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  1. Hi Dutchshader, yes, that did the trick. Thanks for the hint! So I stand corrected and withdraw my former comments... Cheers
  2. Hi Chris, I'd say your are lucky because neither shift not ctrl do work here with me. At least not with the file I shared here yesterday. Today I created a very simple design with Illustrator and exported it to WMF. Although the behaviour with the new file in Designer ( on Windows) is different, it is still a bit odd: I can put shift and control to use in the layers panel. But the selected layers are not marked in the workspace in any way - no blue frame, no handels. Interestingly it happens only with text layers. All other layers do show a frame plus handels. In case you want to look into this, please find the new file attached. Cheers, Volker test_ai.wmf
  3. Hi there! Recently a colleague of mine sent me a Word file (Word 2016 on Windows), including a chart based on an internal data sheet. Although Word has no option to export an embedded chart as a graphic there is a trick to get the job done: select the chart, copy it and paste it into an empty slide in Powerpoint. Then export this slide as an WMF file (SVG is not offered in this case by PP). Unfortunately the exported WMF file can't be edited by Affinity Designer ( properly: It is not possible to select more than one layer at a time in order to create groups - at least not in the layers list. Even clicking on several items on the artboard while holding the ctrl-key does not work. The only way to select several items together is by drawing a selection frame around the desired items. One of the files causing problems with me is attached. Any ideas, why editing this file is such a pain? Or is it by design? Thanks, Volker Präsentation1.wmf
  4. Hi, perhaps it is a feature, to me it looks like a bug on Designer (, Windows): Create a new document with some artboards of any size. Then select one artboard, open the "grid and axis manager" (I am using the German edition, so perhaps it is called differntly in the English edition, but you'll get what I mean), deselect "auto-grid", set an individual grid (let's say 120px) and close the "grid and axis manager". Next you draw a rectangle on the selected artboard that snaps to the grid. And finally you select the "art text tool", click-drag anywhere in the document to define a propper text size - and booom: the grid jumps back to "auto-grid". The funny thing: The moment you select the rectangle again, the grid is back to your individual settings. So you can switch now between the two grids by selecting the rectangle and the text... Or am I missing something here? Best, Volker
  5. Okay, got it! is the new, but not if you run which should not mixed up with or which is a totally different breed... Uhh, it reminds me a bit of the Brexit... (now jump at me!)
  6. A colleague of mine has just purchased Affinity Designer - and got version! Great stuff.... but, wait... How is that possible? Beta ist still at! And again with Affinity Photo: She got version 1.6.2.-2.... I am confused... At least it proves one thing: Designer and Photo both have a future...
  7. Hi there! MikeW has found a regression with the pdf export in AD (, Windows) when he helped me with an export issue: Some simple vector shapes are still converted to bitmaps when exported to PDF. You'll find the files in questions attached. The snowflakes are made of simple straight lines but unnecessarily converted to bitmaps in the PDF. According to MikeW the issue existed in a previous version but was supposed to be fixed. Best, Volker 03_Weihnachtskarten_A6_v2.afdesign 03_Weihnachtskarten_A6_v2_final.pdf
  8. I was confused by the transparency as well and had to look it up. But that you spotted the regression regarding the bitmaps - remarkable. I'll get it reported (credit goes to you). By the way: The print shop folks have not been able to specify so far why they can't print the file... I guess, I need to find another print shop... Again: Thanks for all your help! Best, Volker
  9. Hi Mike, wow, you offer quite a service! In the meantime I requested the print shop to specify in detail why they are having trouble to print the document. If you are interested: I've attached the original PDF that I sent to the print shop. Even my Acrobat shows clearly that there is a spot colour named "lack" in the document. Best, Volker 03_Weihnachtskarten_A6_v2_final.pdf
  10. Hi MikeW, thanks a ton for your effort and your explanation! Yes, the coating is supposed to cover just the word "Frohe", nothing else. The print shop asked me to create a spot colour named "lack" (just the German word for coating) and use this spot colour for anything that needs to be coated. As this is in fact a transparent colour that goes an top of the other colours I was asked to use this on an extra layer on top of all other layers. Then I was asked to "convert it to PDF/X3 (compatibility with 1.3 preferred)" - and then they complained about not being able to find a spot coloured named "lack" in the file... I guess I need to talk to them now knowing that the generated PDF was okay (apart from the fact, thatX3 doesn't support layers). Again, thanks a lot. Best, Volker
  11. Hi Lee, yes, my initial tought was that I might have missed an option (and I probably have) but both options you mentioned were set: spot colour enabled (when creating the global colour) and "honour spot colours" (when expoting to PDF). So I a bit puzzled.... Perhaps the original file might give you a clou what went wrong? 03_Weihnachtskarten_A6_v2.afdesign
  12. Hi there! For a little greeting card I intended to use a transparent coating on some parts of the design. The print shop asked me to create an extra layer for this (at the very top of all other layers) and paint all areas in question with a new spot colour named "lack". So I created a new global spot colour, named it "lack", set the option "overprint" and painted the areas in that top layer with the new spot colour. As requested I exported the document as a PDF/X3 file. Unfortunately the print shop is not able to print the design as the can't identify any colour named "lack". Additionally they say that there was no top layer. So I'm a bit confused... How can I fulfill the requirements of the print shop? Any hints are highly appreciated. Kind regard, Volker
  13. Hello, I do remember a bug regarding pasted images turned upside down, but I can't recall whether or not it has been fixed. If it was fixed, it has surfaced in AP (Windows) again: Copy any image in PowerPoint and paste it in AP - it is displayed feets up... Or is it just me...? Cheers, Volker
  14. I've tried to reproduce this behaviour on my computer... with no results. Even if I try to click the mouse a short moment before pressing the space bar - everything works as expeted. Maybe a specific problem with your machine?
  15. Great! The "manually editing guides on second artboard give incorrect value"-issue has been solved. That allone is worth installing the new beta version . Thanks a lot!