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  1. Thank You:-) I hope for version 2.0. Kai-Uwe
  2. Hi, Accessible PDF creation is now required for all printed matter for public authorities. Is there any thought of supporting PDF/UA in the next version? This would certainly be an important purchase argument for many designers. And a killer feature that would certainly promote the switch from Indesign. Regards Kai-Uwe
  3. Thanks for your detailed analysis. @Serif-Team As i said, I have only been experiencing this bug since version 1.8.3.
  4. The Frutiger-Font is from 1999 🙂. It was the only font from my collection so far that did not work. I'm uploading the two files additionally - but the bug is new in version 1.8.3. I use this logo almost daily in different documents - so far without problems.logo-test.afpub logo-test.afpub renault-logovertical-positive-cmyk.eps
  5. It was an Adobe Frutiger-Font - but in this document not included. I use the standard X3-preset without curves. The X3-PDF is attached - the problem with the X4-preset is the embedded logo. logo-test.pdf
  6. Hello, I get the enclosed error message when exporting PDF/X4 The export is aborted. I had a similar problem in one of the beta versions last year. At that time an old Adobe postscript font was responsible. When I export the document as PDF/X3 the export works fine. I have a similar problem when exporting from AD when a PDF is placed in the document. What could be the reason for this? Regards Kai-Uwe
  7. Hi, does anyone know if the affinity-team is thinking about adding tagged-pdf-suport for accessibility to publisher in the future? That would be a great and necessary feature! Regards Kai-Uwe
  8. Possibly a font file is defective. Try another and then export the document.
  9. This is exactly what puzzled me, because this EPS file does not contain any raster elements.
  10. A question about the placement of (vector)EPS files: When I place an EPS in the document, a resolution in DPI of the file is displayed under "Manage Resources". This should not be necessary, because a vector EPS is scalable at will. Is this a bug or a feature?
  11. Many thanks for your detailed explanation. I'll test it out:-)
  12. i will try to explain the problem again: on the website of pantone, for example, pantone 116 coated is defined like this (CMYK): 0/14/100/0 (https://www.pantone.com/color-finder/116-C) The colour-panel of APub defines the same colour differnet - independent of colour profile: 0/20/93/0. Why?
  13. I use e.g. Pantone Solid Coated 116c in a CMYK-document with ISO Solid Coated profile. The Pantone definition (coated) is 0/14/100/0. The definition in the colour-panel (coated) in APub ist 0/20/93/0. Same profiles - different definitions? https://store.pantone.com/de/de/colorfinder/index/acfproduct/code/116+C
  14. Hi, the Pantone color definitions (CMYK) differ from the definitions in Affinity-Publisher. Is this a bug or is this intentional? Regards Kai-Uwe
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