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  1. Summersara to you think with drag and drop in the affinity photo app when i open it at the right side ? Thanks for your help
  2. Hi thanks ! Yes i have the same problem like on the picture of DM1 ! I only see a few images like on te picture !
  3. Hallo thanks for your help ! I load my photos from the file app ( ipad storage ) ! And i see a white folder with name and date and size - and when i open it is only a white page with the name and size of the folder in the middle ! Thanks for your help and sorry for my english i hope you understand !
  4. Hi sorry please can anybody help me with my ipad ? I made a update and now i can not open or see my Affinity photo work ! I see there are 102 images but i can open only 10 or so ! Thanks for your help

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