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  1. Uhh…guys. I was using the 1.8.2 Beta, adding some shapes, when this happened: faulty.afdesign
  2. I have two questions about that: 1) how one takes part of the beta program? 2) any idea of when the bugs in 1.8 (boolean, expand stroke) will be solved?
  3. Well, MEB, I took the liberty to attach a file too. It shows the error quite clearly. I hope it helps. alcazar.afdesign
  4. Is there any way to "downgrade" temporarily to 1.7 while these issues are solved?
  5. Thanks for that information. It saved my day. I was experiencing the very same issue.
  6. Another one, featuring the same look-and-feel of my previous post. As the eye is always the main element, I thought of naming this one as the 1000 eyes of Doctor Mabuse – as in the Fritz Lang's movie. It's not as rich as the first one but I do like the depth of the layers I got with the radial elements.
  7. Thanks, buddy! You're right: there's the Tree of Life and the all seeing eye. However, the pine cone is a lotus flower. Sahashara - the crown chakra. Those rays (cogs, actually) are where Affinity Designer really shines (no pun intended). I'm using them a lot, it's a wonder feature for sure.
  8. Hi! Glad you liked it. Well, that "maze" in the background wasn't created on AD. It was Processing (which is really worth checking out, by the way).
  9. Hi there! This is my first post here so if there's something inappropriate please let me know. This art was made as the "evolution" of a previous art I posted on Instagram. It's draws inspiration from old Tarot decks, occult art, some magical systems. It is fascinating what one can do with Affinity Designer's Shape tools. I hope you appreciate it.
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