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  1. Booth affinity photo and designer are asking to enter a valid product key or start a free trail but I already have paid versions of booth programs, I install via affinity page the latest version... Which is the problem?
  2. Yes indeed, I have every single file stored in the cloud
  3. Yes this maybe the answer I'm working with One drive
  4. When I place a document, a pdf, an image, etc the resource manager and the preflight window indicates the link is missing, this happens with every element placed in affinity publisher last version So I have to change the preferences of the document to use an embedded objects. Any thoughts on what's going on?
  5. Ok, it was by the help of affinity guys. Uninstall and reinstall the apps via the app store, then uninstall and reinstall the beta apps, and that's it! All my apps are working fine right now
  6. Where I found the product key of the affinity products?
  7. I have a normal version downloaded and purchased in the app store, for designer and photo and purchased affinity publisher in the affinity by serif page
  8. For the first time Affinity photo is asking for a valid product key... Any idea of how to solve this?
  9. I'm working with an 21" imac late 2011 with macos high sierra 10.13.6 When put command 0 to have zoom to fit is when I've the problem, any zoom in or zoom out solves the issue when the boxes of text and images
  10. When I put a page to 100% in publisher, all the image and text boxes are cluttered, I have to reduce or enlarge the view to be able to see each box again in its normal position
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