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  1. I create SVGs to be uses as code and not as graphic output. So, if it's not SVG - then it's not going to my needs in most cases. In the case of my floor example / that would likely be fine as a bitmap - but what if I wanted to interact with it and change the color with CSS? That's what I'm looking for when I use Affinity. https://codepen.io/sheriffderek/details/RPeMQZ Stuff like this / where I'm manipulating the SVG with CSS or JavaSCript and user interactions.
  2. Just another use-case to toss in the ring. Is this possible? I'd love to be able to take some text and skew it to look like it's written on this stage. I might be a boring designer, but If I were to order the things I use a graphics program for (in order of importance) this would be really high on the list.
  3. As a programmer... I certainly understand that "reverting" to an unknown state - is problematic. As a use-case -- If I draw out a detailed shape with the pen tool, it may or may not have a stroke / but it might! I guess there's no agreed upon "default" - but undo is not really a solution. I might set a style to the shape and do 400 things - and then decide that set of effects isn't working. I'd want to set it to some raw/default. Instead, I can go and uncheck all of the effects in the style. Could we then - decide for ourselves what a "Default" style was / create a style with
  4. I try to use Affinity, because there's so much to like... But there's a few things like: - that keeps me using PhotoShop or Illustrator. This isn't a user problem: it's a missing feature - (and probably a top 10 most important features) (at least for my workflow) For example... I'm making something... and I don't know what size it is yet - because it's based on some other graphics or screenshots. So, instead of just using the program: I end up just taking a screenshot instead, or opening up an Adobe product as my final steps. This thread is pretty embarrassing
  5. I'm happy to just use Illustrator for this purpose. However, just to give a real-world example (checking back into this 5 years later) - while I'm thinking about it - here it is. I have this illustrator friend who is a BIT stubborn. He wouldn't draw with a Wacom - or anything digital, but I'm using the illustrations as SVG and controlling their color in a web document with CSS (Example). So - for that reason, I can't just ink it. It wouldn't maintain his style. He also wouldn't like someone else to go over his drawing. Now, 2020 - he's finally got an iPad - and he tried pro-create -
  6. Well, you can't have more hours in the day - BUT you can hire more people. Those salaries seem really low - so, that's why I suggest getting more money involved. More people / more money / just a few more features. ; )
  7. Just for the record - I'd be happy to give serif more money - if that helps. I can't see how they even stay in business at this price point. I have no idea how complex this sort of thing is - but if someone just said "it's really hard because of x and y - and that it would slow down y and z - or we don't have the money to do it / I'd be happier to accept the 4 or 5 things that keep me in Illustrator for most things. It's strange that I can use perspective and transforms like this - with HTML and CSS.
  8. +1 on this. Now that web developers can use SVG for images, site-wide, - this is a necessity. I had planned on switching to Affinity from Adobe, but I seem to need this capability on every project so, i have to stay with Illustrator for most things. Hand lettering, drawing conversion to lines etc. --- 'simplify' is also super important - and in the same boat.
  9. +1 on this. Now that developers can use SVG site-wide, this is a necessity. I had planned on switching to Affinity, but seem to need this on every project. Hand lettering, drawing conversion to lines etc.
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