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  1. I just came here to post the exact same thing. it's 1.8 and not Bookmarks in sight. Come on Serif. I regret ever giving you my money.
  2. Thank you for letting me know. I was hoping there would be a blog post or road map or some indicator what they were working on. Mainly I am just frustrated because I had a workflow with PagePlus8 that worked and now I have to do manual extra work, time I'd rather spend creating things.
  3. It's been several months and not a peep from what I can tell from Affinity. I am disappointed. Given the current situation I am still forced to use third party tools to finalize my projects. It adds substantial workload too as I do books with a lot of bookmarks in them. I wish I had saved my money and instead went for a year of ID :-/
  4. It looks to have something to do with the text /frame setting. I could fix it by applying "no style" and then another standard style. It disappeared after I started working on the file today after closing it yesterday. Can't reproduce it right now.
  5. Agreed, this is a rather pressing issue for me to solve and I only have Affinity.
  6. I just opened one of my older PDF forms in Publisher and was very surprised I could not find the Forms feature and started googling it and found this thread. Major disappointment. I really would appreciate this feature a lot.
  7. I feel this is a must have. I can even do this with Word. A PDF without proper bookmarks is useless for my use case. I want to give affinity my cash in the future too. I am surprised because I believe PagePlus could do that at some point as well.
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