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  1. Many thanks for your detailed explanation. I'll test it out:-)
  2. i will try to explain the problem again: on the website of pantone, for example, pantone 116 coated is defined like this (CMYK): 0/14/100/0 (https://www.pantone.com/color-finder/116-C) The colour-panel of APub defines the same colour differnet - independent of colour profile: 0/20/93/0. Why?
  3. I use e.g. Pantone Solid Coated 116c in a CMYK-document with ISO Solid Coated profile. The Pantone definition (coated) is 0/14/100/0. The definition in the colour-panel (coated) in APub ist 0/20/93/0. Same profiles - different definitions? https://store.pantone.com/de/de/colorfinder/index/acfproduct/code/116+C
  4. Hi, the Pantone color definitions (CMYK) differ from the definitions in Affinity-Publisher. Is this a bug or is this intentional? Regards Kai-Uwe
  5. AP Beta 312 | MacOs Sierra | iMac 2016 Hi, I have a problem with the text wrap of placed EPS files. The working speed becomes extremely slow as soon as i want to flow text around an eps graphic. It can take up to 30 seconds until e.g. a text input is displayed. No problem is the text wrap with photos. Any Idea why?
  6. Hi, I have a problem with the PDF export (again). I have created a document and exported it with the PDF-X4 preset. In Acrobat I get a transparency warning for the logo elements. I have now created another document with the same elements (logo, font...), but only changed the size of the document. No transparency error is reported when exporting. I don't understand where the error is. Does anyone have any idea why? Kai-Uwe
  7. kai2


    I have uploaded the files. The imported PDF-file came from Indesign CS6.
  8. Hi, the export of a PDF-X3:2003 fails - see attachment. Any idea why? Beta 227 | MacOs 10.12.6
  9. @thomaso Thanks for your test series. I have had the same experience - only certain font variants of the Frutiger create the problem. I hope the affinity team will work on it and find a solution.
  10. I also think that AFP has a problem using the font, but I don't have a warning message when opening the PDF-file. It´s an Adobe-Postscript-Font - no problem to work with in InDesign. Maybe a problem with the pdf-import?
  11. Hi Thomaso, attached the logo-document and the alert by exporting a PDF/X-4-file. Regards Kai-Uwetest-logo.afpub
  12. Hi Kevin, these export-options work fine. But I use the export-options for PDF-X1, X3 etc. and options I created from these with crop-marks. Regards Kai-Uwe
  13. Hi Chris, attached a document. I suspect the logo is causing the error. But I don´t know why. Regards Kai-Uwe test.afpub
  14. I converted text to curves, but no success :-( The bug is still active in version

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