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  1. I have a Curves object with multiple curves and want to select them individually, how do I do this? The Node Tool can only select node by node (or lasso/polygon) and I cant find a curve, segment or connection centered tool anywhere.
  2. Thank you all guys Yes Sean, It's one artboard and your solution worked perfectly, thank's a bunch I am a bit confused though, why is the granularity setting connected to the size of my art? To me, Rescale is only relevant to Dimensions: and iff it would be shoehorned in with DPI it should do the very opposite of what it does now. Thank's again Sean
  3. When changing the DPI in Document Setup it scales all my objects to achieve the new DPI rather simply just changing the DPI which is the expected behavior.
  4. Blend modes in Appearance seem to work just like blend modes in Layers except it blends(and erases) the "layers" of Appearance, i.e. the strokes and fills of the selected object instead of the layers in Layers. Two thing I would love to see added to the Appearance blend modes: A 'Blend with Layers Too' checkbox. A weight variable, just like we have in layer blend modes.
  5. There is also a Erase blend mode for Fill and Stroke respectively but they don't seem to work for me but maybe they do for you.
  6. Does the developers of Affinity any idea what is written here in the forums??
  7. A possible workaround exists if your curve has a sharp node somewhere. 1) Break the curve at a sharp node. 2) Separate the two resulting sharp nodes a bit by moving ONE of them (this way one node will retain the initial position and you can snap the moved one back at the end). 3) Disable 'Curve Snapping', i.e. use only 'Global Snap' (otherwise you'll stumble right into another bug that doesn't let you weld/merge the nodes in step 4 without creating an additional line between them). 4) Snap the smooth nodes together. 5) Select both smooth nodes. 6) Click Join Curves. 7) Snap the moved sharp node back to its sister node, closing the curve. Hope it helps
  8. It seems to be a priority error, 'Align to Nodes..' does not take precedence over ''Snap to Geometry..' hence leaving a snap that you think goes to the node off enough to create redundant lines. Also, the tool tips should all use 'snap' to avoid confusion. While I'm at it, I really need a button to accelerate/force the "hover mouse over another object for a second to set it as aligning help", the function is awesome but it doesn't always activate and when it does it takes time
  9. When I use this method designer creates a line between the two points instead of merging them
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