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  1. @Lagarto Thanks for looking into this issue and your explanation! Just to get this straight: When exporting to PDF using one of the the two presets (that do not include an ICC profile), the colour space set for the whole document (in this case sRGB) is not relevant? All that counts is the colour space of the device the PDF is displayed on? I know, it is not for you to answer but Serif: Why does the rasterized part of the document gets a colour space tag but the vector part not? To me it does not make too much sense...
  2. Hi there! I am struggling to get consistent colours among different elements in an APub document when exporting to PDF. Perhaps a bug with the PDF engine? Or is it just me... To reproduce the problem please follow these steps in Publisher Create a new document of any size, set the colour space to RGB/8 using the sRGB profile. Draw any shape with the fill colour set to rgb(231,35,105). Duplicate the shape and move it to another position on the same page, so that they don’t overlap. Create an inner shadow (fx) with the second shape. Lets say: 50% transparency, radius of 50px and offset of 20px. Export the page (or document) using the PDF preset „PDF digital (high quality)“. At least I end up with a PDF that displays both shapes in different colours (in Acrobat Pro 2017): the one without an inner shadow in bright magenta, the other one in dull magenta. This happens with the presets „digital (high quality)“ and „digital (small size)“. Other presets are not affected. I know, I could avoid the issue by clicking „integrate ICC profile“. But even without an ICC profile the colours are supposed to be displayed exactely the same within the same document. Any ideas? colour-mismatch.afpub colour-mismatch.pdf
  3. Hi Nathan R, do you mean by "downloading a font" that you have installed it as well? If it is installed correctly, the font list within Designer should show you the font (e.g. create a new document, select the art text tool or the frame text tool and Designer will display all available fonts in the context tool bar). If you can't fin "Orbitron" in there, something has gone wrong with the installation of that font. Is the font available with any other app? Best, Volker
  4. Fascinating! Now it works. Thanks a lot, GarryP! But why isn't the option turned on by default once you click on a text style? I mean, what sense does make a table of contents without page numbers? Cheers, Volker
  5. Hi there! Somehow I don't get the table of contents to work properly in a document... The headings are displayed but the page numbers are not. I am sure it is me doing something wrong. But what? In order to demonstrate my issue I've created a sample document (see below, made with APub It comprises a couple of articles with just two text styles each: one for the heading, one for the body copy. When I insert the toc in an empty text frame I get a list of all articels as expected. But no page numbers at all (see screenshot). I've tried to insert extra tab stops and changed their position but to no avail. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? Thanks, Volker toc-test.afpub
  6. Hi Gonzo, I've just exported some shapes to PNG. But the results looks totally fine at my end. Perhaps you set up your document initially at a low dpi (e.g. 72dpi) which causes low-res PNGs. In this case either change your document to 300dpi or increase the desired width/height in pixel in the export dialoge. Best, Volker
  7. Hi chapalote! That sounds strange. How does the assets panel look like now? Does it still list the categories created by you? Or is it just blank? In case you have ever exported your assets: Does a re-import work either on your desktop or laptop?
  8. Yes, it crashes at my end, too. In all three apps (latest beta builts), without any warning.
  9. To participate in the "beta program" is quite easy: Just go to the respective beta forum within this Affinity forum and download the latest beta release. It is called a "public customer beta". So, as long as you have purchased AD, AP or APub you can install and test any of the beta apps alongside with the retail version of the three apps. Just for your information: The retail version and the beta do not interfere. They are installed in different folders and don't share any individual settings. Serif has published some bug fixes already. But you need to install the respective beta app to test whether or not they solve the trouble for you.
  10. Hi marfbum, I'm afraid the support team won't be able to help as your description lags some vital information. In order to help you swifly please give them as many information as possible. Just follow the link Sean P posted above.
  11. Hi, just tried to recreate the issue by following your recipe step by step. But it works fine here at my end, no issues with backspace or caps. Could you share the document shown in your video? Cheers, Volker
  12. I' agree: It looks broken. I guess the input field for the corners just doesn't get updated when the shape is resized. Apart from that the corner tool seems to work fine (at least for me).
  13. Hi, without the original file it is hard to find the cause of the problem. However, two hints: If you use px as unit for your overall design than you better stick to it when defining the line width. pt is a typographic unit. Its actual representation in px depends on the document settings. In Illustrator you used a rectangle while you used the rounded rectangle in Designer. This might explain differences as well. Best, V.
  14. Hallo, während Sunny Burnett Probleme mit Affinity Photo hat, hatte ich die immer mit Photoshop. Weil Photoshop ein schlechtes Programm ist? Mitnichten. Ich war nur vorher anderes gewohnt. Und so dürfte es auch hier sein: Affinity macht manches anders als Photoshop. Ob besser oder schlechter, sei dahingestellt. Wer jahrzehntelang BMW gefahren ist, tut sich am Angang im Umgang mit einem Mercedes schwer ("Huch, wo ist denn den Handbremse geblieben?"). Wir haben einfach eintrainierte Abläufe, die plötzlich nicht mehr in gewohnter Weise funktionieren. Ging mir genauso. Da hilft nur: Viel probieren und viel lesen. Vielleicht stellt man am Ende ja fest: Beide Programme sind effizient - jedes auf seine Weise. Best, Volker
  15. Hi Jedah, is it possible that you run some third party software on your computer that interferes with Affinity? There is a list of apps available that are known for causing trouble: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/91870-issues-caused-by-third-party-windows-software/
  16. Hi Ralek, does it happen with just one specific file? Or are all files affected? Sharing the file in question would be great. Cheers, Volker
  17. Hi Sean! Yes, the entire menu option disappeared (and the customized shortcut didn't work as well). Next time it happens I will get you a screenshot.
  18. Hello! In the past days I encountered an error that I had never noticed before: After working for hours with several documents consisting of about 10-15 artboards with individual column guides, the option to show/hide the column guides from the view menu disappeared several times. I had to restart Affinity Designer in order to get them back working. I have no precise recipe to reproduce this error. But perhaps somebody else has encountered it, too. One thing I do remember is, that I dragged an element on the canavas (outside an artboard), saw the colomn guides populating the whole canvas for a brief moment before they disappeared again. Afterwords I wasn't able to switch them on and off anymore. Cheers, Volker
  19. Hi Tony, the file "cldfit.sys" belongs to the OneDrive-Service of Windows. A recent update of Windows can cause some trouble. Walt.Farell created a post on that topic last autumn: Cheers, Volker
  20. Hi! That is even easier to archieve: Just set "Snap to baseline grid" (in the snapping options, see screenshot below). Best, Volker
  21. Hi! There are two baseline grids available in AFPub: one at the page level and the other one at the text frame level. In order to get your text aligned with the baseline grid here you need to set one for the text frame (you'll find the button in the context menu bar). See screenshot below. Cheers, Volker
  22. Hi! All Affinity apps lag the capability to crash the system as they do not run in system mode. The crash is caused by a system driver as indicated by the error message. In most cases the display driver is to blame. A Google search for the file name will help. Cheers!
  23. Hi, by any chance could you share either the original .afpub file or another .afpub that demonstrates the issue? Would help to get to the root of the problem. Cheers, Volker
  24. Hi Alphacolor, hard to tell what might be the cause of the issue by just investigating a screenshot. Could you share the file in question (or a similar one) with us?
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