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  1. Also, when you output/publish PDF, there is an option to convert all text to curves instead of embedding font. Andy
  2. Thanks to you MEB and Chris K for for this. I will upgrade today. Andy
  3. Should I upgrade to Mojave Dark 10.14.4? Affinity Publisher is going well for my right now, but I would like to get more up-to-date. I'm still using Sierra 10.12.6. Does anyone agree it is safe enough to take this step now? Thanks Andy
  4. It could be a font thing. I've had this problem. Either convert all text to curve in Publisher, or do it to the source/linked document first (saving the working file separate). For now this may fix it if you are in need to get it done. Andy
  5. Small amend: 'It is working great for me in Sierra'.
  6. Hi All I've been holding off on upgrading, but as my subject title says, 'Is Mojave OS okay now for Affinity Publisher?' It's no problem, I would rather wait if there is still too many bugs. It is working okay for me in Sierra. But would like to get up-to-date one day. Thanks Andy
  7. I don't know if this has been answered, but one way is to export your InDesign file to high res PDF. Then you can open within Publisher. Seems to work okay.
  8. For me, opening RAW images in Affinity Photo is no problem. There's not a mode for it I don't believe, just open and you should be given option before developing it. The AP wizard settings/assistant is pretty good too. I think these are set as default. I've opened up EAW from Nikon and Olympus cameras. Andy
  9. abfdesign

    Mojave Metal Accelerator not Working for Affinity

    I am agree with you on this. Everything is working fine right now, I do look forward to being able to upgrade to Mojave, but I can wait. Andy
  10. abfdesign

    New macOS Mojave

    Thanks, will do.
  11. Hi Will all Affinity Apps including Publisher be okay on new macOS Mojave? If I decide to go ahead with Mojave, my old QuarkXpress will no longer be supported, but I'm not worried as I have Affinity Photo and Designer to see me through until Publisher goes from beta. I'm currently still on macOS Sierra because of QX, but I don't use it anymore. Thanks Andy
  12. Hi All I'm a little confused by Linked image/files in Resource Manager. What happens to a file that you have specified as Linked in Resource Manager, but you edit slightly within AP? Mine still says it a Linked file even though the linked file hasn't changed at all. But, if I make the change to the original file, it sometimes updates (this maybe bug), or stays same as my edit made within AP. Is it possibly a memory thing? Perhaps it is that tweaks/changes made to any file within AP stay within AP? If you want to make actual permanent changes then I should edit the original file? Maybe I have answered my now question - Does anyone understand what I'm saying?... Well, that would be a first!! Thanks Andy