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  1. Hi Pšenda, Here is a movie of the click proximity issue. Here is a QuickTime .mov of the problem. I'm drawing a woman's hair, very simply. You'll see I'm clicking on a 'ringlet', the smallest object, that is behind the larger mass of hair on the right, but in front of a placed scan of a pencil sketch. So in reality the portion I'm clicking isn't 'behind' anything. The ringlet object isn't locked and I'm clicking with and without the alt key as it isn't actually overlayed by anything. Click, click, click – even on the outer vector rather than its fill – no response. Most of the time when this happens I have to go to Outline view to get hold of it, as shown. Happens a lot. Maybe it's the scan behind that causes it. I don't know, but it adds up to half an hour to my day, or longer depending how layered the illustration is. Hope the attached works. N NMclick.mov
  2. Hi Pšenda, Thanks, I'll do that. It is intermittent. Next time I hit a stubborn one I'll record it. I overlay identical shapes sometimes and that's when it occurs. I though I might not be 'punching' thru correctly, but the I use the alt key and seems to punch through to overlays on simple objects. N
  3. Hi, I'm a new user of Affinity Designer and already a big fan. While I personally have not detected a massive amount of new stuff in the recent update, I'm sure many users will welcome the additions. One thing I would like to see in future versions is some work on click proximity. Sometimes it seems like Affinity Designer will select any object in my design that has the remotest association with where I'm clicking, except the object I'm clicking directly on. Before anyone asks, no, I'm not trying to select a locked item. Going to Outline view is the only thing that helps sometimes and even then not always. Am I missing something? N
  4. Hi, I just updated to Affinity Designer 1.7.1. Can anyone point me to a What's New in Affinity Designer 1.7 type video? Thanks NeilM
  5. Hi, if you're talking about objects created using Paste Inside under the Edit menu then I don't know of a 'shortcut' other than Undo, as Alfred says. But I often separate pasted objects later by using the layers menu. Any object that is pasted inside another, like a picture mask, automatically creates what looks like a group in the layers menu - though it isn't an editable group. Select the masked object, go to the layers menu and click on the left arrow to open the 'group' and option-click on the sub thumbnail that appears underneath the main layer. Select Release from the popup menu and the Pasted Inside object and mask will become two separate objects, as they were before the Paste Inside was done. N
  6. Actually solved this using advice on another post. Hold down the control key and click on the dock Affinity Designer icon and select Open from the dock popup. Brings up a window asking if you want to clear items. The first three were pre-ticked and I ok'd it and the toolbar came back in Separated Mode. Don't quite know how but it fixed the problem. I think you have to be careful about 'clearing' if you use custom brushes and other stuff, but it worked for me. You must hold the control key down before clicking on the app icon in the dock or it no work. N
  7. Hi My toolbar in Affinity Designer for Mac has disappeared too. It's only gone in separated mode (Window>Separated Mode) - my preferred view mode. When you toggle off Separated mode to the other mode (doesn't seem to have a name, but all windows are locked together) the toolbar is there. Toggling Show Toolbar on and off in separated mode does nothing. It's all fine on my other macbook pro. It was there on both macs, but I either accidentally closed it somehow or it just decided to vanish. Either way I can't get it back and would appreciate anyone who can help me to. Neil M
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