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  1. VolkerMB

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Go to https://affinity.serif.com, log into your account and find the download available in the "download & product key" section.
  2. Hi, documents created in version 1.7 (or later) do not open in earlier versions. This is a common behavior among apps as the file format changes with the introduction of new features. It only works the other way around: documents created in 1.6.x are readable by AD/AP 1.7. Usually you are warned by the app to work on a copy of the original file as you might go back to version 1.6.x at a later stage. Regarding the yellowish tint of your documents: Could you please check the color settings in EDIT > PREFERENCES > COLOR.
  3. This was a problem in APub 1.7.376 as well. But the issue has been solved with the latest built (.384). So I assume that we will see a fix in Designer soon.
  4. VolkerMB

    Problem with dropper tool (color picker)

    I agree with you: something is off here... Initially I had tested the color picker with RGB and Lab documents. And in both cases it works fine. But it is different in a CMYK document. First I thought it is because HSL is defined in reference to the RGB color space (and therefore misleading in CMYK enviroments). But even if I switch to the CMYK sliders instead of the color wheel something is wrong. One example: I created a rectangle in a CMYK document and set it to 61-0-65-0 (using the color bar beneath the sliders). But the picker tool read 87-0-42-0 - although nothing changed visually. So I stand corrected: There is most probably a bug hidden in the system...
  5. Hmm... Does work fine for me. No matter wether or not I used a text frame or the art text tool. In both cases the text in the exported PDF was selectable. How did you create the PDF in question?
  6. VolkerMB

    Problem with dropper tool (color picker)

    Sorry, works fine at my end in both RGB and LAB documents. There is neither a visual difference nor one in values.
  7. Hi there! Although this discussion is a bit dated, the situation hasn't changed much when it comes to asset handling. Unfortunately. We are currently evaluating for a client's project (a yearbook, roughly 80 pages) to switch from PPX9 to APub. In the last couple of years we used PPX8 and PPX9 to get the job done (yes, we still have some Adobe subscriptions, but we knew that this will end at some point in the future). Using APub for the yearbook would have been a logial step, having already switched to AD and APhoto. There are some compelling reasons to use AFPublisher instead of PPX9. The integreation of the Photo and Designer personas are just one of them. Another is the same UI. However, most likely we will stick to PPX9 for now. One reason ist the better assets management - much more refined in PPX9 than in APub and a real time saver. Another one is the availability of a story editor in PPX9 which saves (again) a lot of time when editing text. It is interessting to see what an exellent app PPX9 was (and still is). However, I am looking forward to seeing APub to become superior in these two fields. Best, Volker
  8. Hi there! When changing fonts without using styles I often encounter problems: The context menu doesn't update once I continue editing. Please have a look at the video. The problem is not limited to Arial - and it occurs with new and old documents. Additionally the drop-down-menu for the font seems to be hidden by the master/pages panel one in a while. Cheers, Volker Apub-376-text-editing.mp4
  9. The option to include bleed is still available but has been moved to the main export dialogue (sorry for the screenshot being German - but you get the idea).
  10. Ok, thanks for pointing me to that thread. So, it is not a bug but a shortcoming of APub... Then PagePlus did a better job in this respect.
  11. ... and the is a screenshot (incl. layer stack) of the SVG exported by you. Doesn't look right either (no clipping at all).
  12. Hi Peg11! Thanks for testing. Have you opened the exported SVG file with AD again? It shows me an incorrect design where the clipping went wrong... Please see attached screenshot. Cheers, V.
  13. Hi there! Applying a black-and-white adjustment to a vector element causes Affinity Publisher Beta .377 to rasterize that element on export to PDF. Is that a feature or a bug? Please find the two files involved attached. First I created a simple design in AD and I placed that file in an APub document. On export to PDF nothing gets rasterized so far. But: If I apply a b/w adjustment to the design element APub rasterizes the element. That leaves me puzzled: Why would a change in colour force APub to rasterize that design element? Cheers, Volker bad-filter_ad-1-7-333.afdesign vector-gets-rasterized_apub-1-7-337.afpub
  14. Hi there! I made a quite simple design in AD Beta .333 and exported it to SVG (please find both files attached, export was limited to the selected group). Unfortunately the clipping didn't work as expected. Instead of a clipped Text (by the rectangle) I got a design in which the text is staying on top of the rectangle (when opened with AD). Did I do something wrong here - or is it an export glitch? Cheers, Volker bad-svg-export_ad-1-7-333.afdesign bad-svg-export_ad-1-7-333.svg