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  1. Brilliant, thanks. Right under my nose. Andy
  2. Hi All Possibly a dumb question, but I am yet to work it out: Is there a way to force next paragraph to start in next column? Rather than hitting return return return.... Thanks Andy
  3. Thanks all for everything. It's just third party ads that I have been having issue with (JPEG and PDF). If a client can't supply with fonts converted to curve, I've been asking them for JPEG instead and just using that directly in Publisher as it is supplied. But some export to print poorly. I can't really show examples because they are not my ads. But even the PDF can be a bit challenged sometimes if they have some effect in it that doesn't agree. Anyway, I have now made the decision to stop doing anything that has third party ads in it anymore. I have been doing this particular project five times a year since 1999 in various apps and often had problems with ads. So after this year, all my own works only which always seem fantastic across the whole Affinity range. Thanks all Andy
  4. Just did a quick test. JPEG, EPS and TIFF all on one sheet. TIFF was the best, so thanks for that. EPS cam next, followed a long way behind be JPEG. Andy
  5. My document is always 300dpi. The ads are no less than 300dpi. I always try to use PDF/X-4. In my usual projects this works fine. It's just the jobs where I have 3rd party ads that seems to have issues. I always ask for PDF with no embedded fonts (all font to be converted to curves). But for some reason, most people supplying these ads seem to ignore or just can't outline their F-Fonts (yes, there is two F in fonts!!). Sometimes, for ease and in the nicest possible way, I suggest, "please supply a JPEG then knobhead!!" Thanks, I'll try to see how TIFF exports. I found EPS to be okay too, but colour space changed. But if these are what works, I'll be sure to get the knobheads to supply one of these instead. Andy
  6. Hi All What is the best format for images in Affinity Publisher? I have been requesting third party adverts as JPEG if they can't figure out how to convert their fonts to curves for a PDF. But I have noticed that whatever setting I use to make my final job print ready, the adverts are quite poor quality. I can make them better looking if I export them first to EPS first, but colour space is sometimes altered. Thanks Andy
  7. abfdesign

    PDF import text errors

    I have just been converting all PDF's sent to me with embedded fonts to high res JPEG using Apple Preview. So far so good. And if fonts are converted to curves, I open PDF in Affinity Designer and save it as artwork instead rather than use PDF (not trying to sound too anti Adobe, but...)
  8. I had wondered about this myself for a while. Mostly, I edit original to be safe and replaced it, but I just assumed that changes made within Publisher were changes just for that document, with the more made within, the file size may increase with the stored memory of these elements? Andy
  9. abfdesign

    Pages location

    No worries, I reset 'Users Defaults' and that seems to have sorted it.
  10. abfdesign

    Pages location

    I can't remember, how do I delete cache?
  11. abfdesign

    Pages location

    Yep, grey and blue border. It just doesn't go to selected spread or page. At least, not until I go size to fit view (Command - 0), then it is actually where I wanted to be. It's not a biggy, but I like to know why things suddenly don't work. I end up wondering, 'is it me?' Andy
  12. abfdesign

    Pages location

    What version are you on? I'm running I've even tried creating a new document and it still does same. It's not a mega problem, it's just odd how it only started happening today after latest update. Andy
  13. abfdesign

    Pages location

    It's weird. Since the latest update, if I double click on a spread in the pages panel it doesn't appear to do anything. But, if I then 'Command - 0 (fit view)' it shows the correct page. Andy
  14. abfdesign

    Pages location

    Hi Just a little thing, hopefully, I can't seem to go to spread by double clicking in pages panel, or even if I click, 'Go to spread'. As I said, not a big thing, I'm just used to doing it that way. Now I have to scroll down through pages the old fashioned way and 'I get an achy wist' (said like a little whiny baby). Anyway, looking forward to getting the full release soon. Already pre-ordered. Andy