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  1. Hi, I've already reported this problem in other dialog boxes and those has been fixed. But this one comes from the last addition color guides. Thanks!
  2. Hi Gaia-Sophia, Your not stupid you just ignoring this You need to select the Swatch tab. You can add 4 types of palettes as you can see bellow. Just click on the drop down menu (highlighted in yellow) I have create a palette from an image. And depending how many color I would like to have with the cursor, I've set it to 48 and this is the result. Hope that will help you!
  3. Hi, It could be useful to have the Home, Page Up, Page Down to scroll into the document like it was with Page Plus. Thanks!
  4. Hi Obef, In the Numbered 1 or a copy of, you have to change the next level to point to the Numbered 2a and on the Numbered 2a point to Numbered 3a. I think it's the best approach that Serif can do. Thanks!
  5. Hi obef, It seems that you have a particular request, not showing the latest dot. I've try with word and it's not possible to do that. A workaround is to select the level 2 and duplicate it. I've create two new styles and call it Numbered 2a (level 2) and Numbered 3a (level 3) and apply this new style to each line I want to remove the latest dot.
  6. Hi TonyMi, It works as expected. Try the justify Left if you want the last line to be unjustified. Thanks!
  7. Hi ciscrh, You can go on the Layer panel and select with the mouse using CTRL. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I'm on Windows 7 and agree with others... unable to start the version .167. Thanks!
  9. Hi John Fleet, Like this Select the arrow And click on the "Spread Setup" button and on the Margins tab.
  10. Hi, The CMYK Slider don't work as expected. Trying to change the "C" value to 100 is not possible The HLS Sliders (H and S sliders are not working as expected) Try to change the value, it return to zero The LAB slider (A and B are not working very well) And Tint Thanks!
  11. Typo998

    Resize panels

    Hi Chris_K This is not allow to resize the one above or below, I think it's not normal. Thanks!
  12. Hi, With the pen tool , click on the line mode Hold the Shift key if you want to make an horizontal line for exemple (when holding the shift key you have 45 degrees rotation each time when moving the mouse. Hope that will help.
  13. Hi, Some panels don't show the two arrows cursor to allow the user to change the size. Color (top/bottom), Stroke (top/bottom), Transform (top/bottom), Text Frame, (top/bottom), Constrains (top/bottom) Strange behaviours when dragging the Table at the center position it grow from the bottom instead of top as others do. Also I think that 1 pixel height to catch the arrow exact position is not enough simple for the common user, maybe you can add hold shift key + mouse move to resize the panel when near to the edge of the panel. Thanks and continue you very good job
  14. Look at the history panel, It's more powerful than Page Plus Try to move the cursor to the left