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  1. Hi all, Also I've just realised that the "Verrouiller la position" make the inverse that the text indicate.Or the behaviour of the function is not correct, instead of locking the object, the option unlock it.
  2. Hi, I've made a document that I work on it since a couple of weeks at part time. I tried to change the pin document placement and now it's impossible for some images because the resolutions of certain of them are now at 0, I have just the frame of the image but the image don't appeared in my document. Thanks!
  3. Hi, When we rotating the view, the icons are not the good one as you can see attached.. It's very confusing. Same problem with the latest beta built. Thanks!
  4. Hi Walt, No I want to highlight all the text found not just individually, it could be useful to check if the styles has been applied correctly all over the document. Actually I've made a phone list with differents characters styles and would like to see if they have been apply all over my page correctly. The only way I found is to search the specific style in the search panel and click on each line found to see if the style has been applied correctly. Some text are in 8 pts (yellow) and some other are in 9 pts (Blue). It could be useful to see all the (blue) text just activating an option to show all. Thanks!
  5. Hi, It could be useful to have an option to Highlight the text or style found directly in the text not the panel itself. It could also easier if we can navigate in the search panel with arrows (not just to have to click on each text found). Thanks!
  6. Hi, Is it just me or the context menu does not work when we click on the table format panel? None of them are working (trying in french and in English) The translation can be improved too > "Ajouter un format à partir de la sélection" (instead of "Ajouter un format partir de la sélection") Bad translation for "Formats d'importation..." should be "Importer des formats..." Thanks!
  7. Hi @Haitch, I think that you need to set it to "Justify Left" not "Justify All" Regards!
  8. @Alex H Hi Alex, you have just to select your image and click on the "Edit Wrap Outline" button, you will see handles then, you have just to move them. Since it's a bezier curve, you can move the filled circles to change the shape. Like that Result Hope that will help you!
  9. Bonjour @lechtigars62, Tu peux utiliser 2 zones de texte (1 pour 3 colonnes et l'autre pour 4 colonnes). Pour pouvoir changer leurs valeurs, tu dois afficher le panneau de zone de texte que tu trouveras dans Affichage > Studio > Zone de texte, Tu peux également créer 2 tableaux (1 de 3 colonnes et l'autre de 4 colonnes). Outils disponibles dans le menu Affichage > Studio > Format de tableau . Format de tableau x Outils disponibles dans le menu Affichage > Studio > Tableau . Tableau Dépendamment de ce que tu as à faire, un tableau est toujours plus souple côté possibilités car tu peux changer la couleur des cellules à ta convenance. Pour éditer la largeur de chaque cellule, tu dois double-cliquer dans chacune des cellules concernées. Cordialement Typo996
  10. @drjohnwilliams Hi drjohnwilliams, Just go to the menu View > Studio > Glyph Browser, you will have a bunch of fonts available, just select the font "Wingdings" for exemple, and double click on the glyph you want to insert it in your document. Thanks!
  11. @jackydoyle Yes it's already implemented, just go to the View menu > Studio > Fields You will have this panel, just enter the info in differents fields. You can change the date format as you wish too, just clicking on the 3 vertical dots. You can insert any field in your document just double-click on the label (e.g. Date) Thanks!
  12. Hi bluetux, You can already do this in the print menu (you have to make sure that you have a multiple of 4 pages, if not Publisher will add a white pages). If you don't have a PDF driver, you have just to install the free Foxit Reader and you will have the driver required. Thanks!
  13. Bonjour @Toche47, Je ne saisis pas très bien ce que tu veux faire exactement. Tous les tableaux fait par Publisher sont éditable. As-tu activé les onglets concernés ? Peux-tu insérer une capture d'écran ? Merci !
  14. Hi Gaia-Sophia, Your not stupid you just ignoring this You need to select the Swatch tab. You can add 4 types of palettes as you can see bellow. Just click on the drop down menu (highlighted in yellow) I have create a palette from an image. And depending how many color I would like to have with the cursor, I've set it to 48 and this is the result. Hope that will help you!
  15. Hi, It could be useful to have the Home, Page Up, Page Down to scroll into the document like it was with Page Plus. Thanks!
  16. Hi Obef, In the Numbered 1 or a copy of, you have to change the next level to point to the Numbered 2a and on the Numbered 2a point to Numbered 3a. I think it's the best approach that Serif can do. Thanks!
  17. Hi obef, It seems that you have a particular request, not showing the latest dot. I've try with word and it's not possible to do that. A workaround is to select the level 2 and duplicate it. I've create two new styles and call it Numbered 2a (level 2) and Numbered 3a (level 3) and apply this new style to each line I want to remove the latest dot.
  18. Hi ciscrh, You can go on the Layer panel and select with the mouse using CTRL. Thanks!
  19. Hi John Fleet, Like this Select the arrow And click on the "Spread Setup" button and on the Margins tab.
  20. Hi, With the pen tool , click on the line mode Hold the Shift key if you want to make an horizontal line for exemple (when holding the shift key you have 45 degrees rotation each time when moving the mouse. Hope that will help.
  21. Look at the history panel, It's more powerful than Page Plus Try to move the cursor to the left
  22. Hi Altisto, It seems that you need to insert blank pages before you publications (make sure you have enough pages), add your Tables and click on the overflow arrow in the Text frame maintaining the Shift key (auto flow). I guess that you will need almost 2 differents master pages to do that. Hope that will help you.
  23. You can do this using the CTRL key with mouse click Unfortunately in this exemple, after changing the value, all 3 columns will have the same width taking the last selected column as a reference width. In case you are not aware, If you maintained the CTRL key over numeric fields (applicable all across the program) the value will be incremented by 1/10 If you maintained the SHIFT key over numeric fields (applicable all across the program) the value will be incremented by 10 and you can change the value with the mouse wheel as well. Thanks!
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