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  1. Absolute legends, thank you all! Some really good techniques I’ll be adding to my toolkit here. Appreciated, guys.
  2. Hey guys, I'm not quite sure how to achieve this. I'd like an objects fill to be transparent, but remove all the intersecting paths/lines behind where the fill of the front objects would otherwise cover up. You can see below (attached image), the desired outcome is on the left, but when I make the fill transparent, you get the result on the right. This is probably simple but I can't think of the right tool or technique to use. So I'd like to keep the strokes shown on the left but have the fill transparent without any strokes behind appearing. Any help is much appreciated!
  3. No worries, I'll try to monitor exactly what I do. Generally I use the shape tools and the Boolean functions, so it may have something to do with them? I also copy/paste and duplicate objects a reasonable amount. I can't think of anything else I've done during these sessions that are out of the ordinary. The rest of the application runs flawlessly! Cheers, Jordan.
  4. Hey guys, Thought I'd share this here in case anyone else has experienced this. In Affinity Designer (v1.6.5.123 windows 10), my colour picker (when dragging from the tool above the colour palette area) starts to slow down the longer a document remains open. The dedicated colour picker tool from the left-hand toolbar remains unaffected, only the drag and drop style one experiences the lag. It's smooth and responsive when exiting and reopening Designer. Designer is currently sitting at 700mb memory usage and my machine has 16GB. None of my other resources are capping out when I perform the action (i5 6600, 16GB RAM, GTX 970). I haven't necessarily timed how long it takes for the lag to start occurring but it's probably around the hour mark. If I open a new document the lag is still there until a restart Designer. It's not the end of the world, just something that the devs might want to try reproducing!
  5. Hey team, Pretty minor bug, but only just noticed it began (not sure if it was the latest versions, a windows update, or NVIDIA driver update, etc). In both photo (v1.5.0.45) and designer (v1.5.1.43) on windows 10 (64bit home), the first time you open the character and paragraph dialogues after launch, they flicker a lot (the ease in animation just flickers). Every subsequent time you open these, it's fine. Only happens once after launching the application. Exiting and relaunching then opening these dialogues reproduces the bug. I'm a sucker for visual cleanliness and as such the flickering is a minor eye-sore, but nonetheless I thought I'd bring it to your attention! If anyone else is experiencing this, don't hesitate to add your comments.
  6. Any updates on this? Running the Windows beta, just did a logo and I'm experiencing the same thing. Only fix I've found is to expand stroke and manually shift nodes to cover it up but that's tedious and a little sloppy. Not a HUGE deal, but definitely something that needs fixing. Here's my example - You can see the white bleed​ around the teeth outlines: Cheers!
  7. Sorry for the late reply - thanks for the info Callum! I think I'll try it out - looks like a great program!
  8. Hey everyone, first post! I just had a couple of questions for the community before I commit to switching to Designer from Illustrator. I've had my eye on AD for some time, but as a Windows user I never had an opportunity to use it. Now I see the BETA is available, I'm super keen to give it a whirl! I'm currently using illustrator and am not a fan of their pricing system, nor how much of a resource hog CC can be (the amount of background processes is mental). What I'd like to know is how AD performs in comparison? I've got a relatively beefy rig (i5 6600, 16GB DDR3, GTX 970), but I want zero overhead behind the scenes. I'm a little OCD with how everything performs on my main setup, so I want no background processes when the application isn't open (this is what bothers me with AI). Creative Cloud is constantly running for update checks and its toolset - I can't stand that. So how's the general snappiness and performance of the app? And what sorta background processes does this thing run? Sorry for the specific and frankly anal questions, haha. I just felt let down with AI and don't want to go through setting everything up to find the same applies (I'm sure it doesn't but wanted to check!). Cheers everyone!
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