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  1. Hi Alphacolor, hard to tell what might be the cause of the issue by just investigating a screenshot. Could you share the file in question (or a similar one) with us?
  2. Hi Josefka, it does work with the vast majority of users (I am just guessing as I haven't heard of this issue before). Could you share a file that demonstrates the issue (a newly created one as the old ones - according to you - do not show the issue)? Perhaps it is just a setting gone wrong...
  3. Hi DxdV, this has been reported before. The developers are aware of the problem. Unfortunately Serif hasn't provided a fix yet.
  4. Can you share the file in question? It sounds as it is corrupted...
  5. Hi PotatoCarl, does this happen with any document? Or just with new ones? Could you describe the exact way you take to get to the crash? Here at my end I can work with APub for hours (even on complex documents) without any crash. Perhaps you use third party software that comes in the way of Publisher: And sometimes an outdated driver is to blame for the problems. Perhaps you might want to check. Cheers, Volker
  6. @LarrySunshine Well, there are so many options out there in the market: CorelDraw, Illustrator or Inkscape (just to name a few). Feel free to use them as they offer better or more advanced tools to you. Also feel free to point developers at bugs as it helps to improve the software. But please explain to me why you consider me an amateur who has no clue whatsoever (regarding the right toolset for professionals)!
  7. @Polygonius: Sorry, I don't get your point. Are you complaining about the price of any of the Affinity apps? Or do you consider the UI way to complex? Honestly, if the one-time payment of 50 Dollar/Euros breaks your business model, you have a very serious problem (that doesn't go by the name "Affinity").
  8. Yes, we get it: You are pissed. You made this clear from the very beginning of this thread.
  9. VolkerMB

    Not able to allign two elements

    Okay, thanks Wosven, make sense. Would have loved to do it my way, too.
  10. I see what you mean. And I tried to replicate the problem at my end - but I've failed. With two printers (Samsung CLX-3305 and Epson ET-3750) I get exactly what is requested. When I retrieve the margins fromt the printer (Samsung, 4,3mm non-printable area on each side) I end up with a print that has margins of 4 to 5mm on each side, when I set the margins manually to 32mm on each side I get a print with margins 31 to 33mm (within the expected range of mechanical error). Additionally I exported the designs to PDF. And they show correct margins as well (even the print made from Adobe Reader ist correct). Perhaps it is more an issue of the specific printer driver than AfPub?
  11. Hi there! It might be me missing something, but I am in trouble to allign two elements centered: 1. Create a new document. 2. Place a photo in the background and switch to photo persona afterwards. 3. Apply a gaussian blur (live filter) to it and move the filter in the layers panel on top of the photo. 4. Create a text box and type some text. 5. Create a solid rectangle of any colour below the text but on top of the blur filter. 6. Right-click on the rectangle and select "mask to below" in the context menu. 7. Switch back to publisher persona and move the text box to a different position. 8. Select the text box as well as the clipped blur filter and apply "allign center" and "align middle". Unfortunately both text and clipped blur filter end up positioned randomly on the page (see video). alignment-issue.mp4
  12. Well, I might still miss the point as I am in trouble to understand what you want really to achieve here, but perhaps these to workarounds help you: Create a new document with orientation set to landscape and margins set manually (you can even create a preset for that in case you need this more than once) or (if you want to enjoy the convenience to retrieve the well known printer margins automatically) Create a new document with orientation set to portrait and then rotate the canvas by 90° while working on the design.
  13. Sorry, your post leaves me a bit puzzled. I've just set up a document in APub with margins of 32mm on each side. Works perfectly fine in versions .404 and .422. No matter whether it is landscape or portrait. Could you share the .afpub document that causes the trouble?
  14. Well, I had downloaded the installer the other day - from Mark's Dropbox which was painfully slow. So lets see what the primary download loacation will become in future...
  15. Sorry, but I have to rain on your parade: Downloading from the Amazon server is much faster at my end then with the Dropbox server. So I guess it depends on how your ISP is connected to the internet (or how busy the lines are at the time of downloading). In short: It all depends on the individual situation.