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  1. Wow, this bug fixed in affinity Designer beta. I just check now. Thank you.
  2. I still have issues. It is used as a font which is used as basic in ebook etc. in Korea. I hope it is fixed.
  3. Hello, How about support booklet pdf export or print(like adobe reader booklet print)? Thank for making good software
  4. Hello. Sorry, my English isn't good. When I input Korean there is some bug that is last input character repeated. 1. When I try to type 가나다라 and press Space, the last input character repeated(라) automatically. So there is appeared 가나다라 라. ---- 가나다라(2 Set-Korean, rkskekfk(+space) (I just add movie) 2. Sometime last inputted character followed cursor and repeated like 1.case. Those thing doesn't happen In Affinity Designer(1.6.1). Thank you bug.mp4
  5. I was using OS 10.12. Today for testing I just upgrade OS 10.13 Affinity Design 1.6 with basic Korean Input method. There is Korean Input problem. In 1.6 version, if you using Gureum Korean OS X input method http://gureum.io/ you can input Korean without the problem. Affinity Desing 1.6.1(rc1) with basic Korean Input method. That Korean Input bug is gone, you can input Korean without any problem. 1.6.1 version doesn't work with Gureum Korean OS X input
  6. I don't update High Sierra( because I heard this error happen : Korean input method with Affinity Designer). You can see that error using below step. In AffinityDesigner 1. Just switch input method to "Korean input method( 2-set Korean)". 2. type g k s r m f in keyboard. 3. that show ㅎㅏㄱㅡㄹ (Wrong Korean word). But that should show like 한글 (Correct Korean word). You can compare that method in Notes app. Just add correct n worong result screen shot.
  7. Hello, First, sorry for my poor English. It happens in using Affinity Designer. If I use KoPub Batang font, exported pdf doesn't show Korean characters. With embed all font doesn't work for that fornt, but work text as curves. I just add sample file and font KoPub Batang_Pro Medium.otf that is free font font-problem.afdesign font-problem.eps font-problem.pdf
  8. Hello, I am Korean, and I have to use Korean & English. I am using "shift+space" shortcut key for input language change. (original is "command + space") All program(include adobe programs) doesn't have problem but affinity designer. So when I use affinity designer I have to use mouse for change input method.
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