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  1. Hi Dan, Thanks very much - sorry for the delay. I am not around here frequently. Per your request: Epilog Helix (2016 model year; 50W CO2 laser) Print driver 9.03 (although Windows reports it as 9.02 Beta; I've re-installed twice, same every time) available here Driver Release date: 7 Jan 2015 Have attached an example file (after removing the client's phone number; this was indicative of other issues I was having) For interest: the red borders are kiss-cuts, the blue borders cut through the vinyl and the carrier. In the above edition of the Epilog print driver, this feature is activated by selecting the Color Mapping tab, and checking the Color Mapping checkbox. In my configuration Red and blue have different powers and speed to accomplish their different tasks Default behavior for the driver if Color Mapping is active, but an object doesn't match any defined color: interpret the color of the object as black and apply the settings under the General tab. I have additionally attached my Epilog driver's settings for the file if that is of interest. It can be loaded from the driver's Advanced tab, by selecting the folder where it's located under Browse, then selecting it in the combo box and pressing Load. Again to confirm: I was able to successfully cut the attached file after reverting to 1.9.1 from 1.10.4. Not a problem! Hopefully you all stay safe and healthy. We've no such protective orders here in my part of the American south- all very "wild-west" sort of "every person for themself"-ish. If y'all can sort a long-term fix it'd be very exciting for me! I happily advocate buying your software to anyone who asks my opinion. I find it absolutely more intuitive than any of the other vector art software I occasionally have to interact with. I'll try to watch for any additional questions or comments more closely, so I may reply more timely. Many thanks, Premium Plus film.DAT Happy Paws Vinyl public.afdesign
  2. Bingo. I hadn't been aware of that- I keep my files locally, but nearly all are in folders synchronized by MS OneDrive. If I copy/paste the same file to a folder not being synchronized the preview works. Thanks for the assist. I'll go shake my fist at Redmond for now yet another inconvenience they impose on me, haha
  3. Designer: Windows 10, Hardware Accel: On, Renderer: Nvidia GTX960, no additional hardware Specialty printer/driver: Epilog laser (driver version most current available, published 2014) Hi all, previously (1.9.1) I was able to print to my laser to use it for cutting materials (the vector-cut command being sent for all curves with a line weight under .1 for the given print DPI). Currently the laser is no longer consistently reading the files that I last printed without issue using 1.9.2 when printed; sometimes it isn't reading the vector curve at all. Others it isn't reading the color appropriately (the driver uses this to encode multiple power/speed settings within a single printed file). I have resisted updating because last time (1.8x -> 1.9.0) printing broke. You were able to fix it to expected behaviour for me with the 1.9.1 release, but everything after (1.10.1, rolled back to 1.9.1; trying 1.10.4, going to have to roll back) is not behaving as expected for me. Additionally, the "Defined by driver" option is no longer taking the page dimensions from the print driver; if I use "Custom", then the print window and driver communicate. Not a problem, just an observation of a change in behavior I understand this is a niche use case/not a priority. If you're able to make anything of my vague descriptions, brilliant. I will just keep using the older version on this computer in the meanwhile to achieve the printing behavior I need. Thanks,
  4. Hi @MEB Thanks (sorry I didn't notice you'd replied sooner!) for the feedback and welcome! I have verified that I do have the Save thumbnails with documents ticked in my general settings. Since the last time I mucked in the general settings was some years ago, I imagine that I've never had it off. Any other suggestions you can throw my way? Perhaps it's just an idiosyncracy of my Windows install itself? I know it's a notoriously reliable OS 🙄 (but I am stuck with it)
  5. For reference to Walt's request for screen shot: these are the same object, 1.5 stroke, set to align outside. However the lower object I selected the nodes and used "Close curve".
