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  1. Tada. Deleted the index, made a new one, looked at what you wrote and I think have solved it now.
  2. Thanks Walt. Still don't get it quite. If I select all the entries of a letter, then both Index Entry and Index Entry 1 are selected. When I choose "Apply Index Entry 1 to Characters" (which has a dash before it instead of a check) my above mentioned problem disappears.
  3. I have a problem with creating the index. When there are more pagenumbers than the column is wide it 'doubles' the pagenumbers. See the attachment. Spend an hour to fix it or find a solution but couldn't.
  4. It works also in 1.9.1! Thank you! Do I put the downloaded macros in some folder? I just imported them from the desktop where I put them after downloading. Does the macro disappear from AP when I put it somewhere else. e.g. bin?
  5. Here also support for adding this feature. In my case there are only 60, so I will survive. 😊
  6. Thanks., Walt. Than I will hurry with testing.
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