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  1. I can’t seem to find the option to create a “reflected” gradient in Affinity Designer. The only available gradient types in Affinity Designer are Solid Linear Elliptical Radial Conical Bitmap I really hope having to manually create a reflected gradient isn’t the only workaround!
  2. There is so much to like about Affinity apps, but it also makes oversights like these even more apparent. By default, users cannot move an Asset from one subcategory to another in the Assets panel. However, the UI reacts in a way that makes the viewer believe that they can move an Asset. When the user begins to drag the Asset, a drop cursor appears in the destination subcategory. This UI response should not happen if the user is not allowed to move the item to begin with. No error or explanation is shown. After Googling it, I discovered an Affinity forum post from 2016 by staff moderator @MEB: This solved my issue. But it’s been nearly 6 years since this original post, and this is still the default behavior in Affinity Designer 1.10.4. And the online documentation doesn’t even mention that this is a required keyboard shortcut. And though the Assets help page does cover what subcategories are, it doesn’t even bother to explain that one needs to use a shortcut in order to move items in between subcategories. There really has got to be a better way. Please, at least update the online help so that people aren’t stuck having to search Google for a solution. At the very least, this should be mentioned in your online help. (Edit: The keyboard shortcut is mentioned, but only in the context of manually re-ordering assets, nothing about moving assets between subcategories)
  3. @MEB Why isn’t this allowed by default? It’s 2022 and I’ve recently started using Affinity apps, and this workaround from 2016 still applies, sadly. To make things worse, there is no mention of this necessary keyboard shortcut in the your online help covering the Assets panel. The help doc covers subcategories but doesn’t mention how one can move assets in between categories. Why is this the current, default behavior? Dragging Assets in between subcategories displays a cursor that makes the viewer believe they can drop the item into the new subcategory. I can’t tell you how incredibly frustrating it was to discover you can’t… even though the UI reacts in a way that leads the user to think it possible. Almost 6 years have passed since this original thread, and if the developers aren’t going to address this issue in the Designer app, the least that could be done is to update the online help page to mention this required keyboard shortcut that I doubt people could guess on their own. I’m so glad I found this tip here (thank you), but there has got to be a better way.
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