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  1. Hi, I've just found a minor bug (see pic, APub .133 on Windows) in the document setup box: It should be "top bleed" instead of "right bleed" when having facing pages, shouldn't it? Best, Volker
  2. VolkerMB

    Slow performance - Affinity Photo - Serif RAW

    Hi Tom, the issue has been discussed here plenty of times. Serif has stated a couple of times that the developers are working on improvement. Unfortunately nobody knows when the improvements will be implemented and available to the users. But: Affinity Photo is marketed as a potential replacement for Photoshop. It is not a digital asset manager nor has it raw developement in its focus. The purpose is editing photos. So the best way to go is (currently) sticking to Lightroom for developement and management of photos. Both programs play together nicely so you can always develop your photos with Camera Raw (in Lightroom) and then hand over the photo (as a tiff or anything else) to Affinity Photo. I guess it is fair to say that Affinity Photo does a great job when it comes to editing, but a less greater when it comes to developement. From you post I assume that you have a licence for Lightroom - stick to it. Best, Volker
  3. Hi there, I've found an irritating display error (at least I think it is one): In Affinity Designer ( I've created a new document with three artboards and placed four images (*.afphoto) in it. Then I selected two of the images on the first artboard, copied (ctrl-c) and pasted (ctrl-v) them on the second artboard. Afterwards I selected one of the copied images and clicked "replace document" in the context menu. The recplacement did work, but the display did honour the replacement only at certain zoom levels. If I zoomed in to 100%, everythings looked fine and I could see the new image. The moment I zoomed out, I got the previous image displayed again. I could even repeat that: zoom in - new image, zoom out - previous image, zoom in - new image, zoom out - previous image. To be fair: Once I'd saved the document, closed and reopened it, everything went as supposed. Best, Volker
  4. @ernie-f Sorry, that was not my point (I keep on writing in English so that others can join this conversation). The point is: APub is an early beta. With plenty of flaws. Did anyone exptected something else? Comparing it with InDesign CC 2017 that has been around for 20 years might be fun, but is a bit unfair. Even once the first retail version has been released APub will come short on the feature list compared with ID or even QXP. But it offers an integration with a bitmap editor and a vector drawing application that is unprecedented. Combined with a consistent UI (in contrast to ID). Additionally you will get this at a ridiculously low price point (by all standards!). If this is not value for money then I don't know what is! (The company I work for still has a couple of Adobe subscriptions, but just half the number we had a year ago - so there is an attractive business case for design agencies by switching to Affinity). Although you are right regarding some bugs in ADesigner, it fullfills at least 95% of all requirements we have at our company (not ambitious enough? Maybe...). And with regards to the all-mighty market leader Adobe: I've tried to open an Affinity file in InDesign and Illustrator recently - but both programs failed terribly... Shouldn't Adobe have managed to create an import filter for Affinity files now that Affinity is around for app. four years? Best, Volker
  5. Apparently you are not satisfied with the Affinity range but pretty happy with the features and performance of the Adobe Suite. That is totally fine. Nobody expects you to try out beta software. And nobody will force you to make a switch in the end. Adobe is not going to exit the market, so why don't you stick with their (quite capable) software. Or - if not pleased by them neither - look for something else? There is plenty of competition, e.g. Quark, CorelDraw, Corel PhotoPaint, Sribus etc...
  6. ...it is getting too complicated for me... However, merging did the trick. I should have thought about it way earlier. Again, thanks for all your ideas and efforts.
  7. Hi owenr, great work - thanks again. When I export your edited file the vertical line has vanished. But only at the layer position of "x: 1853px". At "x: 1850px" the vertical line reappears in the exported file. So I get more and more conviced it is a bug of some sort... @carl123: Will try that. However, masking a pixel layer in order to simply change the background shouldn't involve so much extra magic, should it? (Not you fault, I know).
  8. Hi owenr, sounds like a clever idea. Unfortunately: It does not work. I already had "force pixel alignment" and "move by whole pixel" switched on. Additionally I corrected the position of the layer and the mask manually, but the exported file is still rendered with a blackish vertical line... @carl123: The line is not visible in Affinity Photo. Here everything looks just fine. The line occurs in the exported jpeg (or png or tiff) only. "Sad, so sad", Trump would say... (just kidding) Anyway, thanks for your efforts. Best, Volker
  9. Hi there! When I export the attached image to JPEG, I am left with a vertical blackish line across the exported image - at least at zoom leves. To replicate the issue: Open attached .afphoto-file Export it via FILE -> EXPORT to JPEG by setting width to 1050px and quality to anything between 75 and 100. The resampling method is irrelevant. Use any browser or image viewer to display the exported file at 150% The blackish line appears to be the border of a layer element although the layer has no border (set to 0px and transparent). Any ideas/work arounds how to avoid this? Best, Volker mm_foto-1-medium.afphoto
  10. VolkerMB

    Glitch on SVG import

    Hi JFisher, sure, please find it attached (at least the svg file as the designer file is no longer available). Best, Volker ibdb3-logo.svg
  11. VolkerMB

    Some isues with text (frames)

    Thanks for passing that on to the developers.
  12. Hi there! I've encountered some little glitches regarding the handling of text (and text frames). Nothing dramatic, however, it could be improved: Working with the German edition of AD the local decimal seperator (a comma instead of a dot) is accepted in almost all input fields, but not in the input field for the line height in the context menu (see screenshot). When editing text the viewport does not move along with the cursor. One must therefore manually move the document up or down by using the scrollbars in order to be able to edit text that is within the same frame but outside the current viewport. And soft hyphens still get printed (already reported previously). Best, Volker
  13. Hi there! I've just tried to open a SVG file that was previously created by AD. Unfortunately it is displayed incorrectly: It appears that a clipping path is not honoured on import. As you can see from the attached screenshots the file is displayed correctly by Firefox (and IE, Edge, Opera and Chrome as well). Adobe Illustrator displays it correctley, too, but gives a hint on import what might have gone wrong when exported from AD: "Clipping will be lost on export to SVG tiny format" (whatever that means...). I've discovered this first with the new beta .112, but a quick test shows that the retail version .104 is affected as well. Regards, Volker
  14. VolkerMB

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Dirk, sorry for being a bit off-topic: nice pic of trees in the desert. Where was this one clicked? Cheers, Volker
  15. VolkerMB

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hi DirkieS, just go to "View" ("Ansicht") -> "Studio" -> "EXIF" to get the window for the EXIF data displayed. Cheers, Volker