  6. Hm, good catch Walt. The object was not closed; however previously I thought that these same objects (old file that I have to regularly open and re-print from for a recurring client) were responsive. Closing the curve did create the expected behavior. Let me play with this some more and see if this resolves my printing issue that I was also writing up a bug report for. (Closed curve resolves the above issue, but not the printing issue)
  7. Designer: Windows 10, Hardware Accel: On, Renderer: Nvidia GTX960, no additional hardware Specialty printer/driver: Epilog laser Problem: Stroke Align is not responsive in this version of Designer. To recreate: Stroke order is set to "Draw stroke in front" Place colour stroke on an object Stroke alignment defaults to "Align to Centre" Change to align to Inside, or to outside Outcome: stroke visually does not change alignment. Stays rendered as Centre. Expected outcome: Stroke at given weight shifts to only render interior to, or exterior to the given curve The previous version of Designer I was using (1.9.2) the stroke alignment changed, as per Expected Outcome above.
  8. Priority: Very low Just for convenience, would it be possible to add preview images for afdesign files to the Win10 preview pane? Or is there advice on how I can embed such a view in the file?
  9. Aren't they though? Thanks, yes! I had discovered the increasing decimal places option once upon a time. And glad you're making use of the recently implemented Select Same feature! I've not had a project yet where I can leverage it - but soon! As a heads-up while you port over your artwork (if you haven't discovered it, or simply have better work practices than my colleagues who use Illustrator), I've found that Designer doesn't like to import anything from an .ai file that wasn't on the .ai's artboard. The only thing I did not see you mention (and it may not be useful in your workflow while importing/updating your old art files) is the Outline View Mode, (in the software-defaults menu bar) which will toggle the rendering of your file to a line-art mode. My experience is it ignores groups while active, so grabbing and moving things can get a bit hazardous if they are grouped (even grouped expanded text can easily be torn apart this way), but it does allow for quick toggling to make sure a cut line is where it ought to be. Also, maybe an unsafe (or rather, inconvenient) habit, but when I'm doing only a vector-cut method (eg. for heat-press vinyl) I actually use 0.2 pt stroke for the sake of visibility, and set my Epilog DPI to only 200 or 300. I've found I only need to use such small stroke values if I'm doing a 600 dpi raster + cut (eg. laserable leatherette). In my experience, Epilog driver doesn't notice the document DPI as reported by Designer, only what DPI you set in its configuration for that job, and calculates Stroke weight as etch or cut based on that. Final observation: strokes MUST be set "Align to Center of Stroke" to vector- inside or outside just do not register no matter their indicated stroke weight.
  10. The previous thread I'd upvoted this idea on seems to have fallen into the "old posts" category, so I'll upvote here again!
  11. Jan3ll3, Glad my post helped! Yes, I have an Epilog Helix (renamed to Legend) series device for etching/cutting I had not actually considered the Print Profile mechanism as a way to preserve my print settings within the Designer dialog - Thanks much I'll give that a go! Also, there are a couple of threads in the suggestions here asking for a hairline stroke-weight option (in my laser system: such an option would simplify sending a cut instruction to the laser instead of a raster etch). I'm not aware that Affinity has ruled it out as a request; but if you think that it'd be useful in your workflow mayhaps you'd like to upvote the idea. Here's an active request thread
  12. Curious if it'd be possible to add a checkbox somewhere I could use to set the default print format to something other than "Automatic." My printer is a laser device that's always oriented as a portrait; and some times when I change the settings in my print driver for that device the Designer print dialog likes to reset to "Automatic". If I don't notice and print this way, the whole thing creates a mess on the laser itself. If I could set a switch to have the default be Landscape (so I don't have to worry) I'd be ecstatic. If I overlooked such switch or mechanism somewhere I'd be happy to be called "dolt" and have it pointed out to me. Thanks!
  13. +1 Nearly created a new topic requesting this again, then thought to search for it.
  14. The issues demonstrated are RESOLVED in Beta My thanks to the Developers and the moderators ☺️.
  15. Also: I believe that this may in fact belong in the Bugs forum. Could please @Patrick Connor @Mark Ingram weigh in on this? (My issue specifically is in Windows Affinity Designer if that helps) Many thanks y'all -David
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