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  1. The first image is the text editable, the second one is the text grouped with the other elements, and the third one is the text converted in curves and then grouped with the other elements of the illustration
  2. When try to make a group with an image and a text box or 2 different text boxes, the text in the boxes loses all the format, such as size, leading, etc. The only solution I found is to convert a copy of the text into curves in order to make the group. Is annoying
  3. When I try to fix a file due to the message in preflight that there is a damaged or lost pdf, the document is damaged in its entirety and when this happens publisher crashes and I cannot reopen the document and I have to create a new one. This happens a lot. By the way none of the pasted files are pdfs, they are from affinity designer and from affinity photo.
  4. Every time I tried to open an PDF Affinity Publisher last beta crashes
  5. Hi there, I need to join this to curves, I select the two end points with the node tool and click in the button Join Curves... and nothing happens... Any thoughts of what's happening, and how to solve this?
  6. Yes I'm checking all the text boxes and some have spanish as the language and other have unknow language, I check every box... but the odd behavior persist in every case, and I change and check every text box of the document
  7. Look at the language I'm using in the character panel
  8. Ok but, when I change the language to español in general, changes the language of the entire app, not only the language I use for writing. And I don't want to use spanish as the default language for the app, only use a spanish dictionary in order of not to have the annoying issue with the preflight
  9. Hi, me again, how to solve a missing dictionary? I'm using the language español in the preferences, but every time I open affinity publisher, changes the language for english and I have to change the language for español in the preferences, again. Then the preflight said: missing language dictionary for language (en-CR) How to solve this?
  10. Hi this is a link to my file, not attached the images: https://we.tl/t-kOe6xQTpKo
  11. Hi there, every time I tried to open a 1.7 publisher document with publisher 1.8, the program crash. Then can't work with my documents
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