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  1. I've been an active member for 5 years with 28 posts and a community reputation (whatever that means?) of 17. How many years and posts qualify me to graduate from 'Newbie' to 'User Apprentice' on this forum? ...just asking. BTW, Love the Serif staff. I've had the pleasure of talking with several (mainly during the *Plus years) and you're all great!
  2. Same issue with Affinity Photo v1.9. Only happens with Hardware Acceleration enabled. Running Windows 10 on a Dell desktop OptiPlex 7070. Intel UHD Graphics 630 graphics adapter.
  3. That depends on the tool that created the PDF. Some PDF 'printers' tend to separate chunks of text, sometimes in relatively random ways.
  4. About: Can the Affinity range of products really be called 'pro'? The premise of the initial post is flawed. Serif Affinity applications are designed meticulously with usability and performance as primary considerations. It is this meticulous attention to detail and aggressive responsiveness to the Affinity community in providing new features and refinements that qualifies Serif Affinity applications as 'pro level'. Affinity applications are still in their 1.x release. When Adobe Photoshop 7.x supported 1 undo level, with other photo editors supporting hundreds. Many (including mysel
  5. I too am interested in the ability to rename page references in the Pages Panel within Affinity Publisher. Rather than 'Page 1', 'Page 2', etc. Julien Harant and others would like to replace those references in the Pages Panel with user definable text. An example of the usefulness of this ability is to label 'Page 1' as 'Front' and 'Page 2' as 'Back' in a trifold layout. If a designer has several mochups of a trifold concept, or multiple trifolds for different purposes, a page labeled as 'Page 6' is far less useful than 'C-Front' (being the third mochup). There are hundreds of u
  6. If your Windows computer meets hardware requirements for Hardware Acceleration (Preferences / Performance / Hardware Acceleration), some users cannot enable Hardware Acceleration due to Windows not meeting version requirements [Windows v10.0.19041], as reported in System Information (command prompt / sysinfo), with minor updates installing without issue. Specifically, Windows 10 64-bit Education variant is known to have this problem. To resolve this, visit the following link and select "Update now" to force Windows 10 to install the latest major update (currently October 2020). Subsequent
  7. Suggestion for website designers/developers... I loved Serif's legacy website development application Web Plus, and owned the last two versions. The interface and capability was great. If Serif decided to make a code generator website development application, I will definitely be onboard! Serif is awesome! Also, I am not affiliated with the development tool mentioned (except as a user), and own Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher for Windows. When Serif orphaned Web Plus, I went hunting for an alternative, with several requirements: Computer application, not a serv
  8. The Preflight panel shows missing fonts. The 'Fix' option provides the ability to locate the missing font. However there is no facility to make a font substitution permanent, and therefore no longer displayed as an error. Please provide the ability for font substitutions to be accepted as permanent, enabling users to permanently dismiss a preflight issue relating to a particular substituted font.
  9. For website development try: WYSIWYG Web Builder. It is a code generator, and very powerful with an avid community and 3rd party extensions (widgets). SVG support, database capability, supports both responsive and adaptive layouts with fluid and fixed layouts. Very powerful and comprehensive. Theit Windows program is their flagship, though they have a Mac and Linux version (different name) that is compatible with similar functionality.
  10. Please honor the standard Windows hotkey convention, and your Windows users, and incorporate the following: CTRL + F4 as Close Window SHIFT + DELETE as Cut CTRL + INSERT as Copy SHIFT + INSERT as Paste I understand users can configure hotkeys, though many Windows users expect some or all of these hotkey sequence to work as expected. Further most users will 'fight with'/'bend to' application defaults rather than configure such application behavior details. These refinements will improve application usability and user efficiency. I also understand CTRL + W is def
  11. To learn applications I sometimes create a shortcut to the online documentation within my Windows Start menu. While setting this up I noticed an inconsistency within Serif Affinity applications. All Affinity applications have an 'index.html' file in the same location (Affinity Publisher slightly different, as the directory reference is Beta specific). The inconsistency I discovered is that running the 'index.html' file for Designer and Photo runs the integrated help in the default web browser. When running Affinity Publisher 'index.html' file presents a web error message 'file not found'.
  12. Free Windows Explorer codecs to enhance graphic design related file management. SVG codec / viewer for Windows Explorer. Supports 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7, 8 and 10. SVG Explorer Extension - Download SVG Viewer Extension for Windows Explorer v0.1.1 https://svgextension.codeplex.com/releases/view/118790 SVG file management enhancement. Adobe developed, ISO proposed, open source format for camera RAW file standard. DNG codec / viewer for Windows Explorer. Supports 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7, 8 and 10. Adobe DNG Codec 2.0 http://www.free-codecs.com/adobe_dng_codec_download.htm DNG camera
  13. I am an American living in Southern California and my wife is from China. We send packages to China periodically. I too have had many reliability issues delivering to China. This is an internal problem in that country. I have learned Federal Express can deliver to China reliably. Since using them I haven't experienced a single problem getting a package to it's destination. Federal Express does not depend on Chinese services for final delivery as is the case with other delivery services. Federal Express may also prove useful for delivering to other, more difficult-to-deliver-to countries. ~
  14. Ok Serif / Affinity guys... This is driving me crazy! Previously I have submitted this suggestion, though I don't believe I was heard. IMO Affinity products desperately need the ability to auto-hide panels. See [https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/31218-multi-uiux-suggestion-auto-hide-panels/] I am using a very large notebook computer with a 17" screen. Large screen for a notebook, though smaller screen size for graphic design work. With this monitor using the panel controls in Affinity products is frustrating. There simply isn't enough room! I group panels needing m
  15. William, I couldn't agree more. I didn't realize the file was closed when using File/Edit in Photo... in Designer. I understand this functionality demonstrates the strength and unusual capability of Affinity products being able to seamlessly open and modify files from other Affinity products. This capability could be useful, however this functionality is not normally the desired behavior. Perhaps the File menu option should remain as it is, possibly with Designer/Publisher being closed rather then leaving Designer/Publisher open with no files open. Upon further testing I better underst
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