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  1. I'm happy to just use Illustrator for this purpose. However, just to give a real-world example (checking back into this 5 years later) - while I'm thinking about it - here it is. I have this illustrator friend who is a BIT stubborn. He wouldn't draw with a Wacom - or anything digital, but I'm using the illustrations as SVG and controlling their color in a web document with CSS (Example). So - for that reason, I can't just ink it. It wouldn't maintain his style. He also wouldn't like someone else to go over his drawing. Now, 2020 - he's finally got an iPad - and he tried pro-create - but now wont try anything else (clearly - fixing him - would be easier than adding the 'trace to object' type feature). So, from pro-create - he's not giving me vector. It spits out layers of png - and then I have to put those in illustrator + programmatically trace them + and then put them in layers + and manually amend the SVG code for my CSS. I just wanted a real use case somewhere in this thread. I understand that it's a complex process - but I also think that there's a use-case for a less complex version. How many people are image tracing things other than line drawings? Would 1 color tracing be any different. I can just use illustrator. Not a huge problem for me. I'll take some perspective tools over this any day.
  2. Well, you can't have more hours in the day - BUT you can hire more people. Those salaries seem really low - so, that's why I suggest getting more money involved. More people / more money / just a few more features. ; )
  3. Just for the record - I'd be happy to give serif more money - if that helps. I can't see how they even stay in business at this price point. I have no idea how complex this sort of thing is - but if someone just said "it's really hard because of x and y - and that it would slow down y and z - or we don't have the money to do it / I'd be happier to accept the 4 or 5 things that keep me in Illustrator for most things. It's strange that I can use perspective and transforms like this - with HTML and CSS.
  4. +1 on this. Now that web developers can use SVG for images, site-wide, - this is a necessity. I had planned on switching to Affinity from Adobe, but I seem to need this capability on every project so, i have to stay with Illustrator for most things. Hand lettering, drawing conversion to lines etc. --- 'simplify' is also super important - and in the same boat.
  5. +1 on this. Now that developers can use SVG site-wide, this is a necessity. I had planned on switching to Affinity, but seem to need this on every project. Hand lettering, drawing conversion to lines etc.
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