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  1. Hi @Guuz, Do you try to install the .283 version, it seem that the version .292 is buggy.
  2. Hi @Guuz, As I can see of your log file, this one is for affinity Photo and you talk about the Affinity Publisher. +Startup: 10-4-2019 08:36:47 +OS version: 10.0.18362 +ProductName: Photo +ProductType: Customer Beta Regards!
  3. Hi @Jon P Yes. I'm on Window 7 Pro running on 2 monitors and my zooming is set to 125%. Regards
  4. Hi, Thanks for this new release, unfortunately, i'm still unable to use it in french, because when I click on the "Paragraphe" panel the program freeze. I've also reset it holding the CTRL key with no luck. Thanks!
  5. Hi @Haitch, I think that you need to set it to "Justify Left" not "Justify All" Regards!
  6. Hi @Pauls, I've just installed the version .283 and I have the same problem, when I click on the "Paragraphe" panel (french localisation). APub Freeze. Thanks!
  7. Hi @VolkerMB Maybe it's a bug but if you change Rasterize parameter to "Nothing", it make the job. Regards!
  8. Hi, I think that it's only the case with the french translation, I've place the paragraph panel using the english translation to the left, after that I've change to french and now Affinity is unable to start (freeze). Thanks!
  9. Hi, When I set the interface in "français" and go to the "Paragraphe" tab, APub freeze. I've reset all preferences holding the CTRL key but without success. It was working correctly with the version .249 APub .257, Windows 7 Pro Also, could you please make some fields larger in the dialog boxes (there are not enough space when the values are not set) Letters "on" are not showed The scroll bar doesn't permit to show all the text. Thanks!
  10. @Alex H Hi Alex, you have just to select your image and click on the "Edit Wrap Outline" button, you will see handles then, you have just to move them. Since it's a bezier curve, you can move the filled circles to change the shape. Like that Result Hope that will help you!
  11. Hi @VolkerMB I've opened your file and change the filter without any problem. Do you use the version Do you reset Affinity to the default holding the CTRL key when you start it? You have to double click on the filter you created to change the value. Hope that you will help you! Regards
  12. Bonjour @lechtigars62, Tu peux utiliser 2 zones de texte (1 pour 3 colonnes et l'autre pour 4 colonnes). Pour pouvoir changer leurs valeurs, tu dois afficher le panneau de zone de texte que tu trouveras dans Affichage > Studio > Zone de texte, Tu peux également créer 2 tableaux (1 de 3 colonnes et l'autre de 4 colonnes). Outils disponibles dans le menu Affichage > Studio > Format de tableau . Format de tableau x Outils disponibles dans le menu Affichage > Studio > Tableau . Tableau Dépendamment de ce que tu as à faire, un tableau est toujours plus souple côté possibilités car tu peux changer la couleur des cellules à ta convenance. Pour éditer la largeur de chaque cellule, tu dois double-cliquer dans chacune des cellules concernées. Cordialement Typo996
  13. Typo998


    @ALAIN CAILLAULT Bonjour Alain, Des dires de Serif, Affinity Publisher va également être à 49.99$ US. Pour la date de sortie, ils ont dit lorsqu'ils vont juger qu'il est prêt. Mais puisque qu'il ont ajouter les langues dans la dernière version, gageons que ce sera avant l'été. P.S. Ils sont rendu à plus de 1 400 000 utilisateurs des produits Affinity Cordialement
  14. @Sean P Hi Sean, I just realised that this happened only when the application is maximized. Thanks!
  15. @Sean P Hi Sean, I'm running it on Windows 7. Thanks!