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  1. Hi Thonex, Do you tried holding the Shift Key. Also you can show the table Features on the studio if it's not already done.
  2. Hi MEB, Thanks for the info, the only thing to remember is that we need to define the custom size before and Create a Preset after doing this. If we push OK... it's to late we have to redefined it next time.
  3. Hi, It could be interesting if you can add a Page Preset in a future release, this way we will be able to remove from the dropdown menu the preset that we never use and also add user defined format e.g. 12" x 18". Thanks!
  4. HI, Some of the combo box are not sort alphabetically. Here is the Layers options Characters Decorations Maybe you can find some others Thanks!
  5. Hi, I've open the Affinity Brochure and when I looking at the foot page I realized that the title in the footer is not quite good. The problem is in the Clear (Dark Text) master page It's occured when the Standard Ligatures is check Unchecking Don't know if it's a font issue, I've tried with different fonts who have the "fi" option and each time I've obtain the same result (white space) Thanks!
  6. Maybe it failed because he don't have a 64 bits Windows OS
  7. Typo998

    Master pages

    As I can see it's not possible to select more than one item in the drop down menu "Apply Master" How can you tell that we can assign more than one Master at the same time? Also it's not possible to select more than one Master page and drag on a page at the time. I think that it can be more manageable to have a listbox instead of a combobox to apply more than 1 master page. Also when we duplicate a page, the way it's work actually, it's not possible to replicate the same master pages. Thanks!
  8. Hi, When adding more than 1 page, the refresh for the pages are not made. Thanks!
  9. Hi, Not sure if it's a bug, but I think it make no sense to have the same "Master Page" appearing in the hint. If we select a page and add a Master Page to it, Publisher add it wherever it's already apply. Maybe a dialog box can be shown here to tell to the user that this particular Master has been already set. Thanks!
  10. Same here, Win 7 prof. 64 GB Ram I've notice that happened most of the time when the Help file is open. Thanks!
  11. Hi Chris_K, I think that you haven't read my message, it's not related to the Print double side option, it's for the dialog itself, when you click on the list box and came back to the layout, it's always reset tot the Single mode wherever the choice of the printer selected. Thanks!
  12. Hi, There is a problem with the latest beta and certainly the previous one. If you go to the Print dialog box and change it to any Model and select any options in the listbox and going back to Layout, the combo box selection is lost and the preview and combo box change to single, we need to reselect the model and change the settings inside the layout option to complete the print. Thanks!
  13. Hi, It could be very useful to have a slider to change the size of the pages like the one in Acrobat. instead of having only 3 sizes mode. Maybe one for the Master pages and one for Pages. Thanks and continue your very good work!
  14. HI RenWaller, I'm not an expert but I think that Grid and axis manager can do this. Thanks!
  15. Maybe the same bar as shape should be shown? It keep the font bar, in my opinion, nothing to do with a node tool. I thing that it can be report as bug but it's not a real bug, just a missing tool