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  1. To learn how to use pictures frames I first added a picture frame to a blank page and experimented with different ways of adding images and scaling. moving within the frame etc. Happy with how it worked. I then when on to add a picture frame to a Master Page, and the behavour was different. I have created a picture frame on a master page and then on a new page based on the master page I Placed a picture into the master frame. I then dbl clicked on the image went to Properties to select “Scale to Min fit”. I observed the following issues. 1. None stays selected as well as Scale to Min Fit option 2. Click on None and it deselects 3. Click on done and nothing happens 4. Reselect properties and None again selected. 5. The size slider bar adjusts the scale no problem. 6. Right click paste as content not available either Picture frame on a page works as expected
  2. I discovered this when using the apperance panel and adjusting the pressue profile of a middle stroke to see how it could be used. I then decided to look at the properties button. As soon as I chnaged the stroke size the pressue profile on the path (profile shape in the window stayed the same, in my case a W shape. ) was removes and I had a fixed width path. Even moving some of the nodes on the pressure graph did nothing anymore. I then repeated this on a basic path again applying a W shape pressure profile. This worked fine until I clicked on the properties button and changed the stroke width. Again the path was reset to a fixed width yet the pressure profile was a W shape. Is this a bug or am I missing something.
  3. Definitley required as i only put images in image frames either on the page or on a master
  4. To use the text frame inset togglers you have to click off the button area around 2 oclock to increse and 7 Oclock to decrease
  5. That also allows me to edit the frame not just contents, the contents were added to the page not the master, just into a picture frame inherited from the master. Also why can I by double clicki on on the image and get the slider to adjust position and scale within tne master frame and yet none of the other propperties work including the none issue. I looked at text frames and by double clicking in a Master created text frame I can edit the text, change its typeface and style/ size but not its colour using the context menu bar; yet i can via cange its colour using the swatches panelthe panels. There appears to be a lot of inconsistancies still when using Master pages
  6. I cannot say if it is similar or not to the text wrap issue, as I have not looked at text wrap yet. The main issue is the difference between manageing the content of a picture frame on a Master Page compared to a picture frame inserted directly on a Page. When Publisher goes live one of my first tasks involves a page or pages (hence master page workflow) that consists of images added consistently in location and size with little text just captions. So i want to be able to design the layout and adjust /scale the picture frame content quickly.
  7. fde101 sorry confused at relavence of your post, as my post has nothing to do with text wrap?
  8. From my tests I am also assuming the linked option still embeds, even though resource manager says linked
  9. Just answered my own question by accident. The Control key has to be pressed after you have clicked and started to drag
  10. Am I reading this correct press and hold the Control key then click and drag to chnage marquee behaviour on a mac. I hav tried it and Control Click is a right click on a mac so I get the context sensitive menu not marquee select.
  11. SteveP110

    Copying Symbol from one Document into an other

    Is there a way of saving symbols like brushes, so if required the symbols could be loaded in. I sometimes annotate OS maps using the same symbol, or building plans again using a standard set of symbols. Currently, I use a standard file and then add the map etc, however, if I am sent a map file that has some information already on I have to try and copy etc.
  12. Thanks, now I remember I had set that earlier. That's the problem sometimes with playing with Beta's you change preferences forget about them. Then reset preferences, and have problems that are not problems As an addition would it be possible to implement different right and left drag marquee as some programs have. It is an option I find very useful when selecting overlapping layers. Right drag is enclosed selection, Left drag is partial selection
  13. Confused. I had a rectangle snapped to a guide. I could accidentally select the guide if I hovered over the guide/rectangle boundary. I also in another task wanted to move two guides so I tried to marquee select the guides and could not. After looking at other things I found that there is no partial marquee only full surround marquee. Am I missing something or is not marquee select not fully implemented yet?
  14. I have just had the same problem. I then closed the one of the text frame panels and ended up with a blank panel that would not close. I had to restart the program to remove it
  15. Thanks changed it in the Keyboard shortcuts to cmd up/down arrow. I did not know what the arrow symbol was with the two lines across.
  16. Is there a way of moving from page to page using the keyboard I know you can scroll through but sometimes when you are looking for something then to click through is much faster as the new page appears on the screen in its full glory nearly instantly. If not could this be moved to the wish list please
  17. Found it in the Documents menu CMD Up or Down arrow. Only it does not work. If a page is Highlighted (Blue border) it moves that but the page on the screen (grey border) does not change. CMD R or L arrows also do the same thing V249 and all user config etc reset
  18. Another option would be lock master layers but default and only unlock them when yo want to unlink etc. I do prefer the system that the publisher designers hve come up with however i have had a few accidents deleting text in a frame i had forgotten to lock on the master page
  19. Not sure what is happening here but this is what i see even though the I bar cursor is in the middle of the word converted as I am adding a missing v. The red dot is actually the text tool icon
  20. Thanks for the video answered all my questions. I have also experimented and if I dont want to allow a frame or contents to be Editable on the page all I have to do is lock that object on the master. Slightly different way of working than I am used to but get the feeling this will be a lot better and easier. Only coment I have is that the Master bar (see image) was not reliable at appearing, I had to re-open publisher to get it to appear again. Always appeared first time but not always after 2 or 3 click on the Master Page layer.
  21. I am now totally confused. I created a blank page then deleted all of the other pages with a master applied. I then Applied a Master. When I checked the Master Layer for that page it was deafult "unlocked and the Edit frame contents was ticked". I found that I could edit any text in any frame on the page not just the single frame I wanted editable. (Reset) I changed the Master Page green banner background to pink and all pages changed to pink.(Reset) I changed heading text on the Master page and it changed on all Pages. (Reset)I changed the heading text on the page and the Master did not change nor did the other pages heading text, changing the heading text in this case changed allm pages heading text except the one where I had changed the text on the page. (Reset) - here I reset to starting with a blank page and then applying a master so previous changes did not effect my test. I was expecting to be able to detach a text or picture frame, frame by frame not all frames at once and not find the default was unlocked. I have attached the document I amd playing with. It was created from scratch in .221 Master test two.afpub
  22. What is Edit Detached? and Edit Linked? The bit that confused me is the bit about R-Clicking on the master page not the item
  23. Example of what I amd trying to do (this is an experimental layout) Only the text frames with red text need to be editted, copied and pasted from word etc. All i wish to do is release those two text frames from the master and yet keep all the rest master linked so they can be changed via the master(s)