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  1. Please tell me and most of this god-given planet that DXF in/out is in this new release .........
  2. Second that!! DXF/DWG is a must for vector software - it's industry standard and I can't think of any software that doesn't include. And yes, I would pay more too considering the workarounds I need to do.
  3. Would like to see industry standard DXF or DWG export format for exporting vectors to CAD software programs. tx
  4. Yes, Alfred - that is the issue... You can hold down option/command and individually select pasted items, cut and the paste - but it's a mult-step pain if you have lots of items pasted into a shape.
  5. There is a shortcut to past an object inside another. Is there a shortcut to undo that? I only see the multi-step option to find the pasted object in the layers panel and release....
  6. Would love to get a response on this as the issue is now worse. I just duplicated the artboard and realized now nothing is directly selectable on the original unless I dig through the layers to select it. Once I do, everything becomes directly selectable on that artboard but now the other artboard has the issue... It seems the only way to activate an artboard is to select an object in the layers panel - which 'deactivates' the other artboard (and any object off the artboards).
  7. Attached. Odd - just noticed if I do select one of the objects off the artboard via the layers panel, the problem goes away..I can then direct select any of the objects. But, if I click back on the artboard the problem re-occurs.
  8. If you hold down the command key when moving an object you get a copy. Should it not be the same when flipping an object? Also, flip (which I think is more aptly a 'mirror' or 'reflect' function) should allow users to pick a reference line or point instead of simply turning the object over on itself. I might be overlooking these options - if not, please consider...
  9. I must have turned something off - I cannot directly select objects that I move off the artboard without digging for them in the layers panel... is there a setting? tx
  10. The more I use this software the more I like it!! :D One silly thing - you can create multiple art boards but you can only print them one by one? The PDF workaround is ok but.... I can see how printing all art boards to one page would work for very small illustration comps but not for simply printing out A4 or letter size concepts to present.
  11. Sorry, dynamic skew - and I just discovered how to do that! My bad :)
  12. Bought, and really like this software - spent all weekend with tutorials. Just can't get past omission of these tools found in decade-old Freehand 11. I see some in the 2014 roadmap...back to my old mac and hope for an update in 2017!
  13. Just getting going - really cool software! I see there has been discussion about an offset path function for a few years - coming soon? I'm not sure any other vector software lacks that tool. I am using the suggested workaround for now but... Other than that, I'm hooked :D
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