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  1. Let's get that Canva money to use and finally deliver this feature 7 years later! In the time it's taken to implement some of these basic feature requests, Inkscape has actually gotten pretty good. I used to consider it unusable, but I'm moving more and more of my workflow over there, AND IT'S A FREE APP.
  2. Just here to report that this is still an issue. When working with multiple artboards, it is SUPER inconvenient and will often crash the app trying to select the pixels for the ENTIRE document, not just the artboard you're working in. I have to remember just to never select inverse when working with multiple artboards.
  3. +1 for this! Like the OP (3 years ago) stated, the behaviour in a document WITHOUT artboards is perfect. Just need that exact thing for artboards.
  4. What is the exact function of the "lower handle"? It definitely works to scale a selection as a group. Is that its main function? I don't find this feature super intuitive, but now that I've figured it out, I guess it works.
  5. I came here to request a 'recent brushes' menu category too. Swapping between a few different brushes is currently really hard. I end up having to make categories and duplicate brushes into them just to manage the brushes I'm using. Would be nice if this was built in.
  6. 100% agree with the two above comments. I just want a fast way to edit a placed bitmap in Photo, not edit the entire document.
  7. Hey @dominik. Thanks for that tip! That works great with my laptop trackpad, or mouse. It may not be exactly what I need when I'm using my drawing tablet, but I've yet to test that.
  8. Oh, great question! Keyboard shortcut (cmd+)
  9. In any document with multiple artboards, using the "invert pixel selection" (cmd+shift+i) command seems to always select content on the leftmost artboard, not the currently-selected one. Moving artboards around can help me get the selection I want, but this is still pretty buggy. Expected behaviour is that a selection should only ever happen on the artboard you're working in.
  10. I'm using Affinity Designer 1.8.3 on OSX Catalina. Selecting a font size from the pre-populated font size dropdown in the text toolbar, I often find that the available size increments are either too small or too large. I want to be able to click and drag left or right on (or next to) the font size parameter field to increase/decrease the font size. You can currently do this with other parameters in the character panel, but not the size. A slider would be another option that would give me the control I want.
  11. I'm using Affinity Designer 1.8.3 on Mac (Catalina). When I'm editing type I can zoom out while typing, but I can't zoom back in. I have to click out of typing mode to zoom back in.
  12. Agree that this feature never benefits me. It's not just a matter of 'getting used to it' either, it's bad UX. It *might* be useful if your workflow involves only two tools, but I think that's probably very uncommon. Most users change tools a lot and don't remember the last one they used. Plus your cursor doesn't always change in appearance when you change tools so you often have no quick or intuitive way of knowing which tool you're currently using. I vote to get rid of this entirely, but the option to disable it seems like an easy fix that would please everyone.
  13. When I'm using the polygonal lasso tool in pixel mode, sometimes I'll accidentally double tap (or something) and lose my selection progress (especially using a drawing tablet). If it were possible to use undo to go back to right after I placed my last selection point I would be very happy, and you would have one up on Photoshop. I know people like to use the pen tool for more reliable selections, but that adds a couple extra steps that I find cumbersome.
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