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  1. I have problems to create pdf with this version and the previus one, I attach here an image of a pdf created with the earlier versions and with the last ones
  2. Hi there, Publisher is a beautiful app, we need to keep distance from indesign, and try to understand the different way to work in publisher. In the other hands, there are bugs, and things to polish. I made really large documents in size, around 36 inch x 24 inch collate magazines, or step and repeat documents of a several documents, like business cards, etc. Use the app to create imposited files. Ok, when use publisher to place a several number of files created in designer, works very fine. The problem begins when try to export; export to pdf, png, psd, every export option I use exports, the guides, and the boxes of the document, but not the documents placed in the boxes, export only a blank page. When I try to print and print to pdf make the pdf with the documents placed and the pdf created is fine. A note, I try to place images as psd, eps, pdf,etc, every kind of document and exports try to export, exports a blank page. BTW, please let the bleed to be visible and a better way to work with guides.
  3. emlazo1

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    There is any possibility the owners of serif tell us something, anything, whatever, about the progress of Designer, Photo an Publisher. Please!!!!!!
  4. Hi, I'm in Costa Rica can I buy your books and you'll send me to my country?