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  1. In other words, is there a way in AD to order nodes, to send the nodes that are in front on B to the back?
  2. I am using a custom vector brush. How can I make B look like A, on the same stroke? If I break the stroke into 2 then reverse B, it has the desired effect of tuck in in the end point, but reverses the colors, and I need the colors to stay in the same order. Same problem when I simply copy A then make a mirror of it. Thanks!
  3. Lobsang Karma

    How to prevent Brush Stroke from Overlapping

    Thank you everybody, But what if I want it to be that exact same stroke size that I started with? Are there any workarounds for this or is this something that AD is not capable of? Thank you!
  4. Hello Affinity Community, I'm using a custom rainbow vector brush as a stroke. With any sharp angle that I create, this happens, where it overlaps with itself on the inside section. How can this be prevented, so that the purple, blue and green in this example appear to be flat, on one plane, so one does not appear o be on top of another? In the picture, I want the whole stroke to look how the yellow, red and orange do. The circled area is where the problem is. Thank you so much! Lobsang
  5. Hi All! Thank you for having me on the forum. I'm curious if there is a way to make multiple strokes using one brush stroke, that can later be edited individually? For example, I am working on logo where I'm using 6 different colors as if they are all going in the same direction painted by a brush (Please see attached image). Is there any way to make all 6 colors using one brush? For this, I made each curve individually, adjusting each one as needed. Looking for a more efficient way to work in this style. Thanks! Karma