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  1. I have experienced a strange thing sometimes happening with picture frames. The situation: I have text in 2 columns and place a picture frame with a text frame attached (grouped) for image caption. When placing the frames where I want in one column suddenly part of the text in the neighbouring column is pushed to the next page. If I move the grouped frames to the other column, I get the text back to normal. I have text wrapping set to tight for both the picture frame and the text frame but distance from text is set to 0. I attach a APub file of just 2 pages, the picture is now in the left column and everything is correct. If I move the picture over to the right column, part of the text in the left column moves to page 2. Hope somebody will take the time to look into this because it's very annoying. Geir 2020 Oiss 08 Siste krigsvåren.afpub
  2. Ahh, that's it. You found the culprit. Another lesson to learn. Thank you so much! Geir
  3. Sorry, wrong file Here is the afpub file Geir Grindabygg_24x24_ENDELEG_ver7.afpub
  4. I have attached the afpub file and 2 PDF versions of page 79, where '79 Export' is produced with File-->Export-->PDF (for print) and show error in the typeface (very thin, almost unreadable). '79 Print' is made with File-->Print-->Adobe PDF . This shows correct typeface. If you take time to see the apub file you'll see similar errors on pages 23, 53, 59, 67 (caption) - and the text on the pages 72-73, 78-79 The font used in the captions is Times New Roma italic, the font in body text is Adobe Garamond Pro. I'm on Win 10. I'd be very glad if you would be looking into this. Geir Grindabygg_24x24_ENDELEG_ExportPrint.pdf 79 Print.pdf 79_Export.pdf
  5. Hello I have created a book (108 pages) in AfPublisher ( That's pretty much gone well. But when I now am about sending the book to the print shop, typeface errors appear on some pages. Option 1: I choose File -> Export -> PDF (for print). Attached file '79 low 'shows the problem. The typeface is thin, almost unreadable. Option 2: Attached file '79 best 'has been executed with File -> Print -> Adobe PDF and it is correct. I prefer Alt.1 because Alt.2 has a tendency to distort the colors in some of the images. Has anyone encountered similar problems when exporting? Geir
  6. Perhaps have a look here: http://www.imposeonline.com/ You upload your PDF, make your choices and download an imposed PDF which you can print.
  7. You can find dictionaries here https://github.com/LibreOffice/dictionaries In Win install them under ...C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher Public Beta\Resources\Dictionaries Worked for me
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