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  1. Thanks for the fast answer! This doesn't solve the problem though, it only prevents cycling through tools of the same group (for example Artistic Text Tool<->Frame Text Tool - when pressing 'T' multiple times). My problem is that if I'm using the Pen Tool (shortcut 'P'), switch to the Move Tool by pressing 'V', work with the tool and then press 'V' again, it switches back to the Pen Tool without me pressing the shortcut for the Pen Tool ('P'). Customizing shortcuts doesn't prevent that. Guess I'll have to live with it then...
  2. I just bought Affinity Designer and Photo, but there's a "feature" that throws me off all the time: when I for example press 'N' to select the pencil and then press it again, it selects the last used tool. I guess it makes sense to cycle tools if there are multiple tools in the same group, but I often press a shortcut just to make sure I have the right tool selected, so this behaviour is very annoying. I couldn't find the option in the preferences and the built-in Help didn't bring any results.
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