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  1. The issue has been raised here a couple of times in the past. And it still stands. @ashf is right. No matter what the settings are: clipping in Designer produces thin lines even in the most basic scenarios. See attached sample. I can export this to SVG or PDF (all presets) - it always gives me a thin line... sad! clipping-test.afdesign
  2. In contrast to @phil_k I do see a difference (see other post). Here are benchmarks:
  3. Good to know that the Paragraph panel is the cause of the problem. So let's hope for a quick fix. Because... running a DTP app without the Paragraph panel...?
  4. I have the same impression with our video workstation (mediocre hardware: Ryzen 7 3700X + Radeon RX 5700XT + 64GB): With hardware acceleration switched on everthying feels a bit laggy. When I used "File -> New from Clipboard" for the attached screenshot, it took 3 seconds to get displayed. And when I applied the crop it stuttered again. Then I performed the same tasks with acceleration switched off - and everthing was butter smooth. Funny: The Intel-powered laptops in our office (although much slower in general) don't show such a behavior.
  5. Hi, here's my log.txt as requested. Cheers! Log.txt
  6. In my case the workaround/fix suggested by @nodeus didn't work. My impression is that the issue affects AMD powered machines to a larger extend as Intel powered ones. In particular typing in textframes is a nightmare. Interesstingly APub never consumes more than 4% of the CPU (as per Windows Task Manager) but stutters while typing. Sometimes APub runs two seconds behind my fingers...
  7. @Mark Ingram We have a dedicated workstation for video editing on which the Affinity apps are installed, too. The hardware is dominated by AMD: Ryzen 7 3700X + Radeon RX 5700XT on an Gigybyte Auros B550 mainboard and 64 MB RAM. Our performance issues occur when starting either Affinity or Blackmagic Resolve: It takes pretty long to load images and clips before they get displayed. An usual JPEG image of 2MB takes roughly 8-10 seconds to load in APh, if it is the first image to be loaded during a session. The next images load in under two seconds. It doesn't matter whether the images are dragged in or opened by using the open command in the file menu. It also doesn't matter whether or not APh has been running for some time: It is always the first image that gets loaded slowly. Having OpenCL disabled doesn't make a difference. Interestingly the same happens with mpeg4 or quicktime clips in BM Resolve: The first ones take ages to get displayed in the timeline, later on they get displayed immedeately.
  8. Hi @WolframH, you can select the desired preset in the export dialog(ue). It lets you choose from a wide range of PDF presets.
  9. Thanks for checking, @carl123! Today, I tried the export again - and it worked fine. So I stand corrected. Apparently my system just needed a fresh start... or the correct export function arrived later ony my pc than the rest of the beta due to some extra custom proceedings at the UK/EU border...
  10. Hi there! I'm facing the same issue as @Vasto7. Compared with 1.8 the 1.9 beta with hardware acceleration switched on is significantly slower (probably at 30-40 % the speed of v1.8). As Vasto7's my system is powered by a Radeon RX 5700X as well (driver 20.11.2). Perhaps an issue with Radeon cards/drivers?
  11. Hi there! Apart from the fact that the preview window is way to small, it does not react to changes in quality setting. At least here at my end (beta .885). Here is my recipe: Open any photo or graphic file (hi-res) Go to File->Export and select JPEG as export format Click on "Preview" in order to see the preview window Move the "Quality" slider to the left in order to reduce the quality level My expectation is that the preview windows displays an image with a reduced quality (e.g. artifacts). But it doesn't. Even not at the lowest level. I have to change the size or the method of recalculation first in order to get an updated preview. Once this has been done the preview reacts to changes of the quality level. This applies to Designer, too. Best, Volker
  12. If I remember correctly, Serif has stated in a response to a similar issue that all Affinity Apps have no control over the actual result in terms of colour when a document is printed using a pdf driver. This is why they encourage you not to use a pdf printer but to use the pdf export. It makes sense to me: How would Affinity know about the internals (and assumptions) of a third party pdf driver?
  13. Hi there! I might have discovered a tiny bug in the UI of Publisher: Create a document of any size with any number or pages. Put a text frame on any page and set the number of columns to 2. Use the context tool bar to increase the gap between the columns. It stops at 33,9mm no matter what. Open the text frame panel and increase the gap beyond 33,9mm - easy job. Return to the context tool bar (which has been updated to the number you entered in the text frame panel) and try to adjust the gap again. It always switchs back to 33,9mm The bug affects both the retail version (.703) and the current beta (.874). Volker
  14. Hi Gabe, thats it: The scaling on both screens was set to 115%. The moment I reset it to 100% everthing works fine again. But now all elements are so tiny... I need new glasses! Thanks for your help! By the way: While still on 115% I tried to find a configuration that works for me (e.g. keeping the textstyle panel on screen A while having all other panels on screen B) - to no avail. Sometimes even a simple click on the textsytle panel made the app freeze. And, again, the issue is limited to the textstyle panel. All others do work fine on any position. If I remeber correctly there was a similar issue with the appearance panel in a previous beta, right? Best, Volker
  15. No, it is not specific. Both the retail version (.703) as well as the beta (.863) are affected.
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