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  1. Hi there, every time I tried to save or save as this document publisher crashed. This suddenly happens when try to edit a table, the lines on the table. Try to solve because this is a very important working file BTW I tried to work with the file in designer but can't save the changes. When try to save designer crashed too
  2. Attached is the afdesing Logo Join Curves.afdesign
  3. Hi there, I need to join this to curves, I select the two end points with the node tool and click in the button Join Curves... and nothing happens... Any thoughts of what's happening, and how to solve this?
  4. Yes I'm checking all the text boxes and some have spanish as the language and other have unknow language, I check every box... but the odd behavior persist in every case, and I change and check every text box of the document
  5. Look at the language I'm using in the character panel
  6. Ok but, when I change the language to español in general, changes the language of the entire app, not only the language I use for writing. And I don't want to use spanish as the default language for the app, only use a spanish dictionary in order of not to have the annoying issue with the preflight
  7. Hi, me again, how to solve a missing dictionary? I'm using the language español in the preferences, but every time I open affinity publisher, changes the language for english and I have to change the language for español in the preferences, again. Then the preflight said: missing language dictionary for language (en-CR) How to solve this?
  8. Hi this is a link to my file, not attached the images: https://we.tl/t-kOe6xQTpKo
  9. Hi there, every time I tried to open a 1.7 publisher document with publisher 1.8, the program crash. Then can't work with my documents
  10. Congrats! Serif you are the very best at all! Two years stop using adobe and no regrets! Two thumbs up for you
  11. Publisher 1.7.3 doesn't have this behavior. And I have a make with High Sierra, 10.13.6 Is an odd behavior only present in the latest beta
  12. When use the latest beta I have to kill the app with the terminal (force quit doesn't work) almost with every process, like open, save or make changes with a document. Then I have to restar the computer
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