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  1. Hi All Probably me. I have been, wherever possible, using artworks imported into Affinity Publisher as base artworks. For example, logos I have created in Affinity Designer, I would use directly as '.afdesign' format. But I recently had one page from a 68pp brochure come back failing to print out properly. Although it looks fine in the PDF, some things on the page were missing or other pictures on that page were not printing correct size. I thought it was a problem their end, but once I printed it out on my own inkjet, I found it to be the same problem. So, by process of elimination,
  2. Hi Yes I've always known about this (I often 'Save As' from time to time to minimise file size), but since Catalina upgrade the files are massively smaller. This is great, but it was quite surprising how different. So I was just checking if anyone else noticed this. Basically checking it wasn't a problem. I go to print this week on a brochure I have been working on for months. Andy
  3. Has anyone else found this (file size reduced as above)? I go to print this week. I just wanted to check I'm not doing something wrong. Andy
  4. Thanks. Files seem more manageable now too. I can't see anything wrong with the files, but not as clunky as they were before.
  5. To add to this above. I have just noticed the weirdest thing. The file sizes to some that I haven't even opened today have now reduced themselves. Any answers anyone? Andy
  6. Hi All Using Affinity Publisher, every now and then I 'Save As' to reduce file size to its minimum. I am currently working on a huge brochure that I have had to section because file size was too big over all. But today I have 'Saved As' and file sizes are now reduced form 150mb+ to less than 10mb. I upgraded last night to OS Catalina. Is this something to do with it? I am just worried incase I have inadvertently done something. So don't want to use the new files until I'm sure. They seem perfectly okay. Thanks Andy
  7. It's not the end of the world. I never realised that you had the option to share a working file from within Affinity Designer export. I always back up my files manually and usually from the folder as pictured above. I can now just do it from AD directly. So no worries. Andy
  8. I used to be able to see all of the thumbnail images of each project.
  9. I agree here. I notice from above that WillyWiz hasn't even named his files. I always name and save and then constantly save during a project (mainly because I'm insecure about that sort of thing). And then again, right at the end a project save to-be-sure. Andy
  10. Anyone? It is a pain. Is anyone else finding this? All my saved files in the Affinity Photo or Design folders have blank thumbs. Cheers Andy
  11. Hi All Not a major problem yet, but I just updated my iPad OS to that above. Now, the files in the Affinity Designer folder don't have thumb images and won't open directly in AD if checked on. I can open from within AD if I know the file name, but even then I can not see the file preview/thumb anymore. I tried to see if there is a way to show file extensions, but there doesn't seem top be a way on iPad. I'm using the Dark mode to match my iMac. Shouldn't think this is the issue though. Any suggestions? Thanks Andy
  12. Thanks for getting back. It may have just been my keyboard. I did try saving one of the contents of a document to a new one and all was fine. So I was going to do it to the others that I new weren't working well, but they are okay now too. Weird eh? Hasn't happened since. Andy
  13. Hi All A weird one. Could be just me. I have some older documents that have been ongoing for a long while in Affinity Designer on my iMac. I have just gone into edit a few and some do not let me 'ALT DRAG COPY'. Is it something I have inadvertently switched off? Or document becoming corrupt? I worry about the latter. This has only happened to some, not all, so far. Cheers Andy
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