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  1. Hi there! Most probably this has been reported already, nevertheless: when changing margins on a single spread the respective input fields are called "inner margin" and "outer margin" instead of "left margin" or "right margin". Nothing serious, still... Best, Volker
  2. Sorry, that you won't get. Neither by Serif nor anyone else here in the forum. Bugs - and APub still has plenty of them - tend to appear always at the most inconvenient time... (= two days before the intended launch date). Therefore Serfi has chosen the best strategy: to keep quiet about that. I know, that does not help... But with PagePlus X9 already installed you have a capable fall-back at hand.
  3. This is a feature that has been requested quite often. Currently it is not possible to insert such kind of "moving" picture. And this feature won't make it in the first release of Publisher... (in all likelihood)
  4. Hi there! I've run into some trouble when I set up a document with several artboards: The individual grids for each artboard don't seem to work as expected (maybe I have wrong expectations...). This is how to reproduce the problem: Create a new document. The option "create artboards" needs to be selected. Create a new artboard be clickdragging the artboard title while holding the ctrl-key. Now resize the newly created artboard in width (e.g. 1920 -> 1600px). Activate the first artboard and open the "Grid and Axis Manager". Set up a basic grid of any spacing (e.g. 160px). Activate the second artboard and open the "Grid and Axis Manager" again. Again set up a basic grid that is different from the grid of the first artboard (e.g. 105px). Enable "Show axis editing handles". The grid shown on the second artboard is different from the grid of the first artboard, but has a random horizontal offset. Subsequently nothing snaps horizontally (only vertically). Bug or feature? Best, Volker
  5. VolkerMB

    EMF Import issues

    Well, on my machine it is even worse: The whole diagram looks beaten up. But to no surprise: Plenty of fonts used while creating this illustration are missing. And that seems to be the key to the problem: If by any chance Adobe Illustrator offers the option to export fonts as curves then I guess everything will be fine. The downside of course: The text is no longer editable. This could by avoided by using PDF as an export format. Cheers, Volker
  6. Annother way of placing your stuff on a page would be using columns (quite capable... allowing you to use any units if required and to set the starting point anywhere on the page): VIEW -> GUIDES MANAGER (implemented in .157) Cheers, Volker
  7. VolkerMB

    Green Artifacts

    Hi, just exported your design as a PNG file without any problems (e.g. green artifacts). In fact the results were all the same no matter whether I exported the whole document or just the selected item. So maybe there is a problem with you image viewer? (btw running AD .123 on Windows) Cheers, Volker
  8. Hi, perhaps it is just my pc but: Any shape I draw in Designer has perfectly smooth edges. The sames shapes created in Publisher (or copied to) are pixelated despite the same performance settings (see attached screenshots). Is there anything I miss here? Best, Volker
  9. VolkerMB

    PDF export produces wrong background

    Hi ygoe, I had a similar issue some time ago. In case you own Affinity Photo as well, just open the document in Photo and use "merge visible" ("Sichbare zusammenlegen") in the layers panel. It did help in my case... Cheers, Volker
  10. Publisher is neither an alternative to MS Office nor Adobe Illustrator (but to Adobe Indesign or QuarkXPress). An alternative to MS Office would be LibreOffice and an alternative to Adobe Illustrator would be Affinity Designer or CorelDraw.
  11. VolkerMB

    Unverarbeiteter Ausnahmefehler

    Hallo MrGreenwood, das sieht ganz nach einem Problem mit dem Nvidia-Treiber aus, wenn der Basic Renderer funktioniert. Die Empfehlung hier in Forum ist stets, den Nvidia-Treiber nicht zu aktualisieren, sondern komplett zu deinstallieren, den Rechner neu zu starten und dann den aktuellen Nvidia-Treiber zu installieren. Das bloße Update des Treibers ohne vorherige Deinstallation führt meist nicht zum Erfolg. VG, Volker
  12. Hi MEB + AdamW, thanks for getting back on my post. You are right: It is not the most pressing issue - and there are several ways to go around it. I guess we shall call it an inconveniance rather than a bug... So please keep on your excellent work! Best, Volker
  13. Hi there! Recently I had to pump up a brochure by so many pages that I had to change binding from clamps to hot melt. In order to produce that correctly the print shop required a PDF with single pages instead of facing ones. Although the brochure was layouted in a different program I've just tried to tackle this challenge in APub as well. Maybe I don't know how to do that properly with an existing document, but: When I change the facing pages to single ones in the document setup dialogue the result is not satisfying. I would have expected the inner margins to be converted to right margings on left (single) pages and to left margins on right (single) pages. Instead the inner margins were converted to left margins on all pages. Shortcoming or feature? Best, Volker
  14. Hi, call it a cosmetic issue, but to me it is an inconsistency: When you set up a new document, the input field for the top margin is found at the top right edge while it is positioned at the left bottom edge when setting up a new master page (see pics). Or is it just me who doesn't understand the reason behind ... Best, Volker
  15. VolkerMB

    Many crashes lately in Affinity Designer

    Hi, can't confirm this. Designer has been running well for quite some time ony my machines... Best, Volker