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  1. To use the text frame inset togglers you have to click off the button area around 2 oclock to increse and 7 Oclock to decrease
  2. Another option would be lock master layers but default and only unlock them when yo want to unlink etc. I do prefer the system that the publisher designers hve come up with however i have had a few accidents deleting text in a frame i had forgotten to lock on the master page
  3. Thanks for the video answered all my questions. I have also experimented and if I dont want to allow a frame or contents to be Editable on the page all I have to do is lock that object on the master. Slightly different way of working than I am used to but get the feeling this will be a lot better and easier. Only coment I have is that the Master bar (see image) was not reliable at appearing, I had to re-open publisher to get it to appear again. Always appeared first time but not always after 2 or 3 click on the Master Page layer.
  4. I am now totally confused. I created a blank page then deleted all of the other pages with a master applied. I then Applied a Master. When I checked the Master Layer for that page it was deafult "unlocked and the Edit frame contents was ticked". I found that I could edit any text in any frame on the page not just the single frame I wanted editable. (Reset) I changed the Master Page green banner background to pink and all pages changed to pink.(Reset) I changed heading text on the Master page and it changed on all Pages. (Reset)I changed the heading text on the page and the Master did not change nor did the other pages heading text, changing the heading text in this case changed allm pages heading text except the one where I had changed the text on the page. (Reset) - here I reset to starting with a blank page and then applying a master so previous changes did not effect my test. I was expecting to be able to detach a text or picture frame, frame by frame not all frames at once and not find the default was unlocked. I have attached the document I amd playing with. It was created from scratch in .221 Master test two.afpub
  5. What is Edit Detached? and Edit Linked? The bit that confused me is the bit about R-Clicking on the master page not the item
  6. Example of what I amd trying to do (this is an experimental layout) Only the text frames with red text need to be editted, copied and pasted from word etc. All i wish to do is release those two text frames from the master and yet keep all the rest master linked so they can be changed via the master(s)
  7. Think it was the way i was editting a Master text frame contents on a page. I had unlocked the master then double clicked on the text and ended up with two cursor, cannot replicate after doing a save as. So what is the correct way of releasing a single text box from the master and editing it, yet keeping all the other master contents on the page locked ie page headings, logos, page numbers and footers etc. yet editting the Content title frame and the contents text.
  8. Not sure what is happening here but this is what i see even though the I bar cursor is in the middle of the word converted as I am adding a missing v. The red dot is actually the text tool icon
  9. The option that other programs have of left to right or right to left drag to distinguish between enclose and intersect and enclose sections but be an advantage. Especially when to don’t want to select overlapping objects.
  10. Yes, I did. That changes the blue outline, it is the grey outline which is the important one as that is where all the action takes place. So to me, that is the important page to highlight and select not the blue selection outline (or whichever colour you select in system preferences) It is the indication and selection of the active page that is inconsistent with all other apps/ programs that I am pointing out
  11. Yes, I know about the status bar left and I have used it, but I usually know which page I want to go to and they are often close together. I have the page panel set to small icons so I can quickly change page ie jump from page 1 to 8 but having to double-click to me "comparing with many other programs I use" is not logical. Clicking on the scroll icons is also much slower than clicking on a specific larger page icon Also, that does not negate the issues I listed above. I could use the cmd up or down arrows (control up or down arrows also does the same on a Mac) but that blue selects the page not grey selects the page, so you still have to Dbl click on the page, and to activate this keyboard scrolling you have to click on a page first. I understand some people may prefer single click select and double-click to activate the page, that is why I suggested a preference. However, some of the other inconsistencies as mentioned in my previous post and the keyboard problems mentioned above, I personally believe need sorting out, especially for people like myself who use many other programs and are used to selecting layers, pages, artboards, objects etc for editing with a single click. See Affinity Photo and Designer as an example within the Affinity range
  12. Please sort out the selecting and activating a page (I call a Grey border activating and selecting Blue border). I have just been trying to figure out how I had pasted content on the wrong page on various occasions. Assume 10 pages with content you want to copy from Page 1 to 9 Activate (Dbl click) on page 2 Select Page 1 (Single click) on page 1 Cmd C Select page 9 Cmd V and it pastes on Page 1onto Page 2 Activate (Dbl click) on page 1 Select Page 1 (Single click) on page 1 Cmd C Activate page 10 by mistake so Select page 9 Cmd V and it pastes on Page 1onto Page 10 These are just two of the numerous combinations I have found that can result on a paste error.
  13. Can we have an option to single click to select a page rather than double click, no matter how much I try I cannot get my head around single click gives me a blue border but the actual page I am working on / add text to could be 10 pages away. In my work, I swap pages often and just want to click on a page for it to have editing focus. To put it strongly this is becoming my most hated feature of Publisher, ignoring growing pains all the other features I either love or can get used to, but this one sorry but no.
  14. SteveP110

    Drag Embeds

    My default method of working is linked, so the images are seperate from the actual document enabling easy editting or collaberation. I only use embeded for simple oblects ie design components or logos in templates. So I would like to have the option to set the new defaults to be Linked they apear to be embeded at the moment. I agree with the above comments in that changing the document settings is unreliable, or quirky
  15. I designed a page with an arrangement of image frames. I then made sure that prefer linked was set for the document, however when I drag and image in from finder it embeds. Is this expected or a bug? If it is expected what are the methods for embedding images? V 192