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  1. The "swipe left on Home Screen" is worse than it was before: it's not discoverable and you still can't pick a destination for your file prior to saving it. To make matter worse, v2 creates a new folder in iCloud with the exact same name as v1, but it will be empty. → Right now the only solution is to create blank.afdesign anywhere in your cloud storage, and to duplicate it before opening it on iPad to choose where a file end up... Or do the old save > move in Files all > close in Affinity > reopen new destination in Affinity...
  2. I'm looking for input building a library of texture styles that are easy to apply to your design. And that don't make the files size too big. So I'm using small tiling (repeating) bitmap fills. There are 2 ways to build and apply the style library, can you tell me which you prefer? I recorded a video to show you the difference: https://vimeo.com/513749138. What do you think?
  3. Hi there! I love designing with repeating patterns. Now I found a good workflow to design and apply repeating patterns in AD. I recorded a tutorial that shows you how to design them, build a style library and apply patterns. They blend nicely with color fills using blend modes. The pattern and the color fill are in one shape, so no duplicates! --> https://vimeo.com/443692483 If you prefer the short explanation: I design vector patterns in a separate document using symbols to get the tiling right, export as bitmaps, use bitmap fills to build up a Style Library and apply those in drawings on iPad and desktop.
  4. Still no Affinity sub brushes editor on iPad almost half a year after launch of this feature?
  5. .Afstyles file are not accepted with airdrop (no associated app found) and can't be imported using the styles window (tested DropBox and iCloud) (iOS 10.3, Designer 1.7.2). Tested in pixel and vector persona's. --> I'm pretty sure this happens only when you don't have Affinity Photo installed on iPad, something is wrong with file type associations on Designer. --> Need a fix for this!
  6. I'd like to upvote this feature: automatic 2-way cloud sync between iPad and desktop would be great. Amazing mobile app btw. I'm switching from the "Graphic" app, but Designer on iPad is next level.
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