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  1. Ormhaugen

    Show Special Characters always on

    Thanks for your answer, but that's exactly what I have done: Saved the document with the function off, closed the document, opened again. Result: the function is enabled, with all paragraph and tab sign etc showing. The same if I exit APub and starts again, the function is enabled. Could there be something else, somewhere in preferences? I haven't found it
  2. After installing I see a weird behaviour in some test documents I have made in earlier versions. The button 'Show Special Characters' (under Text) is always on when opening the documents and I see the signs for tabs, paragraph returns etc. When switching off 'Show Special Characters' everything is normal, I save and exit APub. Starting the program again and Show Special Characters is on. This must be a bug or is there something I haven't found? Geir
  3. Perhaps have a look here: http://www.imposeonline.com/ You upload your PDF, make your choices and download an imposed PDF which you can print.
  4. You can find dictionaries here https://github.com/LibreOffice/dictionaries In Win install them under ...C:\Program Files\Affinity\Publisher Public Beta\Resources\Dictionaries Worked for me

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