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  1. When I'm using the polygonal lasso tool in pixel mode, sometimes I'll accidentally double tap (or something) and lose my selection progress (especially using a drawing tablet). If it were possible to use undo to go back to right after I placed my last selection point I would be very happy, and you would have one up on Photoshop. I know people like to use the pen tool for more reliable selections, but that adds a couple extra steps that I find cumbersome.
  2. Anyone having issues with using the hand tool when using a drawing monitor? I have a Huion GT-191, and whenever I tap the screen with the pen using the hand/pan tool (or the temporary/spacebar hand tool), everything jumps (seemingly to centre around the point where I've tapped). This doesn't happen when I use a trackpad/mouse. It's not a dealbreaker, but very annoying.