert. Typing a margin size in manually works V1.7.2
  10. Just answered my own question by accident. The Control key has to be pressed after you have clicked and started to drag
  11. Am I reading this correct press and hold the Control key then click and drag to chnage marquee behaviour on a mac. I hav tried it and Control Click is a right click on a mac so I get the context sensitive menu not marquee select.
  12. Is there a way of saving symbols like brushes, so if required the symbols could be loaded in. I sometimes annotate OS maps using the same symbol, or building plans again using a standard set of symbols. Currently, I use a standard file and then add the map etc, however, if I am sent a map file that has some information already on I have to try and copy etc.
  13. Thanks, now I remember I had set that earlier. That's the problem sometimes with playing with Beta's you change preferences forget about them. Then reset preferences, and have problems that are not problems As an addition would it be possible to implement different right and left drag marquee as some programs have. It is an option I find very useful when selecting overlapping layers. Right drag is enclosed selection, Left drag is partial selection
  14. Confused. I had a rectangle snapped to a guide. I could accidentally select the guide if I hovered over the guide/rectangle boundary. I also in another task wanted to move two guides so I tried to marquee select the guides and could not. After looking at other things I found that there is no partial marquee only full surround marquee. Am I missing something or is not marquee select not fully implemented yet?
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